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Flatten PDF File on Windows

Change your multi-layered PDFs into a single layer by flattening your PDF with UPDF. This prevents other users to copy images, watermarks, signatures, and other elements of the PDF.

Start by opening the PDF on the editor and proceed to the right-handed panel to find the "Save as Other" button.

click the save as other option

From the menu, click the "Save as Flatten" button to continue to the next pop-up. It will display three different options to select from.

tap the save as flatten button

Flatten Annotations and Forms

If you go for this option, this flattens all the form fields and annotations of the PDF. This can save you from letting other users edit the information or copy it.

Flatten Watermarks

This option will disallow users to edit, copy, or delete the watermark from the PDF documents.

Flatten Cropped Pages

After cropping the PDFs, flattening the file with this option will prevent others from accessing and recovering the cropped content.

select the flatten

With any of the options selected, click "Save As" and continue on the next pop-up to save the name and location of the new PDF file. On setting these details, select "Save" to completely flatten your PDF.

flatten the pdf