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Sign PDF Documents

Signatures are a great way to display affirmation on a specific document. While this particular element is considered a necessity in task execution, UPDF has made it easy to sign documents without flying to different places. This guide provides an overview of how to add the perfect signatures on documents using UPDF.

Important Note: UPDF supports both digital signatures and electronic signatures. Users can add any type of signature by switching to the corresponding mode: 'Comment' and 'Prepare Form'.

1. How to Add an Electronic Signature

Step 1. Create a Signature

Access the "Comments" icon from the left toolbar and then proceed to the "Signature" tab from the top menu.

As a menu opens, click "Create" to open a new window. You can select whether to create a signature from the "Keyboard" or "Mouse."

create signature with updf for windows

Create a Signature from Mouse

If you wish to create the signature from the "Mouse," draw the signature on the canvas. You can set the thickness and the color of the signature from the options available on the top-right of the window. To clear the signature, select the "Clear" button. On satisfaction, click "Create" to add the signature to the list. Select it from the basic signature menu and add it anywhere in the PDF.

sign pdf with updf for windows

Create a Signature from the Keyboard

If you select "Keyboard" for creating the signature, you can easily type in your name and set the color from the option available on the top right. Tap "Create" once you are creating the signature.

create a signature with updf for windows

Step 2. Add the Signature to PDF and Adjust the Position and Size

After creating the signature on UPDF, you can click anywhere on the PDF using the mouse to add the signature to the document.

Once you have added the signature to the PDF document, drag the signature anywhere in the document using your mouse or trackpad. To change its size, use the rectangular boxes present on the edges of the signature and drag them in the appropriate direction to increase or decrease its size.

add signature to pdf

2. How to Add a Digital Signature

In some cases, such as filling out professional PDF forms, you may want to add a digital signature to authenticate the document. In UPDF, creating, adding, and editing a digital signature is relatively easy. Let's discuss how you can add digital signatures to your documents.

Option 1. Create and Add a Digital Signature

There are two options offered by UPDF for adding a digital signature to your PDF. In this discussion, we will explore the first option: manually creating and adding a signature to your PDF.

Step 1. Adding the Signature Box

  • In the PDF document you opened in UPDF, go to the left menu and select the Prepare Form option, the fourth icon from the top.
  • From the top bar menu, select the Digital Signature Menu and click it to open a select-and-drop action.
Add digital signature
  • Now, draw a box wherever you want. You can drag and place it at any location, increase or decrease its size, or edit different aspects like the signature's color, size, and thickness.
  • Once done, you can save the document, allow others to fill out the form, and leave a digital signature at the end.

Step 2. Creating Digital Signature

You can add any created or saved signature to any document.

  • Go to the Reader mode and click on the signature box.
  • You can either create or import your digital signature.
Create or import
  • To create your digital signature, hit the Create button.
  • Enter the details in the figure below in the following menu and hit OK to continue.
Create a new digital signature
  • Once your digital ID is created, you must insert at least a six-character password to protect your ID.
  • Now, hit the Sign button to add a digital signature to your PDF file.
Sign with a digital ID
  • UPDF will ask you to select the storage destination for your digitally signed file. Do so, and you are done!
  • You can click on the signature to view its properties and the certificate.
Signature properties

Option 2. Import and Add a Digital Signature

An alternative way is to import the signature by clicking the import button instead of the Create.

  • You can import an existing digital ID by browsing your device.
  • Follow up by entering the Digital ID password, as you can't access a digital ID if you don't know its password.
Import a digital ID
  • After that, hit Save.
  • Click on the signature, select your imported digital ID from the drop-down menu, and click Sign.

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