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5 Best Japanese OCR Software (Tested and Reviewed)

There can be multiple scenarios where you need to use Japanese OCR software. For example, you got a professional scanned document or invoice in the Japanese language. Similarly, you may have been given scanned notes by your Japanese teacher.

To make such content copyable, editable, and fit for translation, you need to perform OCR on the document, and here we will share our top 5 picks that you can use in this scenario.

Part 1. Top 5 Japanese OCR Programs

Here are our top 5 picks that you can use for performing OCR function on documents containing Japanese content:

1.      UPDF - The Best Japanese OCR on Mac & Windows

Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, the best software for both these devices is UPDF. UPDF is a PDF editing tool with a complete range of tools, and one of its highlighted features is the OCR tool. This OCR tool supports 38 languages, and no matter which language you choose, it will provide up to 99% accuracy along with content integrity.

Its practicality does not end here since after performing OCR on the Japanese content, you can edit it, convert it into other file formats, or use UPDF AI for summarizing, translating, or reviewing the content. To enjoy all these benefits while performing OCR on Japanese content, you can download UPDF today.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

ocr japanese document with updf on windows

Key Features:

  • UPDF Cloud dedicated PDF storage and synchronized content on all devices
  • Complete editing experience for links, images, and text in the PDF document
  • PDF annotation and commenting features with collaborative sharing
  • Merge, split, and organize PDF documents
  • Read PDF documents aloud
  • Convert PDF to other files and vice versa
  • Create, edit, and flatten PDF forms
  • Crop PDF pages


  • Offline PDF OCR processing keeps your file secure from online activity
  • It provides up to 99% accuracy, and OCR is performed instantly
  • The OCR-processed file is created separately, so the original file is not affected
  • After processing OCR, you can translate or summarize Japanese content


  • There is no option to perform OCR with UPDF online like other web tools.

If you have a Japanese document that you need to perform OCR on, you can download UPDF right now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2.      i2OCR - Best Online Japanese OCR Tool

If you are looking for an online tool to perform OCR on Japanese content, you can use i2OCR. It is the best online OCR tool that supports the Japanese language along with other 100+ languages. It can extract Japanese text from images so you can edit it or format it. It offers unique features. It works 100% free for performing OCR on Japanese language documents and supports multi-column document analysis.

It means that if the page has multiple columns of text, all of those can be processed without formatting, but it maintains content integrity. I2OCR has rich post-processing backend operations, so you can perform OCR and quickly get that text in other tools for editing. You can upload your PDF for OCR or upload images in different formats, including JPG, PNG, PPM, TIF, etc. I2OCR also supports web input for convenient online processing.

online japanese ocr tool i2ocr

Key Features:

  • Process the file and output it in multiple formats
  • Side-by-side view interface to compare original and converted files
  • Privacy is guaranteed since no user files are saved or used, and they are typically deleted within an hour


  • Supports OCR in Japanese language on both image and PDF files
  • Support uploading offline files and file URLs.
  • You can directly copy content after performing OCR.


  • It makes text editable by OCR but does not provide any editing features.

3.      Convertio - Best Free Online Japanese OCR Program

Convertio is an online file-processing platform that offers multiple file conversion, compressing, and editing features, including an OCR feature for the Japanese language. It works online, so that you may use it on any device. Moreover, it works 100% free but comes with a limitation of 10 pages only for users who do not register.

The OCR feature for Japanese documents is very simple here since you can add files and select multiple languages for text in the file. In the Output and Format settings, you can choose the file type from 11 available options. Second, you may decide whether to OCR every page or only a certain range of pages. Once you've recognized text using Convertio, you may use that file or save the converted file in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Convertio also supports batch processing for Japanese language documents. So, you can perform OCR on those documents in batches for higher productivity.

online japanese ocr tool convertio

Key Features:

  • Video Converter
  • Audio Converter
  • Image Converter
  • Document Converter
  • Presentation Converter
  • Ebook Converter, etc.


  • Free OCR usage for registered and unregistered users
  • Get the file after processing OCR in Word, Text, Excel, PDF and other formats
  • Allows downloading to offline storage and saving to the cloud after recognizing text.


  • Unregistered usage gives only 10 free pages to perform OCR

4.      Yomiwa - Best Japanese OCR iPhone

iPhones and iPads have multiple apps that you can use for performing OCR on documents, but the best one is Yomiwa. It is the ultimate dictionary OCR application for those who want to detect handwritten and scanned Japanese content and translate that into English immediately. It performs OCR by processing 4000 different Japanese characters and processes every character individually for amazing accuracy.

It is not essential to have the image or file of that Japanese content since you can perform OCR dynamically through the camera of your iPhone. Along with OCR for the Japanese language, it can provide details about that content in 20 other languages instantly. This app combines OCR technology and socializing; if you are unable to comprehend something even after performing OCR on it, you can ask the Yomiwa community about it and get help from real human users.

online japanese ocr iphone tool yomiwa

Key Features:

  • Complete dictionary for the Japanese language
  • Extremely fast processing with a reliable backend for reading text and drawings
  • Option to create flashcards for revision
  • Text reader
  • Online translator


  • Works by processing OCR on 4000 different characters in the Japanese language
  • OCR processing options for beginners, advanced learners, and natives.
  • After processing OCR, it gives sample sentences for every part of the vocabulary


  • The application is not free, and the quality is not worth the price since it has glitches

5.      Kaku - The Best Android Japanese OCR App

Kaku is the best OCR app for Japanese content on the Android platform since it works with different types of content. It can work on images, PDFs, Games, eBooks, and even Japanese content from other apps for performing OCR. The OCR processing is almost instant on Android devices since you can capture the screen window, and the app will immediately show OCR details and translation for that content.

Once you perform OCR on Japanese content, you can tap on any character to get details about it. Sometimes, it may not recognize the content, and you can retry by changing the image, modifying the content, or drawing that character by hand if you want to translate huge content sections. Kaku application on Android will directly send it to Google Translate for quickly translating it to other languages.

online japanese ocr app kaku

Key Features:

  • Supports live translation with camera and audio like Google translate
  • Integrated learning tools like quizzes, flashcards, etc.
  • The application supports customization to make its features and appearance as per your needs.


  • Compatible with getting data from other apps and sending it to other apps as well.
  • The Kaku app has tutorials that make getting used to it very easy for processing OCR
  • You have the control to give permission to Kaku or stop it from processing OCR on different apps


  • The app does not contain any text editing options after processing OCR.

Final Thoughts

OCR tools can be very helpful when you need to convert a picture containing content or a scanned document. However, the only issue you may face while using these tools is limitations in language selection. If you have an image or scanned PDF with Japanese content in it, then you need to use a Japanese OCR for its native support with the language.

Hopefully, you can pick from one of the tools shared above to perform OCR in the Japanese scanned document and pictures. However, if you want functionality with great experience and reliability, then you must try UPDF. Download it on both Mac and Windows computers and enjoy all its functionalities.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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