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How to Reduce PDF Size

A PDF size reducer or optimizer is essentially a PDF application that can render a large PDF file into a smaller size. This is done in different ways, including simplifying fonts, reducing image resolution, and so on. When you reduce PDF size, it becomes more convenient to share via common communication channels such as email, chat, web, etc. Here's a list of some great applications and online services to reduce PDF size to 100KB, as an example.

Why You Need to Reduce PDF Size

We've already spoken about the sharing benefits of having smaller PDF files. However, when you reduce a PDF file and create a smaller one, a lot of possibilities open up. For instance, let's say you want to offer a free PDF on your website for people who sign up to your newsletter. Would you want them to be downloading a hefty file that'll slow their system down and spoil the customer experience? Of course not, right? As another example, imagine that you have a PDF file of all the photos you took of last night's party and a friend is asking you to share it via mobile. You really want to deal with a bulky image-based PDF with precious mobile data? For these and other reasons, you can reduce PDF sizes to suit your specific needs.

How to Reduce PDF Size in Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat DC has a powerful compression engine as well as different ways to reduce PDF size below 100KB. One of these methods is described below:

Step 1. Open a PDF Document

Under the main "Tools" menu, click the arrow below "Optimize PDF" and select "Open".

Choose the file from its Finder or Explorer location to open it in Acrobat DC.

pdf size reducer

Step 2. Reduce File Size with Adobe Acrobat

Select "Reduce File Size" from the toolbar menu.

When you see the pop-up pane, choose the support format and click the "OK" button.

reduce pdf file size

You will be prompted to give the now-compressed file a new name - do that now and save it.

That's it, you're all done! You'll notice that the new file is smaller in size because you just did a 'reduce PDF size' action!

How to Decrease PDF Size in iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a beloved tool and very familiar to those who know iLoveIMG, the hugely popular image editing tool for online use. iLovePDF has all the basic PDF tools you need to manage light to moderate PDF workflows. It doesn't boast any advanced functions but it's fun to use and quite useful in a pinch. You can use all the features free or you can upgrade to take advantage of higher file size and batch processing limits.

You can follow these steps to reduce PDF file size in any device that has a modern browser.

Step 1. Upload PDF to iLovePDF

Upload the file to the URL for file size optimization in the main iLovePDF website.

reduce pdf size online

Step 2. Decrease Size of PDF with iLovePDF

Choose the level of compression that you want to apply - the higher the compression, lower the output file size.

Click "Compress PDF" and wait for the download to be available - save it to your desktop.

How to Reduce PDF Size Online with SmallPDF

Smallpdf is quite a powerful tool that's very similar to iLovePDF because both work on your browser. However, that's probably where the similarity ends. Smallpdf is more stylish than fun. The professional design, convenient menu layout, and the instant availability of a range of basic and advanced file management tools such as… of course, a PDF size reducer that's quite powerful. The only downside is that only basic compression is free; you need a Pro account for high compression. Nevertheless, it's a good tool to reduce PDF file size online if the file's not too large and all you need is some basic file size reduction. Here's how it's done:

Step 1. Import PDF File

Import the PDF file to the "Compress PDF" section of the Smallpdf website.

pdf reducer

Step 2. Reduce PDF Size Online Free

Once you've uploaded the file, select Basic compression or Advanced (if you're a Pro subscriber)

Click on "Compress" and wait for the download page; on the last page click Download.

How to Shrink Size of PDF with SodaPDF

SodaPDF Online is another versatile online PDF reducer service that runs on your browser. It's chockfull of features but most of the advanced tools are only in the desktop version, which we're not covering here. The online version is what we're interested in, and you can easily reduce PDF file size to 100KB or below with this versatile online PDF platform. SodaPDF Online is a versatile collection of PDF tools with editing, OCR, Bates Numbering, and other advanced tools, as well as simpler tools such as file converters, page organizing, protection, e-signing, etc. Here's how to shrink the size of a PDF with Soda PDF Online.

Step 1. Import the PDF into SodaPDF

Import the PDF file into the SodaPDF Online URL for file compression.

reduce pdf

Step 2. Shrink Size of PDF

Choose the Basic compression level here, since the High Compression option is locked behind the Pro paywall.

Click "Compress File" and wait for the download page, after which you can save the compressed PDF.

A Free and Unique PDF Editor for Everyone

UPDF is a very cool-looking app that will instantly brighten up your day with a playfully elegant UI. Don't let the fun colors fool you, though, because under the hood lies a unique offering: a premium PDF editor to help you reduce PDF file size to a great extent, and as accurately as possible. What's more, UPDF is completely free to use for any purpose. It comes with a few important features like editing, annotations, PDF reading, and file/page organizing. UPDF has been designed for a premium experience even though it's free, so pretty soon we'll be seeing advanced features and tools added to the current feature set. Let's look at some of the features that users can already enjoy for free:

reduce pdf size to 100kb

UPDF Key Features

PDF Reading and Annotation: A full-fledged PDF reader built into UPDF gives you a seamless and book-like reading experience, which is great for large files such as academic textbooks, company reports, legal documents, medical files, and everything else that's available in PDF format. Multiple reading modes, zoom magnification, and easy page navigation make this a must-have tool to read PDFs. Meanwhile, annotations allow you to jot down e-notes on the go, circle stuff for later, and pretty much mark up a PDF file any way you want - text elements, sticky notes, highlighting, etc.

PDF Text Editor: This powerful feature puts UPDF alongside legends such as Acrobat DC. True PDF editing means being able to control every content element of a file, and UPDF lets you do that in style and comfort, meaning the UI/UX design is phenomenal.

PDF Image Editor: In image editing mode, you can manipulate images with actions such as rotate, replace, delete, copy, extract, etc. You can also select an image and then use the border handles to resize or reposition it within the document.

Better Page Management: Most PDF editors, even premium ones, often have clunky page management processes for extracting, rotating, deleting, reordering, and adding pages to a PDF file. UPDF, in stark contrast, offers a seamless and intuitive page management experience. Everything can be done in just a couple of clicks, giving UPDF high ratings in terms of user experience.