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AskYourPDF vs. UPDF AI: Which One is More Useful?

AI is helping users solve a lot of challenges when it comes to analyzing complex documents and understanding them thoroughly. This is helpful for businesses, schools, and many other institutions.

However, knowing which is the ideal AI document analysis tool should be on your priority list.

This blog will help you compare AskYourPDF vs. UPDF AI - two AI-powered PDF management tools and determine which one of them comes out on top. 

Part 1. AskYourPDF vs. UPDF AI Comparison Overview

MetricsAskYourPDFUPDF AI
LimitationsCompatible systemsWeb-based & ChatGPT Plus pluginAvailable in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
 Upload and interact with PDFs
 Use the AI chatbox during the free trial
Easy of UseAccessing AI chatbox assistant
 Select document content to access the AI assistant
Chart AnalysisGeneral chart analysis
 In-depth chart analysis and summarization
 PriceUnlocking all features during the trial plan
 Pricing Plan$14.99/month for the Askyourpdf Pro version
(You need to purchase the ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month in order to install the plugin)
$9/month or $59/year

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Part 2. How Do These AI-Based Tools Analyze PDFs? 

2.1 What is UPDF AI?

Unlike AskYourPDF, UPDF isn't a plugin but a separate app users can use for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It is a reliable PDF editing tool and can manage your PDFs securely and retrieve them instantly within UPDF Cloud. Users can download it for free and try its powerful features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

The advantage of using UPDF is that you can utilize its AI chatbot to analyze your document and also use the software's major features such as the PDF editor, organize your reading view experience, and utilize annotation tools to save important sections of the document.

askyourpdf vs updf ai

Moreover, you can upload documents of various file formats and have them converted to PDF with the Create option. For PDFs, you can directly open them in UPDF with just a couple of clicks. That's what makes UPDF unique when compared to other AI-based document analysis tools.

Speaking of AI, UPDF has a powerful AI assistant that will assist you with meaningful insights when analyzing your document.

UPDF AI provides you with a multi-dimensional feature set that helps you maximize your PDF content comprehension. You can use the following features to get the best understanding of your document.

  • Interact with Document: Users can interact with the PDF content using this efficient tool. You just have to import the document to UPDF AI and access the "Ask PDF" mode to ask questions related to the PDF file.
  • Chat with UPDF: With the help of UPDF's "Chat" mode, you can get information about anything in the world. Simply prompt UPDF AI to write song lyrics, emails, poems, or anything you want within this mode.
  • Summarize Files: UPDF AI allows you to upload lengthy PDF files such as research papers and novels to get concise summaries. To do so, prompt UPDF AI to summarize the PDF content or any pasted text for you.
  • Translate PDF Content: You also have the ability to translate the PDF content to any desired language to increase its reach. Other than this translation, users can command UPDF AI to translate any particular page in the PDF.
  • Explain Complex Text: This AI-integrated tool can also explain the complicated terminologies in your files for an enhanced understanding of content. Additionally, you can save this explanation as a sticky note for future revisions.
askyourpdf vs updf ai  updf ai

This makes UPDF AI the ideal tool for having effortless conversations about anything related or not related to your PDF so that you can make an in-depth analysis. Furthermore, you can keep engaging with the AI chat having conversations about anything related or not related to your PDF. Download UPDF and start chatting with your PDF now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2.2 What is AskYourPDF?

AskYourPDF is web-based and also can be used as a ChatGPT-4 Plugin. It helps to analyze a PDF and extract critical content from it—all with a help of an AI chatbot. Users can engage in conversations with the chatbot and analyze each section of the PDF.

askyourpdf vs updf ai askyourpdf

You may wonder how this would work if it’s integrated with ChatGPT. Users simply need to first upgrade to ChatGPT Plus to use GPT-4 model and then they can install the AskYourPDF plugin.

askyourpdf vs updf ai gpt 4

Then after enabling the plugin in ChatGPT, one can start using it by asking ChatGPT to upload a PDF document, followed by the URL of the PDF. This leads to the PDF being downloaded and storing the content in the vector database.

Users can ask anything related to the document and the plugin scans through the stored PDF and generates answers to answer respective queries.  

Part 3. AskYourPDF vs. UPDF AI: Detailed Comparison

Now you are familiar with these two tools' unique functions, let us expand and compare both - AskYourPDF and UPDF AI  with respect to a few aspects mentioned in the above chart:


After studying and comparing both these AI-powered PDF analysis tools, there is one big difference that separates the two.

The limitation of using AskYourPDF mainly involves the use of ChatGPT Plus. One can use the website but with ChatGPT being the most preferred AI-based tool, users must upgrade their account to a paid plan in order to use the GPT-4 model and install the AskYourPDF plugin. Moreover, AskYourPDF is mainly reliant on ChatGPT’s existence as it is powered by it and there is no separate app for using this document analysis tool.

askyourpdf vs updf ai  ask your pdf

Whereas, if you look at UPDF, it is a separate app on its own and users can utilize it on Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Users can now enjoy up to 60% discount by purchasing UPDF Pro and AI add-on features!


askyourpdf vs. updf ai

Ease of Use

Having a PDF AI document analysis tool that brings convenience is a must for any user. Yet again, UPDF comes out on top because of one particular feature that improves the user experience.

AskYourPDF is mainly a document analysis tool that requires users to keep asking prompts to ChatGPT to analyze the PDF thoroughly. However, with the PDF not visible on the interface, users need to keep switching windows and pick out certain sections of the document they need to analyze. This makes the process time-consuming.

askyourpdf vs updf ai  ease of use of askyourpdf

On the other hand, UPDF has the PDF document displayed in the app and has the AI chatbot beside it to assist you in any way. Moreover, you can select certain sections of content from your PDF in real-time and have the AI assistant provide you with options to summarize, explain, and translate the content. Hence, saving time and being more efficient in your work.

Chart Analysis

Document analysis isn’t always about analyzing text, but also different charts, and illustrations, and being able to extract data from them for better comprehension. Yet again, UPDF comes out on top in this department.

AskYourPDF can provide a generalized summary of the charts but not much in-depth. Moreover, having the PDF not visible in real-time, makes the process of analyzing charts even more tedious.

Whereas, UPDF can provide in-depth and meaningful analysis of charts. You can select specific portions of the chart, or ask the AI chatbot to summarize the chart, come up with the conclusion of the report, or even ask it to explain the meaning of each element present in the chart.

askyourpdf vs. updf ai


When it comes to the price aspect, UPDF is more of a value buy when compared to AskYourPDF.

AskYourPDF is basically a free plug-in but it still requires users to upgrade their ChatGPT free plan to Plus first. This costs around $20 per month to use this feature and has the AskYourPDF plugin enabled.

askyourpdf vs updf ai  price of ask your pdf

On the other hand, UPDF costs around $9 per month (billed monthly). This includes also utilizing UPDF's major features such as editing, annotating, converting files, storing files, etc. So, you can probably tell which is the better bargain here.

Buy UPDF to unlock its powerful features now!

updf ai pricing

UPDF AI is the Hub of Analyzing PDFs…

AskYourPDF is definitely a useful tool to have to efficiently upload and analyze your PDF document. With many users using ChatGPT, it makes sense that this tool can provide a great deal of attention.

However, UPDF AI can take your workflow to another level by uploading documents of various file formats into PDFs, having them managed efficiently, and instantly analyzing each document in your day-to-day routine.

And the best news is you can download it for free and get started today.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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