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Smallpdf vs. UPDF: Which One is Better and Cheaper

PDF files are the most preferred digital formats of documents in many domains, and everyone needs a third-party PDF editor to customize their files. There is a diverse range of PDF editors present on the web, though UPDF and Smallpdf are among them. If you are facing difficulty choosing this tool, you can see the comparison of these tools and know which one is better.

This article will cover the answer of Smallpdf vs. UPDF, so by the end, you will know which tool can help you better accomplish the task. This discussion will also decide which one is the highly feature-rich and user-friendly PDF editor. If you haven't used UPDF yet, please download it first.

Part 1: Comparison between Smallpdf and UPDF

ItemsFeaturesSmallpdf OnlineUPDF
Pro: US$108/year
Work on systemsWebWindows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Read PDFSearch text in PDFs
Add and manage bookmarks;
PDF slideshow
 with speakers note
Dark mode
Annotate PDFAdd Text box, Shape, and Signatures
Strikethrough, Underline, Squiggly line text in PDF
Add Text Comments, Sticky Notes, Text Callouts, Stickers, and Stamps to PDFs
Manage the annotation list
Edit PDFAdd text and images to PDFs
Edit existing text in PDFs
Add, delete, extract, rotate, crop, and replace images
Add rich text by dragging and dropping
Add and edit links, watermarks, and background
OCRTurn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs
Convert PDFConvert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG
Convert PDF to CSV, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, Rich Text, Text, XML, HTML, PDF/A
Organize PDFInsert, extract, split, rotate, and remove pages
Replace and crop pages
Encrypt PDFAdd an Open Password for PDFs
Set a Permissions Password
Create PDFCreate a blank PDF, create a PDF from a photo or multiple photo files, create a PDF from capture, scan to PDF
Print PDFsPrint PDFs
FormFill and Create PDF formsOnly support fill out the formFill PDF form:
Create PDF form:
Other FeaturesOptimize PDF - Reduce File Size
Merge PDF

Part 2: Why UPDF Is Better Than Smallpdf

Some factors play an important role while discriminating the better PDF editor from the average one. These points will be discussed briefly here to eliminate any risk of confusion. These differences will also satisfy your urge to know the difference between UPDF vs. Smallpdf.

1. Features Difference Between UPDF and Smallpdf

Although Smallpdf is one of the oldest tools used for customizing PDF files, it is still not better than UPDF because its features are extraordinary. A common and effective way of knowing the assistance of the tool is to analyze the features it supports. Some useful features of UPDF are better and more efficient than Smallpdf, which are discussed as follows:

  • Annotate PDF with More Tools: The annotation tools of UPDF are beyond perfection, and they can convert a simple document into a professional one. With this PDF editor, you can add comments anywhere in the file to give your review and strikethrough the unimportant text. This tool also allows you to add stamps and stickers into a PDF file to make it more interactive. The sticker feature is especially uncommon in UPDF because Smallpdf does not support this feature. Other annotation tools in Smallpdf are average, and you cannot customize the PDF according to your needs because of this limitation.
One of back to school tips - Using UPDF to improve your productivity
  • Edit PDF like Word: With UPDF, you can edit the text in a PDF file in multiple ways by changing its color, style, and style. This tool also allows you to replace, add, extract, or rotate the images in the PDF file at your ease. As for the links, you can place them anywhere in the document and personalize their opacity and colors. However, these features are not that exceptional in other tools like Smallpdf.
  • The OCR Feature: OCR is one of the most demanded features in PDF editors because it can convert scanned PDF files into editable formats. But you cannot perform OCR on PDF files with Smallpdf because it does not support this feature. The incredibleness of UPDF never fails to amaze you, and this can efficiently help you with scanned documents.
  • Convert PDF: Smallpdf supports the convert feature, but the formats available for converting PDF are very limited. If you need to convert the PDF file in formats like HTML, PDF/A, or XML, you need to work with a feature-rich tool like UPDF. This tool supports a diverse and advanced list of features, so there are no restrictions to follow.
  • Encrypt PDF with Permissions: Sometimes, a document must be password protected so only authorized persons can access it. You won't be able to encrypt PDF files to the level of perfection and satisfaction with Smallpdf. But if you want to maintain the security of PDF files, you can work with UPDF. This tool allows you to add open and permission passwords in the PDF files per your requirement.
smallpdf vs updf with encrypt

2. More Secure, Higher Stability, and No Limitations

There are no such limitations in UPDF because it is an innovative and intuitive tool. You can use it on several platforms like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS without difficulty. This tool allows you to read a PDF file in multiple modes and zoom in and out of the files accordingly. You can add stamps, shapes, and signatures to a PDF and manage the annotation list.

There is no data limit commitment in UPDF, so you can use it without worrying about the security of your data. Moreover, it can work perfectly without the internet because it is an offline tool. But these things are not much satisfaction when it comes to Smallpdf. They are both PDF editors, but Smallpdf restricts you in many ways, and the stability of this tool is not guaranteed.

3. Cost-Effective Price

Everyone wants to work with a budget-friendly tool that does not cost many dollars to customize PDFs. UPDF is a tool that helps you in many domains, including pricing. When you buy one license of this tool, you can use the same license on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In the case of Smallpdf, you have to buy a separate license for every platform, which is very expensive and problematic.

Moreover, you have to pay US$12/month for working with Smallpdf, which is quite expensive. UPDF offers you two pricing plans, including the Perpetual, which costs US$59.99, and the Annual plan, which costs US$39.99/year, which is extremely reasonable.

updf pricing

Part 3: FAQs About Smallpdf

1. Is Smallpdf Free?

Yes, you can use the free version of Smallpdf, but there are many limitations to follow in this version. For example, you can process only two documents per day. You can use the strong compression option in the Smallpdf free version. If you want to process more documents, you have to upgrade to its premium features. The premium version is very expensive. Why not switch to a more stable desktop tool like UPDF, which provides unlimited features, a stable environment, and it also has a really cost-effective price.

2. Is Smallpdf Safe?

Smallpdf is not that safe in comparison with UPDF. The online version of this tool can cause some problems with your data. It is always not safe to upload your confidential documents to the internet. UPDF is an offline app which secure the environment of users' document.

3. Is Smallpdf Fast?

Smallpdf cannot work efficiently with the slow internet. Even if you are working on more than one file, it can also affect the speed of this tool. On the contrary, UPDF provides a really fast speed to open and load PDF documents.

4. Does Smallpdf Have OCR Feature?

No, Smallpdf does not support the OCR feature, but you can use Smallpdf to convert scanned PDF to Word, only in the pro version. Moreover, you can't recognize the text in PDF directly like UPDF, while it also provides supports 38 languages in its OCR tool.

5. How Do I Choose Between UPDF and Smallpdf?

There are many ways to choose between UPDF vs. Smallpdf, but initially, you have to look into some basic points. By analyzing speed, interface, pricing, security, and limitations, you can choose between Smallpdf and UPDF.


Taking everything into account, UPDF is a more reliable PDF editor than Smallpdf. There are several reasons behind this statement, some of which are mentioned above. If you want to make your PDF files more professional without compromising file security and quality, you can rely on UPDF. Moreover, you can use the above points to analyze the reliability of a tool.