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Leading AI PDF Splitters For Mac (Compatible With macOS 14)

You may use PDF splitter for Mac to break up a multi-page PDF file into individual pages or parts. The real objective of completing this task is to gain smaller, more manageable portions of the original PDF.

Splitting a PDF makes it easier to distribute, increases productivity because each little portion receives an immediate response, improves content breakdown, and helps fulfil file size constraints, such as when uploading.

So, the following are the 10 best PDF splitter for Mac:

Top 10 PDF Splitter on Mac

1. UPDF for Mac - The Best AI-Enhanced PDF Editor

UPDF is without a doubt the most effective PDF splitter for Mac users. You will have no trouble editing, organizing, or annotating PDFs because of the many tools included in this software. In addition to that, the price is really reasonable for all users.

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organize pages

Using this program, you will have the ability to effortlessly organize your PDFs into various formats as well as change the content and images that are present within your PDFs. It is the best PDF page splitter on Mac. In addition, you have the ability to annotate and comment on any PDFs you create.

In a nutshell, UPDF is the best PDF splitter for Mac that you can get. The following are the top features of UPDF:

  • Allows you to read, organize, and annotate PDF documents.
  • Makes it easier for you to edit links, images and edit texts in your PDF.
  • Allows you to share PDFs with other people via link or email.
  • Allows you to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, and other popular file formats.

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Video Tutorial on How to Split PDF on Mac

2. PDFsam Basic for Mac

PDFsam Basic is a good PDF page splitter on Mac. It gives you the ability to split up huge PDF files into several smaller files if you have such a file that choose to do so. When you want to divide a PDF, you may do it in a few different ways, including after every page, on odd or even pages, after a defined range of page numbers, or after every "n" page (e.g. after every 5 pages). PDF files can also be split into two additional ways: by bookmarks and by size (in KB and MB).

pdf page splitter mac

3. Adobe Acrobat for Mac

Speaking of PDF splitter on Mac, you can't miss Adobe Acrobat. It is one of the best and oldest PDF tools on the market. If you only need a portion of that lengthy PDF, you may simply delete the pages, or split it up into individual chapters, including using Adobe Acrobat to split it up into separate pages. You will then be able to edit, save, or send only the relevant portions of the document. All you have to do is download it on your Mac and use the split feature.

pdf splitter and merger for mac

4. Cisdem PDFMaster for Mac

Users are able to easily split a PDF into different files using the Cisdem PDFMaster PDF Split tool. It is a reliable PDF page splitter on Mac.

This may be done either by equal page number or by a defined page range. For instance, you can divide a PDF document containing 25 pages into 5 separate PDF files, each of which contains 5 pages. Alternatively, you can divide a PDF document containing 25 pages into several PDF files, one of which contains pages from page 1 to page 10, another of which contains page 11 only.

pdf splitter mac free

5. Enolsoft PDF Magic

Enolsoft PDF Magic for Mac is a one-stop solution for Mac users who want to merge several PDF files into a single document, split a multi-page document into smaller PDF files, rearrange and rotate the individual PDF pages, or integrate PDFs, photos, and iWork Pages into their PDF documents.

It also allows for the importation and bulk splitting of password-protected PDF files. The steps are really simple and easy to follow. You can try this PDF splitter on your Mac to see if it meets your requirements.

pdf splitter for mac

6. iPubsoft PDF Splitter for Mac

iPubsoft PDF Splitter is a useful and practical Mac PDF splitter for quickly splitting huge PDF files into smaller and more manageable PDF pages.

With this program, you may create new documents with any number of pages in an average-sized PDF file by specifying the page number interval. You may also create new PDF files by slicing up certain PDF pages or page ranges of a PDF document.

pdf splitter for mac - ipubsoft

7. PDF Splitter

The Sysinfo Mac PDF Splitter is one of the useful applications for reducing the size of huge PDF files into more manageable chunks. Users are able to split PDF files using this program, which does not result in any changes being made to the final PDF file.

Additionally, users are able to effortlessly manage their files thanks to the software's PDF splitting capability, and the software can split huge PDF files in a variety of different ways. The Mac PDF Splitter utility can also save PDF files without a watermark.

pdf page splitter mac

8. VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter for Mac

If you want to split up a large PDF file into smaller ones, you can use VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter for Mac. Splitting pages with different text in the same place into separate PDF files is possible. In addition, it has the ability to separate PDF pages that contain the same text content in a specific location.

Using a batch process, you can split a large number of PDF files at once under the same criteria. It saves a lot of time in the midst of a busy workday.

pdf splitter and merger for mac

9. Icecream PDF Split & Merge

With the help of Icecream PDF Split & Merge, you can simply split and merge PDF files. Using one of the software's many splitting options, you may split a PDF document into files consisting of a single page, split it into groups of pages, or even remove individual pages entirely. Additionally, this PDF splitter for Mac is simple to integrate many PDF files into a single document using this approach.

You can also delete individual pages from a PDF, split them into single pages, split them into groups of pages, or split them by page range.

pdf splitter mac free

10. SysTools PDF Split & Merge Tool

For effective management of PDF files, make use of applications like SysTools PDF Split and Merge for Mac. In offline mode, the app offers the option to either Add Files or Add Folder, allowing users to input numerous PDF files to either split or merge.

Use this program to split up a large PDF into several individual files. In addition, users have the ability to merge several PDF files into a single document. Using the tool's Remove menu option, you can quickly and conveniently delete undesirable files.

This PDF Split & Merge program for Mac is capable of splitting or merging user-level password-protected PDF documents.

pdf splitter for mac


Splitting and merging PDFs is necessary when we need to extract certain pages from various files and combine them to produce a new document.

In order to get the best possible outcomes, you need to use the best PDF splitter and merger for Mac software available.

The options for splitting PDF documents are now in your hands, and depending on your requirements, you may select the PDF split tool that promises to hit it out of the park. We recommend you download and use UPDF for splitting your PDF files on your Mac. Unlike other PDF splitters, UPDF is a PDF splitter for Mac that offers various functions to use and you can count on the quality.

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