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The Best Way to Translate Text on Images Effortlessly

Imagine you are on an international business trip and receive images of some documents from the locals in their local language. Similarly, if you are interacting with different global clients, they may send images or documents in their local languages.

The interconnected world has increased the demand to translate text on images instantly, whether for personal or corporate purposes. Therefore, this guide will address this demand by presenting the best way to translate text on images effortlessly. So, stick with the guide to learn the step-by-step way of how to translate text on an image.

Part 1. Can You Translate Text on Images on Mobile Phones?

Yes, you can translate text on images on mobile phones. Although most Android phones don't have a built-in feature to translate images into text, you can install third-party apps to do the translation. On the other hand, the iPhone has a built-in feature to translate printed text on images. Its Camera and Photos app can detect text on images.

Alternatively, if you want to translate any image or image-based document on any Android/iPhone device, then UPDF is the best app. It provides an intuitive way to easily translate images to ANY LANGUAGE instantly. Even if it's a lengthy scanned document, UPDF offers a seamless way to convert it into editable text and then translate it into any language of your choice. You can download it for free access.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. What App Can Translate Text from a Picture?

There are many ways to translate text from a picture. You can type the text from the image manually to any translator. Likewise, you can use any translator app/tool to detect and translate text on an iPhone/Android/computer, such as Apple or Google translate text to image apps.

Looking at the wide range of available options, we have come up with the best tool to translate text on pictures from Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android. This tool is known as UPDF.

UPDF is an AI-driven, most advanced tool to translate images or image-based documents to almost any language you want. Its OCR technology can detect text from images, while its AI translation/summarizing feature (UPDF AI) allows you to translate/summarize the image text the way you want.

Below are the key highlights of UPDF's tool, especially its OCR and AI translation/summarizing features:

  1. Its AI-powered OCR technology can accurately detect text in 38 languages from images or scanned PDFs and then convert to editable PDFs.
  2. Its OCR scan provides 3 output layouts, i.e., extract text content from the image, make files editable, and make the text searchable.
translate text on images ocr updf
  1. Its output editable PDF file intelligently preserves the layout and graphics of the image/scanned file.
  2. Its UPDF AI chatbot can translate/summarize the entire content or a selected part into any language, including English to Chinese, English to Japanese, English to German, English to Finnish, and vice versa.
  3. Its AI chatbot allows you to customize the summary to be brief, detailed, or more specific.
translate text on images updf ai

In short, UPDF OCR and AI translation/summarizing features make it a complete and powerful image translator tool for translating images, image-based documents, and scanned PDFs. Furthermore, its editable PDF output file makes searching and editing text easy.

Overall, if you want to translate text on images or image-based documents, then download UPDF and use the most advanced tool to fulfill your needs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Translate Text on an Image with UPDF

UPDF offers a click-based intuitive interface to easily detect text from images and translate them into any language you want. Since there are two phases of this process, let's talk about their steps separately:

Phase 1: OCR to Turn Images into Searchable & Editable Format

The first phase is to extract the text from an image using the UPDF's OCR technology, as follows:

Step 1. Download and launch UPDF on your Windows/Mac computer and click File > Create > PDF from Image. Afterward, select and open the image you want to translate.

translate text on images pdf from image

Alternatively, if it's an image-based PDF, you can open it directly by clicking the "Open File" button.

translate text on images open file

Step 2. Click the OCR option from the right sidebar. Adjust the OCR settings, such as content language, page range, and layout. Once done, click "Perform OCR".

translate text on images ocr

Phase 2: Translate with UPDF AI

Once OCR is completed, the image text will become searchable and editable. Now, you can translate the text with UPDF AI assistant, as follows:

Step 1. Click the "UPDF AI" icon from the bottom right corner.

translate text on images ai icon

Step 2. Click "Get Started" from the AI chatbot to make it analyze the OCR-converted document.

translate text on images get started icon

Step 3. Select the text you want to translate. In the small pop-up window next to the selected text, click UPDF AI > Translate and choose the language in which you want to translate it. UPDF will provide instant translation in the chatbot. Alternatively, you can copy specific words, sentences, paragraphs, or pages into the chatbox and request UPDF AI to translate them into a language that is not available through the AI assistant toolbar.

translate text on images translate updf


You can also use the AI chatbot to ask it to summarize the whole OCR-converted document or selected part.
translate text on images summarize updf

That's it! This way, you can use UPDF intelligent capabilities to translate text on images or scanned documents efficiently. The best thing is that the UPDF AI feature is accessible on iPhone and Android as well. So, what are you waiting for? Download UPDF right now and translate printed text effortlessly.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3. What UPDF Can Do Beyond an Image Translator

UPDF seems the ideal image translator users need today, but it has much more to offer other than being an image translator. Its UPDF AI chatbot does not just translate and summarize text; it also allows you to ask document-related questions, such as explaining complex phrases, getting key insights about documents, etc. Its "Chat" mode even allows you to chat about anything outside the document scope.

Other than its top-notch UPDF AI feature, it is also a complete PDF editor and converter tool. With UPDF, you get to:

  • Edit PDFs: It can add/edit text, images, and links in PDFs.
  • Annotate PDFs: It can underline, highlight, mark, draw, and add stamps/stickers/comments.
  • Convert PDFs: It can convert PDFs into images, Word, text, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, RTF, and HTML formats.
  • Organize PDFs: It can rearrange, add, split, extract, remove, crop, and rotate PDF pages.
  • Merge PDFs: It can combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF.
  • Protect PDFs: It can redact or password-protect PDFs.
translate text on images AI-powered UPDF

Overall, UPDF is a one-stop tool to handle all activities related to PDFs or other documents seamlessly. So, isn't it the best deal that you get a reliable image translator and a powerful PDF editor tool in one tool?

Download and purchase UPDF right now, and never get concerned about translating images or editing PDFs again.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 4. FAQs About Translating Text on Images

Q1. How do I translate text in Google Photos?

  1. Open Google Photos apps.
  2. Click the photo and select the "Lens" option from the bottom.
  3. Click "Translate".

Q2. Can iPhone auto translate text?

Yes, the iPhone can auto translate text in many languages through various apps. Its built-in "Translate" app can instantly translate text into any supported language. Similarly, you can use its Camera app to translate text around you. Besides that, it can also translate the selected text on other apps like Safari, Mail, Messages, or any other third-party app from the App Store.


Translating text on images is a common question asked by people across the globe. Therefore, this guide presented the best tool in the shape of UPDF to translate text on images efficiently. Its OCR and AI translation features can extract and translate text from any image or image-based document. On top of that, its other PDF editing and conversion features make it the ultimate tool of today's digitalized era. Therefore, we will conclude by recommending you download UPDF and leverage its features for translating and handling documents.

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