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PDFgear AI vs UPDF AI: Which is the Best PDF AI Assistant?

AI chatbots are becoming a new norm in today's AI-powered era. Besides automating customer service, AI chatbots are finding their way in other areas as well. Now, you have a PDF AI chatbot/assistant that can assist in many PDF-related activities, like reading, summarizing, translating, explaining, and much more. PDFgear AI and UPDF AI are two such popular PDF AI assistants in the market. Therefore, this guide is designed to conduct a detailed comparison of PDFgear AI vs UPDF AI so that you can make the right decision. So, let's head right to it!

Part 1. UPDF AI: A Quick Overview

UPDF AI is a powerful AI assistant for handling PDFs. Powered through GPT-4, it assists in many common activities related to PDF. It can help summarize, explain, translate, rewrite, ideate, and do a lot more on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf ai

UPDF AI is part of UPDF, which is an all-in-one PDF reader, annotator, and editor tool. This means that you can leverage UPDF AI capabilities while reading, annotating, or editing PDFs. For example, you can use UPDF AI to rewrite some text and then use UPDF PDF editing capability to replace the existing text with the rewritten version in the PDF.

Users in need of PDF analysis can download UPDF and try out its AI capabilities for free. UPDF offers complimentary AI benefits.

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1. Key Features of UPDF AI

UPDF AI incorporates all the key features you can expect from a PDF AI assistant today. Some of the key features of UPDF AI include:

Summarize PDF

UPDF AI can summarize PDFs quickly. It can condense a 100-page PDF and simplify complex data charts into to-the-point summaries within seconds. Furthermore, you can use the AI chatbot to get more customized summaries, like key points in bullet form. On top of that, it is even capable of summarizing specific pages from the PDF.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf summarize

To get summaries, select the text to summarize then click UPDF AI > Summarize from the pop-up window. Alternatively, open the UPDF AI chatbot and then use the prompt to specify your summarization instructions, like summarize page number 3 (around 50 words).

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf summarize

Translate PDF

UPDF AI can translate PDFs into almost any language you want. It offers two ways to translate PDFs. You can select the text and then use the pop-up window to translate. Alternatively, you can use the AI chat box to specify your translation instructions. You can even ask to translate specific pages of a PDF.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf translate

Explain PDF

UPDF AI can provide an explanation of anything present in the PDF. For instance, if you are reading a complex research paper, UPDF AI can help you get an explanation of complex phrases.  In fact, it performs exceptionally well in simplifying complex data charts. All you have to do is select the text and get its explanation. You can also use the AI chat box to ask PDF-related questions.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf explain


UPDF AI is more than just a PDF AI assistant. It is your ultimate companion in brainstorming ideas, polishing content, checking grammar, composing new content, rewriting existing content, and doing a lot more. You can go into its "Chat" tab and then use the prompts to get any assistance you want.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf  updf-ai-windows-07

2. UPDF AI Performance

UPDF AI dominates both in its features and performance. We used it for different purposes, including summarizing, translating, explaining, and much more, and experienced high-quality responses.

The best thing about UPDF AI is its to-the-point and accurate responses, especially when it comes to complex charts. The below prompt shows how efficiently it was able to summarize the content according to the request.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf ai

On top of that, you can enhance the experience of UPDF AI with UPDF PDF editor capabilities. For example, we were able to translate text on images and scanned PDFs with UPDF AI. For that, we first used UPDF OCR scan to extract text and then UPDF AI to translate the text.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai updf ocr

Simply put, UPDF AI ticks all the checkboxes in offering the best user experience for consuming and customizing PDF content. Don't just read! Download and try UPDF AI yourself and visualize its offerings with practical tests.

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3. Pros & Cons of UPDF


  • Ultra-fast and accurate document processing
  • Summarize/translate/explain/write PDFs
  • Select and summarize/translate/explain text directly
  • In-depth complex chart analysis and summarization
  • Cost-friendly paid plans
  • Cloud syncing to access accounts across devices
  • Comes with many other practical PDF tools


  • No AI content detection support
UPDF is releasing an AI web version in April 2024, which is specifically designed for analyzing PDF documents.

4. UPDF Rating

UPDF has received positive ratings from users across the globe. What users have to say about UPDF software include:

  • UPDF is a great productivity tool.
  • UPDF uses fewer resources.
  • UPDF is a comprehensive PDF solution that improved my daily routines.

However, some users have suggested improvements to the software, such as:

  • Should be able to translate the whole document.
  • Should offer a monthly free limit of AI prompts for perpetual users.
  • Should be fast at starting.

To learn more about UPDF AI, watch this video:

Part 2. PDFgear AI – A Quick Overview

PDFgear AI is another ChatGPT-powered PDF AI assistant. It allows you to read PDFs with AI by summarizing lengthy PDFs, explaining complex concepts, translating PDFs, and doing a lot more.

With PDFgear AI, you can ask questions about PDF and get precise answers. It can generate three suggested questions for your PDF automatically. Besides that, it can also facilitate rewriting of PDF content. All its capabilities are accessible for Windows, Mac, and iPhone.

1. Key Features of PDFgear AI

PDFgear AI also comes with many PDF AI assistant features. Some of its key features include:

Summarize PDF

PDFgear AI can summarize PDF content whether it's a research paper, legal contract, or textbook. You can type "summarize this PDF" or other commands in the chat box to get the required summaries.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai pdfgear summarize

Translate PDF

Just like UPDF AI, PDFgear AI can also translate PDF content into any language of your choice. However, it does not support the select and translate approach that we see with UPDF. To translate PDF content, you have to paste the text in the chat box and instruct on what language to translate.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai pdfgear translate

Explain PDF

PDFgear AI can explain different phrases of the PDF. You can ask direct questions about the PDF content and get an explanation right away. To explain PDF content, use the AI chat box, ask the question, and get an explanation right away.

pdfgear ai vs updf ai pdfgear explain


PDFgear AI chatbot can also facilitate you in ideating, brainstorming, writing new content, or even rewriting content. Simply give the right command to the chat box to get assistance.

2. PDFgear AI Performance

PDFgear AI is designed to be a resourceful and handy AI assistant for users. When we tested its functionality, we found it easy to use. However, its interface is less intuitive than UPDF. For example, UPDF provides the option to select the text and get an instant summary, translation, or explanation. However, you have to use the chat box to do those actions in PDFgear.

To test its performance accuracy, we asked it to summarize a financial statement report of Apple with specific instructions, i.e., "summarize this PDF within 100 words including 5 points".

pdfgear ai vs updf ai pdfgear performance

Although it provided the summary, neither it was in a "5 points" format nor did it cover all the details nicely. In contrast, UPDF AI was able to provide the accurate response we wanted. So, we saw PDFgear AI struggle to deliver quality responses to prompts.

3. Pros & Cons of PDFgear AI


  • Summarize/translate/explain PDF content
  • Write/Rewrite/proofread content
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • No web-based online version available
  • No Android app
  • No AI content detection support
  • No direct selection of text to summarize/translate/explain
  • Occasional inaccurate/incomplete response on prompts
  • No cloud syncing

4. PDFgear AI Rating

PDFgear has received mixed reviews from customers. Users have acknowledged PDFgear for:

  • Good and free AI bot
  • Easy summarizing PDFs

However, users are also seen as a bit concerned about a few elements with PDFgear, such as

  • Lack of cloud syncing
  • No full support for Japanese characters

Part 3. Comparison Table between PDFgear AI vs UPDF AI

Now that we have cleared the basics of PDFgear AI and UPDF AI, it's time to see which one leads as the best PDF AI assistant. For that, let's create a comprehensive comparison table between PDFgear AI vs UPDF AI:

 FeaturesPDFgear AIUPDF AI
SummarizationPrompt-based Summarization
Direct Selection of Text to Summarize
TranslationPrompt-based Translation
Direct Selection of Text to Translate
ExplanationPrompt-based Explanation
 Direct Selection of Text to Explain
Other FeaturesIdeate
PDF Edit/Annotate/Convert/Compress
Supported FormatsPDF
Chart AnalysisGeneral Chart Analysis
In-depth Chart Summarization
Cloud SyncingCloud Storage and Syncing Across Devices
CompatibilityCompatible OSWindows, Mac, and iOSWindows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Looking at all the details from the above table, we can clearly see UPDF AI outperforming PDFgear AI in a few key areas. UPDF AI supports the direct selection of text to summarize, translate, and explain. Secondly, it provides in-depth and accurate summarization and responses to prompts. In addition, it also provides cloud syncing and a dedicated Android app as well. All these attributes make UPDF AI the best pick as a PDF AI assistant. So, why think more? Download and purchase UPDF (UPDF is currently on a big sale) and start using the best PDF AI assistant from today.

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PDF AI assistants are the game-changer in the way we read and consume PDF content. PDFgear AI and UPDF AI both dominate for their exceptional PDF AI assistance features. From the above thorough comparison between PDFgear AI vs UPDF AI, you can now make the decision on which tool to use. However, UPDF AI seems a more powerful PDF AI assistant due to its intuitive interface, exceptional summarization/explanation capabilities, and other unique features. So, that's the wrap! Download UPDF for the best experience with PDF AI assistant.

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