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Your Questions, AI Solutions

Watch these videos and learn how to leverage our AI assistant with simple tips and detailed steps to boost efficiency and streamline your document tasks.

The app provides PDF editing tools along with integrated AI features. In contrast, the web version focuses solely on AI functionalities and requires no installation.

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AI for Students and Educators

Discover how students and teachers leverage our AI Assistant to enhance learning and teaching with practical features and easy-to-follow instructions.

Plan lessons with ease

Create lesson plans and generate exam questions effortlessly. Discover how our AI supports every step of the teaching process.

How to use AI in teaching

Create documents effortlessly

Create study guides, write thesis, resumes, and cover letters with ease. See how our AI supports you throughout your academic and professional journey.

How can AI help students

AI Solutions for Professionals

Watch how professionals across various fields benefit from our AI assistant through practical tips and step-by-step guidance.

Boost your sales strategy

Write emails, translate materials, analyze market trends, and learn sales techniques. See how our AI assists you at every step.

How to use AI in sales

Optimize HR processes

Create job descriptions, analyze resumes, and provide training materials. Discover how our AI enhances HR functions.

How to use AI in Human Resources

Simplify legal tasks

Draft contracts, analyze contract risks, and improve client communications. See how our AI supports legal work.

How to use AI as a lawyer

Empower your consulting

Summarize documents, analyze charts, and translate materials quickly and accurately. See how our AI supports consultants.

How to use AI in consulting

Elevate your marketing

Create promotional content, brainstorm campaign ideas, and analyze market data. See how our AI boosts marketing efforts.

How to use AI in marketing

Streamline your projects

Create project plans, review meeting transcripts, and manage tasks. Learn how our AI simplifies project management.

How to use AI in project management

Amplify social media impact

Generate video ideas, create and optimize scripts, and develop strategies to increase followers. Discover how our AI helps influencers.

How to get an AI to write a script

Boost creative writing

Generate ideas, optimize language, conduct market research, and polish your writing. Discover how our AI can elevate your creativity.

How to use AI to write

Experiences From Our Users

Great for academics and across industries!

Assistant Professor, Ertuğrul Umudum

As an assistant professor specializing in political thought and the history of political thought, I often read challenging texts, including old Ottoman Turkish and eighth-century CE Arabic.

The UPDF AI assistant has been instrumental in helping me translate and understand complex sentences and passages that are difficult to grasp at first. It recognizes nuances in meaning, offering different connotations and denotations that highlight differences and alternatives. The UPDF AI assistant is exceptional, providing quick and accurate research and PDF analysis on Android tablets and phones, making it valuable in my academic work.

I have rated it a perfect 10 out of 10 and have recommended it to colleagues and family. My wife, a microbiologist, uses it to interpret test results, and my brother, studying law, employs it to compare the Anglo-American and Turkish legal systems. My department colleagues have also tested the demo version and are considering purchasing it. We have even recommended it to the university board for broader use across the university, and are awaiting their decision.

Great tool for personal and professional tasks alike.

Sales/Field Service, Werner Mozek

I work in sales and field service and frequently use UPDF AI assistant for personal tasks.

For instance, if I receive an application in PDF format and need clarification on something, I rely on the UPDF AI assistant to explain it to me. I am thoroughly impressed with its performance so far. One enhancement I'd appreciate would be the ability to translate PDFs, like converting my CV from German into English.

I've recommended UPDF to anyone who has asked about it, praising it as the best PDF program for Mac—surpassing even Adobe Acrobat in functionality, especially with its unique AI features.

Helps to read complex documents and policies quickly.

Retired U.S. Military, Curtis

As a 71-year-old retired US military man, I use UPDF AI assistant extensively, but find it especially useful for managing homeowners association documents, such as rules, regulations, and board meeting minutes. It saves me time, allowing me to quickly understand the contents without reading everything in detail.

Recently, I used it to review a contract for purchasing a garage and revisited some insurance papers. These contracts are typically lengthy and complex, but UPDF AI assistant excels, exceeding my expectations tenfold.

I've recommended UPDF AI to several people by posing a simple question: Have you ever read your insurance policy? Most haven't, so they don't truly know what it says. The UPDF AI assistant can read and summarize these documents within seconds, which I find incredibly useful for any document I need to understand quickly.

It makes technical reading easier.

Software Engineer, Nova Hoo

As a relatively new software engineer at a software development company, I primarily use UPDF's AI assistant for reading technical books.

Whenever I come across unfamiliar concepts, I leverage the "Explain" feature to better understand these topics, engaging in multiple queries to gain a comprehensive understanding. The PDF Q&A feature is particularly useful for asking about specific software implementation methods, providing reliable answers with direct citations, which I find more dependable than general AI Q&A services. Additionally, the AI translation feature is highly valuable.

Over time, I've observed significant improvements in the AI features, especially its ability to summarize long documents. While it occasionally misses some details, it generally meets all my needs for a PDF reading aid.

I have recommended UPDF AI to many friends and colleagues because it captures crucial details comprehensively and accurately, proving to be a reliable tool. I find it to be an incredibly valuable asset and am excited to see future innovations.

Great for both school and work!

Student IT Worker, Giancarlo Romano

As a student worker at an IT Telecommunications company specializing in the railway sector, I utilize the UPDF AI assistant to effectively manage my responsibilities alongside my Computer Engineering studies.

UPDF's OCR feature helps me convert handwritten notes into digital text, which I can then summarize and organize using its AI-powered tools. This makes studying complex concepts easier by simplifying and rephrasing the material into a more digestible format. Similarly, at work, this technology assists me in analyzing client requirements and designing solutions, streamlining my information processing tasks.

It makes studying more efficient and interactive.

Student, Ayu Divine

I am a student and also work part-time. Primarily, I am studying for exams to become a bureaucrat in the administration of my country.

AI has been incredibly useful for my studying and learning. It has reduced my reliance on external teachers and made my study sessions faster and more efficient. I can break down entire subjects into a series of logical questions and answers, where I ask questions and the AI provides answers. This method helps me understand topics in a proactive and interactive way. Reading large PDF files is a breeze with UPDF AI. It helps define and explain complex and technical terms, clarify context, and summarize paragraphs as needed. This has made my studies smarter and more intuitive.

I recommend everyone use UPDF's AI Assistant, as it simplifies tasks, handles laborious or redundant work, and enables users to focus on the most important aspects, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

FAQs About The AI Assistant of UPDF

1. What is the difference between the UPDF app and the AI Assistant Online?

The UPDF app is downloadable software that provides a range of PDF editing tools and integrated AI features. In contrast, the AI Assistant Online offers AI functionality accessible through a browser without requiring installation, with a focus on tasks such as summarizing and translating PDF content.

Both versions share the AI benefits in one UPDF account. For example, if you have got the free trial of AI Assistant and have uploaded one PDF to it for analysis within the app, then you are only allowed to upload two more PDF files in the web version, as the total free uploads allowed are three.

2. How does the UPDF AI Assistant compare to Adobe Acrobat AI?

Compared to other AI PDF tools like Adobe Acrobat, UPDF stands out due to several key advantages:
  • UPDF's integrated AI assistant handles larger files and more pages. Adobe Acrobat AI can only work with up to 25MB and 120 pages. UPDF's AI assistant can handle 100MB-2GB and 100-1000 pages per PDF, depending on the plan.
  • It supports analyzing scanned PDF documents. Simply follow the prompt to perform the OCR process first.
  • Analyzes and translates documents in almost all languages in the world, unlike Adobe Acrobat AI which only supports English.

3. How does the UPDF AI Assistant compare to tools such as ChatPDF for engaging and chatting with PDFs?

Compared to other PDF chatting tools like ChatPDF, there are several significant benefits to using UPDF's AI assistant:
  • The AI Assistant tool has two modes: Ask PDF and Chat. Users can ask questions related to the content of their PDFs. They can also chat with AI on topics beyond the scope of the PDFs.
  • Supports summarizing and translating PDFs by pages.
  • Supports direct summarization and translation of selected PDF content.
  • Generates summaries in clear bullet points.

4. What GPT technology does the AI assistant in UPDF use?

The AI assistant of UPDF is powered by GPT-4 technology, with summarization features using GPT-4o. We continually update it for maximum usability and accuracy. Future updates may integrate GPT-4o technology into all features of UPDF's AI assistant.

5. How does UPDF ensure the privacy and security of my documents and AI conversations?

User privacy and security are at the top of UPDF's agenda. We protect your documents, data, and AI conversations by:
1. Ensuring conversations are visible only to the account owner.
2. Allowing users to export their AI conversations.
3. Not storing any conversation data.For more details, please refer to our privacy policies here.
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