Compress PDFs Effectively and Get the Quality You Want

Reduce your PDF file size in one click by lowering your document quality (Maximum, High, Medium or Low)

Choose Your Compression Type and Send Large Files via Email

Compress your PDF Size without Losing Quality

Use lossless or lossy compression to help you compress your PDF. Choose the highest quality or the maximum compression.

Lossless or Lossy Compression, Pick One as Needed

Compress and Send Large PDFs via Email without a Size Limit

For maximum portability reduce large PDFs and send them directly via email with UPDF, highly convenient for sharing compressed PDFs.

Compress Large PDF Files and Send via Email More Conveniently without Size Limit

Why Choose UPDF?
A Better, Faster, and Smarter PDF Resizer

Compress & Save to Cloud

Save compressed PDFs to UCloud and access/share them anywhere, anytime.

Lightning Speed

Faster compression speeds for large PDFs.

Free Compression

Free version offered for compressing PDFs (with watermarks).

More Secure

Supports encrypting or locking compressed PDFs for editing/printing.

How to Compress PDFs with UPDF

Step 1

Upload a PDF File

Click "Open File" to upload and open the PDF file that you want to compress.

Step 2

Choose Document Quality

Click "Save as Other" > "Reduce File Size" and choose the output document quality.

Step 3

Compress and Save

Click the "Save As" button and choose a location to save the compressed file.

Tips and Tricks for
How to Compress PDF Files

Other Features of UPDF

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF solution - here are some other great features:

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