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UPDF for iOS and Android FAQs

  • How do I install UPDF iOS App?

    Click here to install UPDF iOS App.
    Or go to the App Store, search for "UPDF" to find the application. Next, tap the "GET" button and then the Cloud icon to download it. This will automatically launch the installer and put the UPDF icon on your home page once it has been installed.
  • Is UPDF for iOS free?

    UPDF offers a free version for iOS users but requires them to sign into the account. However, it features four restrictions of the free version on iOS devices.
    1.Setting password lock (Passcode and FaceID) is unavailable for free users.
    2.Users cannot scan more than 5 pictures.
    3.Users cannot hold more than 10 files in the Security Space offered by UPDF.
    4.1GB of UPDF Cloud and 10MB uploading per file for free users; 10GB of UPDF Cloud and 2GB max per document for paid users.
    If you want to utilize the functions mentioned above, please upgrade your account. After upgrading, you can use UPDF fully on all 4 platforms.
  • How to upgrade to UPDF member?

    You can buy UPDF Pro from here by selecting the Annual or Perpetual Plan. After this, you can use the same account on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • How do I import files into UPDF on iOS?

    Importing files from various locations is super easy with UPDF. All you need to do is click the + button and select the source - Photos, Files, or from your computer over the same Wi-Fi network. Please review the UPDF for iOS User Guide for step-by-step instructions.
  • Can I import my iCloud Drive files?

    Yes, one of the file import options supported by UPDF for iOS is iCloud Drive. Use the Files import option to access this feature. You can select the files from iCloud Drive and they will be imported into UPDF, from where you can easily copy, transfer, and manage them, and perform other actions.
  • How do I edit a PDF file?

    UPDF for iOS allows you to write on PDF files using the Pen Tool. You can write freehand, markup text, circle important sections, and so on. You will not be able to edit the existing contents of the file; your inputs will be saved as an annotations layer within the PDF file. If you want to edit the existing text, please use the UPDF for Windows or Mac version.
  • What is Security Space?

    It's exactly what it sounds like! A secure space to keep your most confidential and private files so nobody can access them. Your biometric and passcode security will automatically be applied to the Secure Space by default, and you can even set a passcode key for access to UPDF for iOS itself, giving you multiple layers of protection for your most precious files.
  • Is Security Space available in the free version of UPDF?

    Security Space is a premium feature that requires an active subscription for full access. However, the free version allows you to store up to 10 files in Secure Space. Once you subscribe to UPDF, you will have full control over Security Space and all the security/privacy features it offers, including additional passkey security.
  • Will UPDF app affect my default file management system?

    No. UPDF for iOS works independently of your native file manager, which is the Files app that was introduced with iOS 11. UPDF is designed to connect various file locations and capabilities into one single interface, which makes it a far more powerful file management system that comes with file merging, scan to PDF, Security Space, and other advanced features.
  • How do I import files from my computer without cables?

    UPDF for iOS can connect to your computer using the same Wi-Fi network. Click the "+" button on the bottom right corner, and then choose "Computer". Once you trigger the feature on your device, enter the URL displayed on your screen into your computer’s browser. Once the connection is established, you can move files back and forth from the computer interface.
  • Do you share my details with anyone?

    UPDF for iOS is available on the official App Store, which means it is in full compliance with every single privacy requirement mandated by Apple, Inc. Your information is absolutely secure and cannot be accessed by anyone without the necessary credentials such as passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.
  • Android
  • Is UPDF for Android free?

    Some of the functions offered by UPDF on Android are free. There are few limitations of free version:
    1.In Organizing Pages, using PDF document page extraction and insertion only once separately.
    2.Users need to upgrade their plan on Android if they wish to utilize the Sticker feature.
    3.1GB UPDF Cloud for the trial version, 10MB for single document size uploaded(Enjoy 10GB UPDF Cloud and 2GB max per single file for paid users)
  • How do I install UPDF on Android?

    Please download and install UPDF on Android here.
  • How to import files into UPDF on Android?

    You must press the "All PDFs" folder to authorize all PDF documents on your Android device. Once the PDFs can be observed on the screen, you can easily open any file you wish to in UPDF.
  • How to authorize the local folder to UPDF on Android?

    Press the "+" button behind the folders and tap on "Authorize" in the pop-up window that appears. Select the folder and proceed to tap on "Use this folder" to authorize the local folder to UPDF on Android.
  • How to annotate a PDF file on Android?

    UPDF for Android allows you to annotate a PDF file on Android. As you open a PDF file, find the tools on the top menu. They allow you to highlight, strikethrough, underline, and add a squiggly line to the text. You can also use the pencil, add sticky notes, shapes, stamps, and stickers to a PDF file on Android.
  • What features are included in the Android version?

    UPDF for Android supports opening, viewing, managing, and annotating PDF files on Android. The annotation tools that can be used to mark PDF files on Android include highlight, strikethrough, underline, squiggly line, text comment, sticky note, shapes, pencil, eraser, stickers, and stamps. It can also search the text through a PDF with ease.

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