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AI Assistant FAQS
  • 1. Why Can't I Find the AI Assistant Icon?

    There are several reasons why you cannot find the AI Assistant Icon. Here are all of them.

    • 1. You may not know where the AI Assistant icon is. You can follow these steps to find the icon: open one PDF file on UPDF, then navigate to the right bottom menu, and click on the AI Assistant icon to open it.
    • 2. If you have UPDF in the old version: older than 1.6.3 for Mac and 1.6.5 for Windows, you cannot find the AI Assistant icon. If you are in the old versions, you can click "Help" > "Check for Updates" to update your UPDF to get the AI Assistant features.
    • 3. But if you have already updated to the latest version and still cannot find the icon, it may be because you are using an enterprise account. You can switch to login with the personal account and if you do not have a personal account, you can use another email to create a free personal account by clicking , then, come back to UPDF to log in. And you will find the AI Assistant icon at the right bottom corner after opening PDF.
    • 4. If you download and buy UPDF from the Mac App Store, there is no AI Assistant feature there. We will add the AI Assistant to the UPDF Mac App Store version in the near future.
  • 2. How to Upload Another PDF File in Asking Mode in AI Assistant?

    You can not upload another PDF file in Ask PDF mode in AI Assistant directly as it only uploads the opened PDF. So you need to close the opened file and open another PDF, then, click the "AI Assistant" icon, click "Ask PDF", then "Get Started" to upload the PDF and analyze it.
  • 3. Why Am I in Free Trial Version for AI Assistant When I Already Bought UPDF Pro?

    AI Assistant is not included in the UPDF Pro Plan. That is why you are in the free trial version of AI Assistant when you already have UPDF Pro. If you need to use AI Assistant Pro, you need to .
  • 4. Will AI Assistant Still be Charged Monthly if I Buy a Perpetual UPDF?

    If you buy a perpetual UPDF and the AI Assistant Pro with a monthly plan, you will be charged monthly for AI Assistant.
  • 5. How to Cancel AI Assistant Subscription?

    If you want to cancel your AI Assistant subscription, you need to , then, find the "Cancel Subscription" button in the "Subscriptions" part, and click on it to cancel.
  • 6. What Are the Differences Between Chat Mode and Ask PDF Mode?

    Chat mode allows you to ask anything, while Ask PDF only answers the questions about the PDF you uploaded.
  • 7. What are the AI Assistant limitations for the Free Trial Version?

    If you are using AI Assistant free trial version, you can only upload 3 PDF files in Ask PDF mode. And the PDF file size is limited to 10MB for each one and each PDF can have at most 100 pages. And when you communicate with AI Assistant, you can only send 30 messages.
  • 8. What benefits does AI Assistant Standard have?

    With AI Assistant Standard, you can have the following benefits: uploading 100 PDF files per month, 2GB PDF size supported for each PDF, 1000 pages supported for each PDF, and send 1000 messages for communication.
  • 9. What benefits does AI Assistant Unlimited have?

    With AI Assistant Unlimited, you can have the following benefits: analyzing unlimited PDF files, 2GB PDF size supported for each PDF, 1000 pages supported for each PDF, and send unlimited messages for communication.
  • 10. Is it necessary to purchase AI Assistant separately for use on various platforms?

    No, there's no need to purchase AI Assistant separately. You only need to buy AI Assistant once, and then you can use it on different devices (Windows & Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone) using a single account. It's important to note that the AI benefits are applicable across four platforms. This means that after using AI Assistant on a Windows computer and utilizing the benefits included in your purchased plan, you can allocate the remaining benefits to other devices.
  • 11. Can I Analyze Unlimited PDF if I Purchase the AI Assistant Unlimited?

    Yes, you can. You can analyze unlimited PDF files with your subscription. You can also ask unlimited questions with the AI Unlimited plan version. Please note that there are 100 cloud storage for the AI unlimited version; if your storage is full, you can delete some files from the UPDF Cloud to upload more PDF files again.
  • 12. Can I Upload PDF after UPDF Cloud Storage is Full?

    If your storage is full, you can delete some files from the UPDF Cloud to upload more PDF files again.
  • 13. Can I Upgrade to AI Unlimited if I Already Have Purchased AI Standard?

    Yes! If you already have the AI Standard subscription, you can purchase AI Unlimited by visiting our . Be sure to cancel your previous AI Standard subscription to avoid any auto-renewal costs and contact our Support team for a refund. Please note that the refund will be released if it complies with our .
  • 14. What is the difference between the UPDF app and the AI Assistant Online?

    The UPDF app is downloadable software that provides a range of PDF editing tools and integrated AI features. In contrast, the AI Assistant Online offers AI functionality accessible through a browser without requiring installation, with a focus on tasks such as summarizing and translating PDF content.
    Both versions share the AI benefits in one UPDF account. For example, if you have got the free trial of AI Assistant and have uploaded one PDF to it for analysis within the app, then you are only allowed to upload two more PDF files in the web version, as the total free uploads allowed are three.
  • 15. How does the AI Assistant compare to Adobe Acrobat AI?

    Compared to other AI PDF tools like Adobe Acrobat, UPDF stands out due to several key advantages:

    • 1. UPDF's integrated AI assistant handles larger files and more pages. Adobe Acrobat AI can only work with up to 25MB and 120 pages. UPDF's AI assistant can handle 100MB-2GB and 100-1000 pages per PDF, depending on the plan.
    • 2. It supports analyzing scanned PDF documents. Simply follow the prompt to perform the OCR process first.
    • 3. Analyzes and translates documents in almost all languages in the world, unlike Adobe Acrobat AI which only supports English.
  • 16. How does the AI Assistant compare to tools such as ChatPDF for engaging and chatting with PDFs?

    Compared to other PDF chatting tools like ChatPDF, there are several significant benefits to using UPDF's AI assistant:

    • 1. The AI Assistant tool has two modes: Ask PDF and Chat. Users can ask questions related to the content of their PDFs. They can also chat with AI on topics beyond the scope of the PDFs.
    • 2. Supports summarizing and translating PDFs by pages.
    • 3. Supports direct summarization and translation of selected PDF content.
    • 4. Generates summaries in clear bullet points.
  • 17. What GPT technology does the AI assistant in UPDF use?

    The AI assistant of UPDF is powered by GPT-4 technology, with summarization features using GPT-4o. We continually update it for maximum usability and accuracy. Future updates may integrate GPT-4o technology into all features of UPDF's AI assistant.
  • 18. How does UPDF ensure the privacy and security of my documents and AI conversations?

    User privacy and security are at the top of UPDF's agenda. We protect your documents, data, and AI conversations by:

    • 1. Ensuring conversations are visible only to the account owner.
    • 2. Allowing users to export their AI conversations.
    • 3. Not storing any conversation data.

    For more details, please refer to our privacy policies .

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