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How to Compress PDF in Different Ways Online and Offline

When you compress PDF files, you're essentially reducing their footprint or their size to make them smaller. This, in turn, makes it easy to share these PDFs on social media, websites, through email and chat, and so on. So what are the best tools to compress PDF to 100KB or minimize PDF size to whatever you want? Let's have a look.

Why Compressing PDF?

Easy to Share: When you need to send a document on mobile via chat or a messaging app, file size limits are often a problem. Compressing your file will help it go through without a hitch.

Easy to Upload: If you need to upload your PDFs to the web, lower file sizes will make the process go faster. It's also easier for others to view or download the file from the web.

Easy to Archive: For storage purposes, it's essential to compress PDFs because memory is usually a premium in most scenarios, and compressing your PDF archive files will let you store more data in a fixed amount of space.

With so many benefits, why not compress PDFs starting today? It makes them easier to manage and you can work with larger PDF workloads if you compress them for various purposes before using them.

How to Compress PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat DC is a high-quality tool to compress PDF and perform literally hundreds of other tasks. It is as versatile as it is expensive, unfortunately, but if you're dealing with heavy PDF workflows, it's well worth the money. Here's how to compress PDF using Acrobat DC.

  1. In the Acrobat window, select Open under "Tools" → "Optimize PDF".
compress pdf
  1. Choose the file to import it into Acrobat.
  1. Click the "Reduce File Size" button in the "Optimize PDF" toolbar above the PDF file.
shrink pdf
  1. Choose the file compatibility in the dropdown within the pop-up dialog that appears.
  1. Finally, rename the file and save it to your desktop.

How to Shrink PDF in iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a freemium tool that lets you use most functions without having to upgrade. The compress PDF module, along with all the other tools, is an online utility that runs on your browser. All you need is a connected device and a modern browser and you're all set to start compressing your PDF files. Here's how to compress PDF in iLovePDF:

  1. Visit the iLovePDF URL for PDF compression.
  1. Click the button to manually import your PDF or just drag and drop it from its folder location.
compress pdf online
  1. Choose the right compression level that you need
  1. Click Compress PDF and wait for the download page to appear.
  1. Download your compressed file and save it with a different name.

How to Compress PDF in Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another versatile online utility to compress PDF and perform other actions on PDF files and other file formats. The compression quality is great but if you're a free user, you can only choose the default Basic compression level because the Strong compression option requires a Pro subscription. Nevertheless, it's a great 'compress PDF' tool for your document management toolkit. Let's look at how to compress PDF to 500KB or even smaller.

  1. Upload your file by dropping it into the Smallpdf Compress PDF URL.
compress pdf to 100kb
  1. Choose Basic if you're a free user and click "Compress".
  1. Download your compressed PDF file and save it with a different name from the original.

How to Compress PDF to a Chosen Size (100KB, 200KB, 300KB, 500KB)

The 11zon PDF compressor is a superb tool to compress PDF online for free. The unique aspect of this compressor is that you can choose the output file size, which makes it easier to process because you know what you're getting. You can plan ahead and calculate the total file size of several files before you share them. The process itself is quite simple and very similar to other PDF compressor online utilities that we've seen so far. Let's take a closer look.

  1. Upload the file by dropping it into the 11zon URL for file compression.
compress pdf to 200kb
  1. The slider allows you to choose the compression level, and the thumbnail displays the output file size even before you begin the compression process.
compress pdf 500kb
  1. Click the Compress button once you're ready and then download the compressed file on the next page.

The Best Free PDF Tool for Windows and Mac

UPDF is one of the latest additions to the PDF family. It is a powerhouse PDF editor that you can easily use to reduce file size. You can also annotate and manage PDFs with this versatile and fun utility. But most of all, you can use it absolutely free because it's a 100% free tool for PDF management. The attractive UI has been designed for modern PDF users who need robust functionality but wouldn't mind a bit of fun mixed in. UPDF provides this through thoughtful design, attractive color schemes, and a fluid user interface.

minimize pdf size

Key Features of UPDF

PDF Editing (Text and Images): UPDF is a powerful and user-friendly PDF editor that lets you take control of your PDF workflows. You can easily compress PDF by replacing high-resolution images with low-res equivalents, removing pages you don't need, and other actions.

PDF Annotation: The excellent markup tools allow you to review and comment on documents, highlight content, add notes, draw shapes, apply preset shapes, and do a lot more. Communicate clearly and concisely with a full range of annotation tools.

Organize PDF: The page management module lets you reorder pages, replace them, rotate them, copy them, and extract them to a new PDF. This is another way to compress PDF because you can simply extract what you need into a smaller file that's easier to share.