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PDFelement vs. UPDF: A Comprehensive Comparison

Being related to any profession, such as business or corporate sector, you may need to create and edit various PDF documents. To make your workflow organized and efficient, PDF editors are required in order to manage PDF documents. Moreover, you can edit and make changes to your essential business documents using PDF software.

In this article, we will talk about the top two famous PDF editors: PDFelement and UPDF. To help you select the best and most reliable software, we will provide a detailed comparison between PDFelement vs. UPDF in this article.

Part 1: PDFelement vs. UPDF: Features Comparison

PDFelement was developed by Wondershare Technology in 2012. It's a well-trusted tool, as you can use it on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can launch this tool on popular and commonly used platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. There are various features in PDFelement that you can utilize without any hassle. This tool supports batch conversion, text autofit, OCR, and redaction technology. You can also use this tool to split and extract PDF pages.

On the other hand, UPDF was created by Superace Software Technology in 2022. You can use this tool on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating platforms. It has a fast-processing speed and enables you to perform various functions on PDF documents. Using UPDF, you can edit, annotate and organize your PDF files without restrictions. You can also add stickers and signatures to the PDF files to add customization effortlessly. Moreover, you can also protect your confidential PDF files by creating a password using UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Do you want to know the difference between Wondershare PDFelement vs. UPDF? In this section, we will shed light on the main differences between PDFelement and UPDF in a brief manner so that you can choose the best tool for managing your business document saved in PDF format.

Read PDFs
Annotate PDFs
Edit PDFs (Text, Image, Watermark, Background, Header & Footer)
Convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, Text, RTF, and Images
OCR Recognition
Add Passwords to PDFs
Compress PDFs
Save PDF as PDF/A
Flatten Annotations and Forms
Advanced Flatten Feature (Flatten watermark and cropped pages)
Convert PDF to CSV
Beautifully-designed Stickers
Add rich text by dragging and dropping
Slideshow with Presenter View
Fill, Create and Edit PDF Forms
Combine Files

Part 2. Compare the Pricing, UI, and Performance of PDFelement and UPDF

After introducing the comparison of the features, you may wonder about the pricing, UI design, and performance of the two software. Here is the comparison for you to have a better understanding of the two software:

SystemsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
(You need to purchase separately for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices)
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
(One purchase for all platforms)
Rating for UI Design3.8/54.8/5
Rating for Performance Speed3.5/54.8/5

Part 3. UPDF is Faster and More Efficient than PDFelement

Are you confused between PDFelement vs. UPDF? In this following part, we will provide you with authentic advantages of UPDF that you cannot find in PDFelement.

2.1. Fast-Opening Speed of Documents

While using PDFelement, you may find the tool's performance sluggish and slow. However, UPDF has a faster processing speed as compared to PDFelement. PDF files that contain high-resolution images, graphs, or illustrations have large file sizes. Many PDF editors like PDFelement takes some extra time to open such PDF files.

2.2. Load PDF Files at Blazing-Fast Speed

In contrast, UPDF instantly opens PDF files regardless of their file size. You can easily open and read your PDF documents on UPDF that contain high-resolution images. Hence, you don't have to wait to load the desired PDF file in UPDF.

2.3. Search for Specific Words Rapidly

Furthermore, if you want to read something in your PDF, you can effortlessly search for the desired text. During business meetings, you can save time searching particular text in a PDF using UPDF. This tool uses advanced algorithms that allow you to search and find a specific text in seconds.

Try UPDF and experience its fast speed now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 4: UPDF is More Friendly to Master than PDFelement

There are some PDF editors like PDFelement that are complicated to use. Being a professional, you must prefer a tool like UPDF that provides simpler functionalities. With easy-to-understand functionalities, you can increase your work efficiency on a daily basis. UPDF has arranged all the features in a well-structured way so that you can locate them without any complications. The icons of the features and tools are well-described so that any beginner can comprehend and find them.

In PDFelement, the path of finding the tools is time-consuming. Whereas in UPDF, you can find a tool within two paths. You don't have to waste your time searching for a particular tool unnecessarily in UPDF. For instance, in the "Page Tools" tab, you can locate the options of header and footer, watermark, and background. Thus, you can find all the related options and features in the same tab.

Part 5: UPDF has a Cleaner and More Delightful Interface

UPDF has maintained an attractive and vibrant interface. The selection of colors in its user interface is vibrant and appealing to the eyes. If you are a non-technical person, you can put your trust in UPDF as it has a clean interface. Within a few clicks, you can efficiently execute editing in your PDF file.  

Moreover, it does not disturb the user with ads, so you can enjoy modifying and managing your PDF files in a comfortable environment. It also offers a book-like reading experience to the users as it provides multiple reading modes. Hence, UPDF can be the safest choice that you can make to edit, read, convert, and organize PDF documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

The interface of UPDF:

updf interface

The Interface of PDFelement

pdfelement interface

Part 6: FAQs on Choosing between PDFelement and UPDF

1. Is UPDF Better than PDFelement?

Yes, UPDF is a better option than PDFelement due to its numerous advantages. This article has highlighted the benefits of UPDF that you cannot find in PDFelement. The user interface is more straightforward and more delightful in UPDF. Moreover, you can easily navigate the advanced features and options in UPDF that can positively impact your productivity.

2. Is PDFelement Free?

No, PDFelement is not a free PDF editor. In the free trial, the tool adds a watermark to your PDF file. Moreover, you cannot access the advanced features in PDFelement without buying a subscription plan. For instance, you cannot compress and use the OCR feature in the free trial of PDFelement.

3. How Do I Choose between PDFelement and UPDF?

Your preferred PDF editor should offer fast processing speed and a friendly user interface. Moreover, it should have a simple functionality so that anyone can use the PDF editor without having any experience. If we compare PDFelement and UPDF, the latter clearly wins. UPDF comprises all the valuable features and options in a secure and delightful environment.


PDF editors help you in editing PDF files with great comfort and ease. If you are not sure about which PDF editor you should use, this article will help you. We have focused on PDFelement vs. UPDF so that you can know the key differences between these two famous editors. Through this article, you have discovered the best tool to organize, read, and edit PDF documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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