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Create PDF on Android

Not all the time, you find that perfect template to go with, and sticking to a desktop isn't always feasible. So, do you want to create PDFs from scratch on your smartphone? UPDF Android has covered you! It allows you to create blank PDFs and edit them on the go with the ease of finger taps. Let's learn how you can do so!

How to Create a Blank PDF on Android with UPDF

Currently, UPDF for Android supports creating PDFs from scratch. Here is how you can create a blank PDF on Android with UPDF:

Step 1. Launch UPDF for Android and hit the "+" icon on the top-right screen corner.

Step 2. Set all the required fields, including Paper Style, Page Size, Orientation, Number of Pages, File Name, and location of saving. 

Create blank pdf with UPDF Android

UPDF offers many options while setting them, learn more as following:

  • Paper Style: 12 paper styles available, including Blank, Dotted, Grid, To Do, Notes, Cornell Notes, Sunset, Seaside, Dusk, Desert, Grass, and Nighty Sky.
Choose paper style
  • Page Size: You can choose the page size among A4, A5, Letter, and Legal.
Choose page size
  • Orientation: UPDF provides two options in Orientation, which include horizontal and vertical.
  • Number of Pages: You can tap on the "+" button to increase the page numbers included in the PDF while creation.
  • File Name: Tap on the File Name to rename the PDF file you are creating.
  • Location of Saving: You can choose a directory to save the created PDF.

Step 3. Once you have set them all, choose a location to save it and hit the Create button. UPDF will reveal detailed File Information, PDF Information, and Security.

Information of the created PDF

Step 4. Tap Open Document and begin editing it from scratch, or hit the cross icon if you wish to edit it later.

Step 5. You can go to the Comment section to freely draw something, add your signature, stickers, or stamp, add a digital signature from the respective mode, or enjoy using AI features.

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