How to Crop PDF on Windows 10/11? (3 Effective Ways)

Sometimes you do not need the whole PDF document and only require a specific part. It might be about crapping unwanted parts, extracting data from the PDF, or getting a document without a signature. For all such use cases, your life will be much easier if you know how to crop PDF on Windows. Here we will discuss the top 4 ways to crop a PDF document on your PC.

Part 1. Crop PDF on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF

The easiest and most efficient way of cropping a PDF document on your Windows computer is with UPDF. UPDF is a famous PDF editing tool that allows you to view, organize, crop, and share PDF documents. Additionally, it packs PDF editing features for editing images, text, etc. In the text document. It means that you can do everything you need to do to a PDF document using UPDF.

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Crop PDF on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF

In addition to these features, UPDF packs many other experience-enhancing features that will keep usability smooth and hassle-free for you. These features at UPDF include OCR, UPDF Cloud, UPDF AI, etc.

UPDF not only enhances your experience this way but there are other ways. One of those ways is the easy step-by-step process you have to follow on UPDF, which is discussed below:

1. Open a PDF file in UPDF

The first step is opening a PDF document that you want to crop. To crop it with UPDF, you must first run the UPDF app on your PC. The easiest method for opening UPDF is by double-clicking the desktop UPDF icon. Then you will use the "Open File" option from the top to open the desired PDF document. Alternatively, you may locate that document in the “Recent” list.

Open a PDF file in UPDF

2. Go to “Crop Pages” and crop the needed part.

You will go to the Reader as the PDF document opens in UPDF. Now you must go to the "Crop Pages" option in the left vertical menu. Click it, and you will open the cropping page. Just like you crop an image, you can similarly crop the PDF document and extract the required section of the page.

Crop pages icon on Windows using UPDF

3. Use the "apply changes" option.

If you want to crop that specific part of the PDF file, click the "Apply Changes" button on your PDF document and select the page range and the cropping method. However, you can skip this step if you want to crop only a single page.

Use the apply changes option in Windows to crop PDF windows

4. Crop and Save

Once you are done cropping, click the "Crop" button present at the top right of your page. It will take you again to the reader section of UPDF. Now you have the "Save as Other" option at the bottom of the right vertical menu. Click it and select “Save” to save changes to the current PDF file. Otherwise, select “Save As” to save the updated changes in a new PDF document.

Click on the save as button on UPDF Windows

You can also use the "Export PDF" option to export the cropped PDF as an image or in any other format.

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Part 2. Crop a PDF on Windows Free Via Screenshot

Say that you don’t have any tool installed on your PC that can help you crop a PDF document. A smart way will be using the screenshot functionality on the PDF document. In this way, you can take a screenshot of the PDF document for the required part only, and when saved, it will give you the same effect as cropping a PDF would.

On top of everything, it is a very easy method anyone can follow. However, there is one major downside of this method as well, which is that the screenshots are only saved in image formats. We have a solution to that for you as well, which will be revealed in the steps below:

1. Open the PDF document

You can open your PDF document by double-clicking its icon, and it does not matter which tool is used for opening the PDF. However, in most cases, the document will open in a browser, and there are no issues with that. Once the PDF opens, you can scroll, move, and zoom in to get the desired view of the part you want to crop.

2. Take a screenshot of the desired part and save it.

When you have the PDF section on the screen that you want to crop, press the Windows, Shift, and S keys together. It will open the Snip & Sketch option, and you will instantly see a crosshair for taking screenshots. Hold and drag it over the section that you want to crop. Releasing will take the screenshot, and you will see a notification, click it to open saving options. Now hit Ctrl + S buttons and save the image on your PC.

take a screenshot of the desired part in windows

3. Print to save as PDF (optional)

It is the part where you will convert that image to PDF if needed, so this is an optional but very helpful step. Simply right-click on the image and click "Print". Select "Microsoft Print to PDF" in the printer dropdown and click "Print." Now click "Save" and you will have that image converted to PDF.

print to save as pdf windows

Part 3. Crop PDF File on Windows 10/11 Via Adobe Acrobat

The last method for cropping your PDF documents is by using Adobe Acrobat. Although Adobe Acrobat is one of the most famous PDF editing tools available, it is not the best option for most users because it is a paid and not budget-friendly option for many users. Moreover, it needs installation on your PC before it works; still, the experience is not easy.

However, if this tool is installed on your PC, you can follow the steps below to crop a PDF on Windows with Adobe Acrobat.

1. Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Firstly, run Adobe Acrobat app on your PC by double-clicking it. To open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat, click the "File" tab and select the "Open" option. Now select a PDF and click "Open."

2. Select crop pages in the "Edit PDF" option.

Go to the "Tools" tab on top and select "Edit PDF" Now select "Crop Pages." Now you can crop the PDF like an image. Double-clicking the cropped area will allow you to apply changes to various pages.

select crop pages in edit pdf option adobe acrobat

3. Click “Save”

Move the cursor to the top left and click the "Save" button after completing all the cropping and other changes. Now that part of the PDF document will be cropped and saved in the same file.

Part 4. Which One Is Better to Crop a PDF on Windows?

Now that you know the 3 most effective ways of cropping a PDF document on your Windows PC, selecting the one that fulfills your requirements in the best possible manner is important. It is because every method comes with a different user experience and functionality set. So, if you go with a method that does not satisfy your requirements, the experience wouldn’t be great.

Here you can have a quick overview of the important aspects of all three methods.

 UPDFScreenshotAdobe Acrobat Pro
Cloud storageYesNoYes
PDF ConversionYesNoYes
PDF splittingYesNoYes
Price$29.99 per yearFree$19.99 monthly payment
Difficulty to useVery easyEasiestSlightly difficult

This table clarifies that UPDF is the superior option in every aspect. Starting with the price, you can use it for free, and the cropping feature will work just fine without the premium account. However, even if you pay for it, the price is extremely cheap compared to that of Adobe Acrobat.

Although the screenshot method is also free, that does not convert a PDF into a PDF in a straightforward way, which can cause problems for you when organizing PDF. User experience and interface hold high importance for many people, and UPDF also brings the best experience in this aspect.

Above all, it packs many features that cater to all editing, viewing, organizing, and any other requirements when working with a PDF document.

Final Words

Most people use a browser for viewing their PDF documents since browsers today come with basic PDF features like annotation, etc. However, a browser has no option when you want to crop PDF Windows. That’s where the methods discussed above can be very helpful for you. Using these methods, you can crop a singular PDF document page or apply the cropping dimensions to the whole document.

Tools like UPDF even allow you to apply cropping to a specific range after you select it. So, users get a much better experience when working with their PDF documents. UPDF also packs features like the Cloud, AI, Sharing, Annotation, OCR, etc. Moreover, no matter what you need to do to a PDF document, you will always get an amazing performance.

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