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PDF Language Barrier? Here's How to Translate Your PDF Files

If you would like to translate your PDF document from one language to another, your best bet is to use translation tools. These will automatically translate the PDF to your preferred language without the hassle of having to go through the process manually. They can therefore be useful if your goal is to get an accurate translation, but also if your document is too large to justify the hours needed to translate it manually.

But with so many tools to translate PDFs, you may be wondering which tool is best for you. Here, we look at some of the best PDF translation tools in the market to help you narrow down your choices.

Part 1: How to Translate PDFs with UPDF AI

Meet UPDF, the revolutionary AI-powered PDF translator that is set to transform how you handle document translation. By using the power of ChatGPT, UPDF offers a seamless experience for translating PDF documents. In an increasingly interconnected world, UPDF AI emerges as the ultimate supporter for businesses, scholars, experts, and individuals alike. Welcome a new era of seamless cross-lingual communication. No more language barriers as this cutting-edge tool allows you to read documents from around the world effortlessly. Download UPDF to open a different experience.

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translate pdf using updf

With UPDF AI's versatile language support, the Chat mode makes PDF translation a breeze. Follow these steps to easily translate PDFs using Chat mode:

Step 1: Open the PDF

Open UPDF and then open the target PDF by either dragging it into the interface or using the "Open File" option.

Step 2: Activate UPDF AI

Click the "UPDF AI" icon at the bottom-right corner to enter the "Chat" mode.

updf ai icon

Step 3: Initiate Translation

Select "Prompt" and then "Translate." Indicate the target language. You can copy content from the PDF or directly input the text to be translated in the chat. UPDF AI will promptly provide you with the translation you need. It's not limited to just Chinese; you can also translate to languages like French, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, and more.

Translate with UPDF AI

Alternatively, type your content in the message box without using the prompt and directly ask UPDF AI to translate it into your chosen language.

UPDF facilitates can also direct text selection for translation. Simply highlight the content you want to translate within the PDF and choose the "Translate" assistant. After translation, you can turn the translation into a sticky note.

translate directly

What else can UPDF do?

UPDF is not just about translation. Here's what else it brings to the table:

  • PDF Summarization: Condense lengthy PDFs effortlessly. Extract vital information and receive concise summaries.
  • Simplify Technical Terms: Make complex content understandable. UPDF breaks down technical jargon into simple language.
  • Polished PDF Writing: Use UPDF AI as your writing assistant. Edit content, fix errors, and refine your PDFs in one go.
  • Flexible Editing: Edit text, insert images, and add hyperlinks seamlessly to enhance your PDFs.
  • Organized PDFs: Rearrange pages, replace content, and organize layouts effortlessly.
  • Collaborative Features: Highlight sections, leave notes, and add context using text boxes and shapes.
  • Interactive Chat Interface: Communicate directly with the AI assistant. Seek help, ask questions, and receive instant answers.
  • Versatile Format Conversion: Convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats effortlessly.

Pros of UPDF

  • PDF Translation Made Effortless: UPDF AI excels at swiftly and accurately translating languages within PDFs. No more switching between translation tools and PDF editors – UPDF makes multilingual communication smooth.
  • Translate Scanned PDFs: Even scanned documents are no challenge for UPDF. Utilizing advanced OCR technology, it converts scanned PDFs into editable text, which can then be seamlessly translated by the AI.
  • Multilingualism: UPDF AI breaks down language barriers effortlessly. Whether it's business documents, educational content, or personal correspondence, UPDF AI enables smooth global communication by flawlessly translating PDFs from one language to another.
  • User-Friendly Interface: UPDF AI prioritizes user experience. Its intuitive interface makes the translation process as simple as it can be. Just upload your PDF, select the target language, and let UPDF AI work its magic.

Ready to transform your PDF experience? Download UPDF AI today, and enjoy PDF translation and much more. Furthermore, get more with UPDF Pro. Upgrade today and elevate your PDF experience!

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Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

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Part 2: Quick Methods to Translate PDFs

The following are the best tools that you can use to automatically translate even the largest PDF documents;

1. Google Translate PDF

Overview: Google Translate is one of the most popular solutions when it comes to translation, even PDF translation. It is very easy to use and easily accessible on most platforms.

Supported Languages: More than 175 Languages

Technology: OCR and Machine Translation

Steps: Go to Google Translate on your browser and click on the "Documents" section at the top. Select the language to translate from and to and then click "Browse" on your computer to choose the PDF. Click "Translate" to begin the translation.

Accuracy: Google Translation will give you the best results if you are translating a formal document and translating to and from English.

Pros: Fast translation, reliable, supports numerous languages, is highly accurate, and accepts files up to 10MB.

Cons: It may be less accurate when translating to and from non-English languages. The accuracy drops further when the language is not a commonly used language like Spanish or Chinese.

Best Features: Has a long translation history, translation memory has a long memory, and crowdsourcing the translation can improve accuracy over time.

Suited for: Daily use and simple communication.

translate pdf with google

2. DocTranslator

Overview: This is a free and easy-to-use machine translation tool that can be very useful when translating documents including PDFs to various languages.

Supported Languages: 100 languages supported

Technology: OCR and Machine Translation

Steps: Go to the main DocTranslator website to access the online tool. Click on the "Documents" button on the left and browse your computer for the PDF file you want to translate. Choose the language to translate the file to and click "Translate." You will be able to review the translated document and download it as an HTML page.

Accuracy: This solution can have a translation accuracy of up to 80-90%.

Pros: Offers a high number of language pairs and the layout of the website is easy to navigate.

Cons: Translation can take a while. The free plan limits document translation to 2000 words.

Best Features: You can also use it to translate Excel files.

Suited For: It is a good choice for a beginner or when you are translating fairly smaller files.

translate pdf with doctranslator

3. Smartcat

Overview: If you are looking for a complete solution for all your document editing needs, Smartcat is one of the best options to choose from. It combines machine translation, OCR, AI technology, and human editing for high accuracy.

Supported Languages: It supports more than 175 languages.

Technology: OCR, Machine Translation, AI technology, and human editing

Steps: To get started, log in to your Smartcat account and create a new translation project. Select the language pair you'd like to use and then drag and drop the PDF file into the window to upload it. Click on "Translate" and when the translation is complete, you can download the file.

Accuracy: Smartcat has flexible accuracy allowing you to translate your PDF according to your needs. It combines various technologies and systems to come up with the most suitable translation for the language pairs that you select.

Pros: It is fully customizable and can therefore be used to translate your document into any language. It also suitable for larger files up to 30MB

Cons: You need to log in to use it.

Best Features: You can use the built-in editor to edit the file after translation and you can choose to download the converted file in the .docx format

Suited For: It is the most ideal solution for specialists at any level

translate pdf with smartcat

4. DeftPDF

Overview: This document translation tool can be used to translate many different file formats including PDF. It is available on most platforms and even comes with a Chrome browser extension.

Supported Languages: It supports 112 languages

Technology: OCR and Machine Translation

Steps: Go to the main website to access the translation tool and upload the PDF document want to translate. Select the current language on the document and the language that you want to translate to. Click "Translate" and you will be able to download the translated document.

Accuracy: It has an above-average accuracy

Pros: It is easily accessible on most platforms including mobile and the user interface is very easy to navigate.

Cons: Doesn't support some languages, accuracy of the translation may vary when translating to non-common languages

Best Features: It comes with a built-in PDF editor

Suited For: Ideal for the beginner user and for translating simple documents.

translate pdf with deftpdf

Part 3: Tips for Translating PDF

The accuracy of any translation process depends on the tool you choose to use, but also on how you use your preferred tool. The following are some tips to ensure high accuracy when translating PDF documents;

  • Ensure that the document you want to convert is not password-protected. Most translation tools and services are not equipped to handle protected files. If it is, remove the password before translating.
  • Sometimes translation can fail especially if the document contains too many vectors and objects. Removing or flattening the objects can make the process easier.
  • To avoid any problems with links (both hyperlinks and non-linked items), check to make sure that you've added all links to the document before attempting to translate the document.
  • Once the translation is complete, check to make sure that all images with text fields retained their original formatting. It is not uncommon for formats and spacing to be misaligned during translation. Choosing a translator that will not affect the formatting of the document can help.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Translate a PDF for Free?

Most of the tools above offer a free solution to translate a PDF. However, some of them will limit the document size or the number of words that you can translate on the free plan. You can choose the most professional UPDF. It has a free version for you to use.

What is the Best PDF Translator?

UPDF Translator is one of the best PDF translators. It uses AI technology to make the translation more accurate. UPDF supports many languages, which is rare.

How Do You Translate a PDF on a Mac?

UPDF AI can of course be used on Mac, the translation steps are the same as on Windows, so don't worry about that.

Tap here to see the steps on how to translate a PDF >>


This article introduces some of the methods that can translate PDFs, is it not so difficult to feel? This article even prepared UPDF PDF translator thoughtfully, which can help you read the PDF documents before and after translation. It is not just a translator so simple, it can also edit, manage, convert PDFs, and so on. Download it now! In addition, UPDF has an objective review on a well-known website. You can check it out if you need to.

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