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Toolbar Navigation of UPDF for Windows

Welcome Page


By opening UPDF for the first time on your device, you'll see a beautiful interface. On the page, you'll see an Open File button. Click on the Open File button and open your very first document on UPDF.

You will also find the recent files list on the screen, and it helps you quickly open the files you use frequently.

Document Page

updf toolbar windows

Let's assume your document is open; at the left of the document interface, you'll see three different features, i.e., Reader, Comment, Edit, Organize Pages, Crop Pages, and Page Tools.

On the left side of the document, you'll see a Thumbnail and Bookmark panel.

At the bottom, you'll see a navigating tool that lets you zoom in and zoom out of the view. It also shows which page number you are at.

At the top right side of the interface, you'll see seven different features, i.e., Search, Recognize Text Using OCR, Export PDF, Save as PDF/A, Protect Using Password, Share this file with others, and Send file by email.

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