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How to Manage PDF Documents on Android with UPDF

1. Manage PDF Documents

You can manage your PDF documents on Android easily. Long-press the PDF document, and you will see the management options:

  • Rename
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Share
  • Email
  • Add to Favorites
manage pdf on android

2. Check the Info of a PDF Document

Long-press the PDF document, and click the right arrow icon. You can check the info of the PDF information, including the Name, Type, Size, Modified info, Where it stores, PDF version, Number of Pages, Page Size, Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Create Date, Modify Date, Content Creator, Encoding Software.

info of pdf document

3. Create Folders

You can create and manage folders with UPDF. To create a folder, click the "+" icon on the folders section.

create a folder

You can create a new folder or authorize folders on your devices.

Create a new folder

  • To create a new folder in the UPDF application directory, click the "Create" option in the pop-up.
create a new folder
  • And then set a "Folder Name" for it.
name the new folder

Authorize a folder

  • To authorize an external storage directory, click the "Authorize" option.
authorize folder
  • Select the folder and click the "USE THIS FOLDER" button. You will see that this folder appears on your folder list.
authorize folder on android