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How to Use AI to Summarize PDF with 3 Ultimate Methods in 2024

Summarizing PDFs is essential to convert lengthy documents into small, readable text. This eliminates the hassles of reading long content while saving important time and effectively absorbing critical points. Meanwhile, there are specialized Summarize PDF tools, including ChatGPT.

Concurrently, this article provides the solution to summarize PDF with 3 great methods.

Method 1: How to Use UPDF AI to Summarize PDF

If you are tired of copy-pasting your information from your document into the ChatGPT website, then don't worry anymore because UPDF AI adds ChatGPT integration to help you summarize PDF directly without switching tools. This will save a lot of time and allow you to protect your document information from getting leaked. First of all, download UPDF from the button displayed below.

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#1. Summarize the Whole PDF Document:

To summarize a lengthy PDF document to understand the main discussion present in it, follow these straightforward step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Access the UPDF AI Tool

Start by opening the document in the UPDF and accessing the "UPDF AI" tool from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Afterward, choose the "Ask PDF" feature and press the "Get Started" button. Doing this will automatically create a summary of your entire document.

summarize pdf with updf ai

Step 2: Summarize the PDF

Next, read the summary generated by UPDF AI to understand the document's main points. Following this, you can give specialized instructions to UPDF AI to understand the document in a better way, such as:

  1. Extract the main arguments or conclusions from the document.
  2. What is the overall objective of this document?
  3. Summarize the methodologies or approaches used in the document
  4. What are the key statistics or numerical data presented in the document?
  5. Summarize any recommendations or actions proposed by the author.
summarize pdf documents with updf ai


The UPDF AI assistant is driven by GPT-4, leveraging the advanced GPT-4o for its powerful summarization capabilities. Unlike other PDF summarization tools, UPDF excels in generating clear and concise summaries, including list items, effectively capturing the essence of lengthy PDFs. Additionally, the online version of UPDF AI can convert PDFs exceeding 100 pages into structured mind maps, significantly enhancing the efficiency of PDF reading.

#2. Summarize a Specific Page of a PDF

Do you want to summarize a specific page from your PDF that has too much information and tables? Don't worry because, with UPDF AI, you can also summarize particular pages from your file. The fact that UPDF AI can analyze documents based on the page range, which makes it the winner in all PDF AI tools.

You can utilize the Quick Prompt of UPDF AI to selectively summarize specific pages.

summarize specific pages of a PDF

#3. Summarize a Part of a PDF

The amazing part of UPDF AI is that it can interact with your PDF documents. You can select a part to ask UPDF AI to summarize while you are reading or commenting on the PDF document. Follow the instructions:

Step 1. Select the Text and Summarize

While you are in the "Reader" mode or the "Comment" mode, select any text and a floating toolbar will appear with UPDF AI in it. Now select the "Summarize" option and it will automatically summarize the content for you.

summarize a part of a pdf

Step 2. Copy the Result or Make the Result a Comment

Now, you can click the copy button to copy the result. Alternatively, click the comment or highlight icon to make the results appear as a sticky note.

copy the result of pdf summarizing

More AI Features Except Summarizing PDFs

Some of the other features that you will be able to perform with UPDF's ChatGPT integration are the following:

  • Translate PDF: With this feature, you will be able to transfer your document data into any language that you want.
  • Write and Rewrite PDF: UPDF's ChatGPT integration will allow you to create new unique, and original content depending on your prompt. Secondly, you can use it to rewrite the information by inserting your requirements, such as long content, short content, horror emotions, funny tone, etc.
  • Explain: It can even help you understand the challenging terms of your assignments or questions.
  • Chat with Images: Except for uploading PDFs, UPDF AI also supports uploading images and asking questions about them. For example, it can recognize handwritten text in an image and explain the meaning of it.
  • PDF to Mind Map: UPDF AI releases a new feature, which is converting PDF to mind maps. This feature is currently available in the online AI, and will be soon released in the desktop and mobile apps.

After introducing all the AI features of UPDF, you may wonder how can you get it and try the features. Don't worry, click the "Free Download" button below to install this powerful online PDF summarizer on your device easily. The UPDF AI features are now available on Windows and Mac. If you want to unlock its premium benefits, upgrade now with an exclusive discount.

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Video Tutorial on How to Summarize PDF on Windows

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#4. How to Summarize a Scanned PDF

#1 AI OCR with the Online AI

The UPDF.ai supports uploading images and chatting with them. Therefore, you can upload a screenshot of the PDF that you want to summarize and ask for a clear summarization.

Promot: Summarize the content in the screenshot.

AI OCR for summarizing PDFs

#2 OCR the Scanned PDF and Then Summarize

Scanned PDFs are generally a collection of scanned paper images within the document. This means users cannot edit or search for data from these PDF documents. But if you want to create a summary from the provided information in these documents, it would be better to make them editable and searchable first. For this purpose, the main app - UPDF, is an excellent tool for OCR functionality.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF OCR is an AI-powered tech that turns your scanned PDFs, paper documents, and images into searchable and editable PDFs. Its OCR tool is available in 38 languages to support PDF summarization from wider perspectives. Moreover, you can also adjust output layouts from 3 options. Above all, the converted file after OCR will be much smaller than the original file.

ocr pdf

Straightforward Instructions to Apply OCR on Scanned PDF

UPDF OCR technology is a revolution in this modern world that makes document management of scanned files much easier. To use UPDF OCR technology, follow the simple steps discussed here:

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Import File

Open UPDF on your device and press the "Open File" button from the home screen. Afterward, choose your PDF document and click "Open."

Step 2: Apply the OCR Functionality

From the toolbar on the right side of the screen, press the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon. The OCR window will open, where you must select the Layout, Document Language, and Page Range.

summarize scanned pdf

After doing all the settings, press the "Perform OCR" button and select the location to save the OCR file. Once folder selection is made, hit the "Save" button to complete the process.

Step 3: Ask UPDF AI to Summarize the PDF

Now, you can ask UPDF AI to summarize the editable PDF file as we explained above. Click the button below to download the software to enjoy all the amazing features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Other Key Features of UPDF PDF Editor

  • PDF Edit: You can edit PDF files by writing or rewriting text. This way, you can also adjust the font style, size, and color of the text. Moreover, you can also add or remove images and even apply different structural edits to your pictures. Links could also be inserted and styled with unique appearances.
  • Annotation of PDF: You can annotate your summarized PDFs with the UPDF annotation tool. Furthermore, you can add comments, underlines, highlights, text boxes, strikeout text, sticky notes, stamps, and stickers. For PDF stamps, you can also create your customized stamp.
  • Organizing PDF: With UPDF, you can manage your PDF pages by adding, deleting, cropping, extracting, rotating, splitting, and re-arranging. This way, you can bring your document in the correct order, and your thumbnail will be in the right position.
  • Page Tools and Compress PDF: UPDF allows you to use the page tools like adding watermarks and background colors to your documents. You can also compress the PDF file by reducing its size to an optimal level. It also allows you to select the document quality while compressing documents.

Method 2: How to Use ChatGPT to Summarize PDF

ChatGPT is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool driven by AI technology. Subsequently, with ChatGPT, users can have human-like conversations by which they can get solutions to their queries, which also includes getting a PDF summary. But what steps do you need to follow to summarize the PDF with ChatGPT? Let's find out:

Step 1: Launch the OpenAI website on your device's browser and click "Try ChatGPT."  Following this, sign up with your account credentials and log in with the same email and password.

summarize pdf with chatgpt

Step 2: You will now enter the main interface of ChatGPT. In the available message bar, click on the File icon and choose a PDF that you want to summarize.

Step 3: Enter the prompt and press Enter: Summarize the PDF for me. ChatGPT will automatically provide a summary.

Method 3: How to Summarize PDF with AI Online

There is an online version of the UPDF AI assistant. Unlike the AI within the UPDF app, the online version focuses exclusively on PDF analysis. It is your ultimate companion for handling PDFs or engaging in general chats. Click here to register an account with UPDF and begin your experience with the best PDF AI assistant. Follow the steps below to summarize PDFs online:

Step 1: Visit the UPDF AI website and click "Upload File" to upload the PDF you want to summarize.

Step 2: Scroll to the specific page you want to summarize.

Step 3: Click the "Quick Prompt" icon at the bottom, then select "Summarize Page". UPDF AI will instantly provide a concise summary of the page.

summarize PDF online

Useful Tips to Summarize PDF Files

Summarizing PDF files offers a practical and efficient method for filtering vital information from intricate texts. Whether you find yourself occupied in academic papers as a student or navigating through reports as a professional, mastering summarization can significantly enhance your comprehension and efficiency. Let's discuss the valuable tips to summarize PDF files in detail to explore the fundamental principles.

1. Customize the Summary Length

After all, you should customize the summary length to meet your specific needs. For this purpose, consider the summary's purpose and the required level of detail. For a quick overview, you need to aim for a concise summary with crucial points. For a deeper understanding, a longer summary with more information may be necessary. If you adjust the summary length, it helps strike a balance between providing enough information and maintaining conciseness.

2. Customize the Summary Format

Besides length, you can customize the summary format to enhance readability and understanding. This way, you can experiment with bullet points, numbered lists, or headings to organize information effectively. Additionally, use bold text or highlights to emphasize crucial concepts and make the summary visually appealing and easier to comprehend. 

3. Evaluate Content for Key Ideas

Before summarizing, users should thoroughly evaluate the PDF content by identifying key concepts, main ideas, and supporting details. This process helps prioritize information and ensures your summary captures the document's critical aspects. In addition, you should pay attention to recurring themes, central arguments, or standout data, as these elements are essential in your summary.

4. Craft a Logical Narrative

Proceed further by structuring your summary coherently to maintain a logical flow. You can organize information logically, starting with the document's introduction or background and progressing through the main points to the conclusion. Besides, you should ensure smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs to provide a seamless overview.

Benefits of Using AI to Summarize PDF Documents

Traditional summarization methods often rely on manual approaches, which have been the standard practice. However, the rise of Artificial Intelligence marks a new chapter and fundamentally transforms how we extract essential insights from documents. Now, we explore the merits of utilizing AI for summarizing PDF documents through a comparative analysis mentioned below.

MetricsAI SummarizationTraditional Summarization
Consistency and AccuracyUtilizes advanced algorithms for precise identification and maintains uniform summarization quality of crucial information.It is attributed to human errors, subjective interpretations, and inconsistency due to individual summarizers that lead to variation in quality.
Save Time and EffortProcesses large content volumes quickly, which saves time and effort.Depends on manual reading and summarizing, a time-intensive process requiring substantial effort.
Reduces the Risk of PlagiarismInherently lowers the risk of plagiarism by relying on algorithmic analysis.Potentially exposes a higher risk of unintentional plagiarism, especially when summarization is manual.
Speed and EfficiencySwift processing of extensive content and facilitating rapid summarization.Manual reading and summarizing are time-consuming and slower.
CustomizationAdjustable to specific summarization requirements for personalized results.Limited ability to customize summarization approaches and often provide one-size-fits-all solution.
Language SupportCapable of processing and summarizing content in multiple languages.Language dependent that requires proficiency in each language for effective summarization.
Data HandlingEffectively manages various data types, including structured or unstructured content.May struggle with complex data structures and formats that limit adaptability.

FAQs on Summarizing PDF Files

1. Is there a way to summarize a PDF for free?

There are many PDF summarizers free tools available on the internet, such as UPDF AI, that you can use for a free trial. You can upload 3 files for free to summarize.

2. How to write a summary of a PDF?

For writing a summary for PDF manually, you're required to follow these simple and easy steps here:

  • Step 1: Decide the topic of your summary and make an interesting subject for your storyline. Make notes about the plot, characters, or situation appearing in your PDF, and design an outline.
  • Step 2: Fill the outline with precise paragraphs involving the main points of your story. Begin writing a story by filling in paragraphs through important points drafted.

However, you can now use UPDF to write a summary of a PDF with smart AI technology. All you need to do is to type your specific requirements and it will help you generate the perfect summaries.

3. How to summarize a book?

To summarize a PDF book, you need to follow some straightforward steps, which are as follows:

  • Step 1: Read the book carefully and write down all important ideas, tips, points, and notes. Organize your extracted important points in the right order.
  • Step 2: Design an outline based on the extracted points, and make sure to provide a section for each point. Following the drafted outline structure, start writing your summary.

4. Can Google summarize a PDF?

Currently, Google cannot summarize a PDF for you. However, on Google Docs, you can write and manage your own summary.

5. What is the difference between Summarising and paraphrasing PDFs?

Summarizing is a way to convert lengthy documents into shorter and summarized text with essential and crucial information. Meanwhile, paraphrasing PDFs involves changing or twisting words of original content.


The fact is, we all get bored and sleepy while reading long texts. A similar case is with long-form and lengthy documents. Concurrently, using a summarize PDF tool for summarizing long text can be helpful. You can also get your summary in desired personalization and word count.

Due to these reasons, this article discussed the step-by-step guides to summarize your PDF with the best AI tool - UPDF, which provides state-of-the-art facilities for PDF document management. Give it a shot now!

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