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If you want to enhance your created PDF, you can consider adding backgrounds across it.

Add Background

To add a background to the PDF, click the "Page Tools" button on the left. Select "Background" from the top and click on the "Create" button at the bottom.

enter into background mode

You can add color as a background or include an image per your requirement. UPDF also allows you to add a document as a background to your PDF.

As you add or import the background of any nature, you can set its ratio of covering the document with a slider. You can also set the slider of its "Opacity" and "Ratio of Background" with available options.

create background

Find the “Page Range” button on the top-right and set the range of pages where you want to apply this background.

background page range

Click “Save” to set the respective background. Select the background from the list and click “Apply” to add the background.

apply the background

Edit Background

You can find the added background as a template in the right column.

Hover your cursor on the specific background and click on the "Edit Background" icon present across it. You can then change the background as per your requirements.


Once done, click on “Save” to change it.

Remove Background

If you want to delete a background, click on the “Remove Background” icon.

remove background