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Introduction of UPDF on Android

UPDF for Android is a PDF editor, annotator, reader, organizer, and more. With its powerful functions, you can open, view, annotate, edit, translate, organize, print, and share PDF documents on your Android devices.

Key Features of UPDF Android

  • PDF Editing: Edit text and images with ultimate ease.
  • PDF Annotation: Highlight, underline, or strikethrough text for annotation. You can also add stickers and stamps.
  • Organize Pages: Re-organize, rotate, add, extract, copy, paste, share, and delete specific pages.
  • UPDF AI: Summarize, translate, explain, and even write PDF content. Export AI conversations to TXT and Markdown files and like or dislike the AI-generated responses for better and more relevant future outcomes.
  • Read PDF: Open and read PDF documents, add bookmarks, or search for your keyword in the PDF. Also supports the split-screen mode.
  • PDF Management: Manage PDF documents (copy, move, duplicate, rename, print, delete, compress, email, and share).
UPDF for Android

Unlock the power of PDF on your Android device with UPDF! Edit, annotate, organize, and more—download now for seamless PDF management.

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To complement the user guide for UPDF software, an introductory PDF has been included below. This document offers a visual overview of UPDF's main features and functionalities, emphasizing its user-friendly interface, advanced capabilities, and broad language support. By reviewing this PDF, users can swiftly understand how UPDF enhances PDF viewing, editing, conversion, OCR, and other tasks on Android devices.

UPDF Introduction

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