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Foxit Reader vs. Adobe Reader: Which Is the Right One for You?

Adobe is the most popular name for PDF readers, and when looking for the best PDF readers, Adobe Reader is among the top options. Another one of the top PDF reader options is Foxit Reader, which offers a reliable experience with great feature sets. In this Foxit Reader vs Adobe Reader comparison, we will discuss which is better for you and why.

Part 1. What is Foxit Reader?

Foxit Reader is a free PDF reader tool offering the most basic PDF reading and editing features. It lets users view their PDF documents, print them, take notes on the go, and even sign PDF documents. It is a powerful, well-performing, and versatile software that can be a good option for many users, depending on their requirements.

Apart from the free version, it also has a premium version that unlocks certain features known as the Foxit Editor. Foxit Reader comes with an intuitive menu ribbon that makes navigation quicker. For even better usage, you can customize its layout per your requirements.

Although there is no option for converting scanned physical documents into digital PDF documents in the Foxit Reader, Foxit Reader allows you to convert PDF documents both ways in different formats.

What is Foxit Reader


Part 2. What is Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader is also a PDF viewer and reader tool that is currently among the most popular PDF tools. It brings similar features, functionalities, and a slightly different experience than Foxit Reader. Adobe Reader is feature-rich and powerful, while its interface that follows Microsoft Office standards makes it easy to use for some users.

Adobe Reader also comes with paid versions known as Adobe Acrobat, mainly PDF editors. With Adobe Reader, you can add comments to your PDF documents, highlight text, and use sticky notes. Hence sharing your ideas with others becomes easier. It also comes with accessibility features for people with disabilities. Hence, it allows loud reading, zooming in, and braille support.

What is Adobe Reader?


Part 3. Acrobat Reader Vs. Foxit Reader: Features

Adobe and Foxit Readers come with a long list of features. Some of those features overlap, while a few are different. In the table below, you can comprehensively compare the most important PDF reader features from Adobe and Foxit.

CategoriesFeaturesAdobe ReaderFoxit Reader
Reading ExperienceAnnotations and collaboration
 Interface customization√ (limited customizations)√ (more options)
PDF FillingSign PDF
 Filling PDF Forms
AccessibilityAccessibility features
Creating PDF FormsCreate PDF FormX
Digital to PhysicalConverting scanned documentsX
ConversionsConvert different files

Part 4. Adobe Acrobat Reader Vs. Foxit Reader: Pros and Cons

Even though both tools are considered world-class PDF reader options, they come with their pros and cons. Below is a quick overview of Adobe and Foxit Readers' pros & cons.

Pros & ConsAdobe ReaderFoxit Reader
Pros1. Adobe Reader has a huge community of users. That makes finding help easier.
2. It is a powerful tool in terms of creating and filling out forms.
3. Cloud integration ensures to keep your documents are synced across all devices.
4. Collaboration with others becomes easier with Adobe Reader.
1. It is one of the best-performing PDF readers.
2. The interface is user-friendly, with all the customization options.
3. It comes with several safety features to keep your data secure.
4. Foxit Reader brings all the basic PDF reading features that you will need.
Cons1. The user interface does not allow a lot of customization options.
2. Its user interface may seem a little outdated on some platforms.
3. The performance is not exceptional if you have large PDF files.
1. It does not bring complete document text editing features.
2. The performance of the Foxit Reader is not the same on every device.
3. Help and support regarding the usage of Foxit Reader can be hard to find.

If you need to decide between one of these, these pros & cons will tell you both sides of the story for transparent decision-making.

Part 5. Foxit Reader Vs. Acrobat Reader: Platform Supported

Both Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader support the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • IPadOS

It means you can technically use both on almost any work, school, personal device, computer, etc. With wide platform support from both tools, you can use these on desktop computers, portable devices, and even smartphones.

Part 6. Foxit PDF Reader Vs Adobe Reader: Price

You don’t need to pay anything to use these tools, whether you want to use them on a PC or a smartphone. Both are free tools for all devices and come free for a lifetime. So, if pricing was your main concern, then you don’t need to worry since Adobe and Foxit Readers won't require any payment for using their basic features.

Part 7. Foxit Reader Vs Adobe Reader: Who Wins?

The winner here depends on your requirements. If you are new to PDF readers and want an easy experience, a friendly interface, and, most importantly, good performance, then you must go for Foxit Reader. It brings all the basic features that you need.

However, if you have been previously using Adobe products, then going with Adobe Reader will be beneficial since you also get the Adobe Direct Cloud benefits along with other in-depth PDF creating and modifying features.

Part 8. The Best Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader Alternative?

Even though PDF readers from Adobe and Foxit have been known for years, they still lack some very important features. Some important features are present, but those are available in the paid versions only, which is not the preferred choice for everyone. Such problems with these PDF readers make it essential to look for an alternative that solves all the problems for you.

UPDF is a PDF viewer and editor that can be the perfect alternative to PDF readers from Foxit and Adobe. It is because it comes with a rich suite of features to cater to all your PDF viewing and editing needs. Whether you are a student and need to read PDF books or a teacher who needs to design a PDF worksheet for your class, UPDF will assist you in every case. Feel free to download it for free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF - The Best Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader Alternative

UPDF is packed with lots of features, including the following:

  • It comes with the UPDF Cloud feature, which works cross-platform, meaning all your documents and updates will be synced across all devices.
  • Sharing and collaboration are very easy with UPDF. You can get links, send emails, and even get a QR code for the easiest sharing experience.
  • UPDF has all note-taking, commenting, and annotating features built-in.
  • It makes editing text inside your PDF documents extremely easy, with the option to control placement, size, font style, and color.
  • UPDF brings a pencil feature that can be used for marking PDF or drawing inside the PDF for multiple uses.
  • UPDF not only allows you to add new images or links in the PDF document, but you can also edit the existing ones.
  • It comes with accessibility support features making usage easier for people with disabilities.
  • UPDF comes with OCR built-in with 99% accuracy, so converting scans and images to text will now be easier.
  • It supports flawless 2-way PDF conversion for multiple file types and formats.

The best part about it is that it focuses not only on the features. Instead, it focuses more on the overall user experience. So, you will find the user interface of UPDF very friendly and easy to get used to. This experience stays consistent across all the supported platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

It does not stop there since all these features are expected to come at a huge price tag. However, with UPDF, you can use them for free for as long as you want. If you want to buy paid subscriptions, these are available at market-competitive prices and discounts for students, teachers, etc.

Ending Note

For users with PDF editing tools from Adobe or Foxit, the best decision will be to go for Reader from the same ecosystem. However, choosing between them can be difficult if you are not a previous user of any of these. While Adobe is known for its PDF viewing and editing capabilities, Foxit is also reliable. So, when you need to decide, focus on the preferences and requirements to check which tool offers you the best value and experience.

We hope this comprehensive Foxit reader vs Adobe reader comparison was helpful enough for you to decide between the two. However, if you have come to the conclusion that none of these fulfills your demands then try UPDF. It will not only meet your PDF viewing requirements but also meet the organization, editing, and sharing requirements. Hence, UPDF offers you a complete experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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