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Download and Install UPDF on Mac

Want to have the ultimate experience of PDF editing? Download UPDF on your Mac right now! You can download it from our UPDF official website or the Mac app store.

Download UPDF for Mac from the UPDF Official Website

To download UPDF on your Mac, visit our official website of UPDF.

There, you will find the button "Free Download." On accessing it, you will have two different options to download UPDF on your Mac.

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If you own an Intel Chip Mac, select "Mac with Intel Chip," and if you have an M1/M2 Chip Mac, tap on "Mac with Apple Chip." This will start downloading the official installation system for UPDF.

download updf for mac

After you downloaded the .dmg file on your Mac, go to the Downloads folder and click the file you just downloaded.

install updf on mac

In the new window, drag the UPDF logo to Applications to begin the installation process. When the installation is finished, go to the Applications folder to run UPDF and enjoy using it.

How to Know Your Mac is Intel or Apple Silicon Chip?

Do you wish to know which type of Mac you own? Have you not checked if it is an Intel chip or Apple Silicon chip Mac? We will help you out in determining this simple difference.

Open your Mac and click on the "Apple" icon in the top-left corner. You must select the "About This Mac" option from the menu.

  • As the new window opens, if you find the option of "Chip" across it, it is an Apple Silicon chip Mac. (If you own an M1/M2 Chip Mac, select "Mac with Apple Chip" from the download button.)
mac with apple chip
  • However, if it shows the item labeled "Processor", it is an Intel Mac processor. (If you own an Intel Chip Mac, select "Mac with Intel Chip" from the download button.)
mac with intel chip

Download UPDF for Mac from the Mac App Store

The UPDF Mac version can be also installed directly from the Mac App Store. You can click here to install the UPDF Mac version directly. (Note: the Mac app store version doesn't have the OCR feature currently.)

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

  • Search for "UPDF" and click the Get button.
get updf on mac
  • Click the Install button and enter your Apple ID credentials to install it.
install updf on mac

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