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Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI: Which Provides the Most Reliable and Accurate AI PDF Chatting Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a core element of all technological advancements today, revolutionizing almost all industries. Tools that previously provided PDF editing capabilities can now support a more interactive experience with PDFs with AI-based chatting. Foxit AI and UPDF AI are two such leading tools that offer AI PDF assistants to chat with PDFs and extract key insights about the document instead of spending significant time reading the whole PDF. With these tools, you can summarize, explain, translate, proofread, rewrite, and do a lot more with PDFs. So, if you are interested in using these tools, then go through this article to learn more about Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI key differences to pick the best tool for your needs.

Part 1. Comparison Table Between Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI

Before we head into the proper introduction about Foxit AI and UPDF AI, let's first quickly look at their key features to have an effective bigger picture of the whole comparison.

FeaturesFoxit AIUPDF AI
LimitationPDF Pages100/PDFTrial: 100/PDF;
Paid: unlimited
Questions50/dayTrial: 30 in total;
Paid: unlimited
Cloud storage1 GBUp to 100 GB
PricingPricing Plan● $6.99/monthly
● $59.99/yearly-prepaid
● $4.99/monthly (annual plan)
● $79/year (UPDF AI only)
● $108.99/yearly (UPDF Pro + AI)
● $138.99/lifetime (perpetual UPDF Pro + yearly AI)
Check its pricing plans >>
Ease of UseAI chat box assistant
Direct text selection from the document to summarize/translate/explain/rewrite
PDF to mind map
Chat with images
Built-in PDF Editing/Annotating
Supported FormatsPDF
Chart AnalysisGeneral Chart Analysis
In-Depth Chart Summarization
CompatibilityCompatible SystemsWeb-basedWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web

Part 2. What is Foxit AI?

Foxit AI is the recent integration of ChatGPT-powered AI assistant to the powerful PDF editor offered by Foxit. With this integration, Foxit is now able to provide key insights into PDFs to users instantly with AI intelligence.

Foxit AI provides many ways to consume and explore PDF content. With Foxit AI, you can summarize, translate, explain, rewrite, proofread, chat, and enhance PDF content. For instance, if you want to summarize the PDF, Foxit AI will analyze the PDF content and then provide you with a brief summary of the whole PDF.

Foxit AI

Foxit AI not only provides PDF-specific chats, but you can also use its chat box for assistance with other texts or information outside the PDF. Besides the chat box, it also allows you to access its capabilities by directly selecting text in the PDF.

Being part of the Foxit PDF editor kit, it also provides access to PDF editing capabilities. The key ones include editing, annotating, signing, converting, OCR, organizing, and similar others.

Overall, Foxit AI seems like a comprehensive solution for managing PDF documents efficiently. However, the number of questions per day is also limited. So, if you want to access all the Foxit AI capabilities for up to 100-page PDFs with almost unlimited questions, then UPDF AI is the solution for you. Try out UPDF AI now by downloading it.

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Pros and Cons of Foxit AI


  • Web-based fast PDF AI assistant
  • Multiple format support
  • Summarize/explain/translate/proofread/rewrite
  • Built-in PDF editing/annotating/proofreading capabilities


  • No unlimited free plan
  • Limited 1 GB cloud storage
  • Low response accuracy, especially for specific prompts
  • Costly premium plans

Overall, Foxit AI is a convenient, intuitive, and powerful PDF AI assistant to instantly chat with PDFs and extract key points.

Part 3. What is UPDF AI?

UPDF AI is the most intelligent and feature-rich ChatGPT-based PDF AI assistant. It is known for its clear and concise response to prompts, whether related to PDF content, charts, etc.

UPDF AI provides users with all the AI intelligence capabilities to handle their PDFs. Summarization, translation, explanation, proofreading, rewriting, brainstorming, and similar others are also accessible with UPDF AI intuitive interface. Click the download button below to try it now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

AI Text Summarizer Tools

UPDF AI separates PDF-related and general chats into two sections. The Ask PDF section is where you can ask any PDF-specific question, while the Chat section is where you can ask any question outside the PDF topic. Besides that, it also supports direct text selection and instant generating summary/translation/explanation.


Compared to Foxit AI, the best part about UPDF AI is that it provides more accurate and in-depth responses to prompts, especially for complex charts. Furthermore, it provides an option for cost-friendly lifetime access.

UPDF AI is part of the UPDF PDF editor toolkit, making it support all other essential PDF editing capabilities, such as text/image/link editing, converting, annotating, compressing, batching, organizing, OCR, and many more. Overall, UPDF AI is a one-stop, feature-rich, intelligent, and powerful PDF assistant.

Pros and Cons of UPDF AI


  • Includes all the features that Foxit AI offers
  • Super-fast document processing
  • Accurate, concise, and in-depth responses
  • Multiple format support
  • Summarize/translate/explain/rewrite/proofread
  • Direct summarize/translate/explain the selected text
  • Cost-friendly paid plan with the support of lifetime purchase

In short, UPDF AI capabilities make it a reliable PDF AI assistant and editor tool for simple to complex PDF files. Don’s hesitate to try it out!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 4. Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI: Detailed Comparison

The features and capabilities of Foxit AI and UPDF AI show a lot of resemblance between them. So, let's do a more detailed comparison to pinpoint the distinguishing elements between Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI:

1. Limitations

Every tool has some set of limitations, and so do Foxit AI and UPDF AI. Their main limitation includes the following:

  • No. of Questions: Foxit AI - 50/day; UPDF AI - 30
  • Lifetime access plan: Foxit AI - No; UPDF AI – Yes (up to 60% off)

Although most of the above limitations are eradicated once you subscribe to their Pro plans, UPDF AI still wins here by providing more user-centric and value-for-money offerings.

2. Ease of Use

The interface of Foxit AI and UPDF AI is designed to be user-friendly. You get a proper chat box to conduct chats with PDFs. Moreover, you can directly select text from PDFs and summarize, translate, and explain them.

3. Features

Foxit AI and UPDF AI are similar in terms of their features. Both provide a wide range of AI PDF assistant capabilities and top-notch PDF editing support. They offer:

  • General human-like AI conversation
  • Summarization
  • Translation
  • Explanation
  • Rewrite/Write
  • Proofread
  • PDF edit/annotate/convert/organize/compress

In short, they tick all the checkboxes that an AI assistant tool must offer in today's time.

4. Supported Formats

Despite being PDF AI assistant tools, Foxit AI and UPDF AI also support other formats. They can convert those formats into PDFs for chatting/editing and PDFs into other formats. Some of the main formats they support are listed below:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Text
  • Image
  • RTF
  • Visio (only UPDF AI)

For all these formats, Foxit AI and UPDF AI can carry out AI-driven document-related chats.

5. Chart Analysis

PDFs often include charts which sometimes contain complex data. So, it is important for a PDF AI assistant tool to analyze and extract authentic information from those charts.

We tested the chart analysis capabilities of both Foxit AI and UPDF AI. First, we asked Foxit AI to summarize the chart-based PDF of Apple's financial result in 5 points, but it failed to respond to the message.

Foxit AI

We asked the same question from UPDF AI, and it provided the exact response with excellent emphasis on details.


Therefore, UPDF AI seems the winner when it comes to accurate and in-depth responses to prompts.

6. Compatibility

Foxit AI is an online service accessible through all major desktop browsers. However, UPDF AI offers broader accessibility, being compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

7. Pricing

Foxit AI and UPDF AI have great variations in their price plans. There are more differences in their paid plans.

Foxit AI provides three types of subscription options:

  • $6.99/monthly
  • $59.99/yearly-prepaid
  • $4.99/monthly (annual plan)

In contrast, UPDF AI provides:

  • $79/year (UPDF AI)
  • $108.99/yearly (yearly UPDF Pro + yearly AI)
  • $138.99/lifetime (perpetual UPDF Pro + yearly AI)

You can clearly see the value-for-money UPDF AI offers compared to Foxit AI. UPDF's yearly plan is more cost-effective. Therefore, UPDF AI is more cost-friendly than Foxit AI from both short and long-term perspectives. Purchase UPDF Pro with AI features now and save up to 60%!

Conclusion – Which One is the Best: Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI

This article has carried out a comprehensive comparison of Foxit AI vs. UPDF AI, talking about their features, differences, pricing, and other details. Based on the comparison, Foxit AI and UPDF AI seem very similar in terms of features. However, if we have to pick one as the winner, then UPDF AI looks like a clear winner.

UPDF AI responses are more accurate and to the point. Moreover, its lifetime payment option is also game-changing, considering the current subscription-based era. To sum up, UPDF AI is an all-in-one, most powerful, and intelligent PDF AI assistant you need to chat with PDFs, no matter the content length and complexity. What are you waiting for? Download UPDF and try it out now!

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