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How to Rotate a PDF in Adobe? (Easy and Fast)

Not every PDF document is crafted for viewing in portrait mode, while most PDF readers open it. So, reading becomes difficult, and it can become frustrating for lengthy documents. Luckily, if you know how to rotate a PDF in Adobe, you can eliminate this problem, but even with Adobe, there are multiple methods with their benefits and demerits.

So, in this article, you will learn to fix orientation problems using Adobe and a better alternative.

Part 1. Can I Rotate a PDF in Adobe Reader?

Yes, when you open a PDF document in Adobe Reader on your PC, you will have the option to rotate that document. However, remember that this rotation is only temporarily supported since you cannot save the changes after rotating.

Even if you save the file, it will open in its original orientation next time. So, Adobe Reader is only efficient when you have small documents or want to temporarily rotate a page. To permanently rotate pages in a PDF document, you must use Adobe Acrobat.

Part 2. How to Rotate a PDF Page in Adobe Reader

The first method we will discuss for rotating pages in a PDF document is Adobe Reader. It is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and a perfect PDF reading tool for anyone with more than basic needs. While a browser only lets you open PDF documents, Adobe Reader has more features.

Its page organizing features let you include features like rotating pages and extracting or deleting pages from the PDF document. Using this feature, you can rotate the PDF pages in Adobe Reader with a single click.

Apart from the basic page rotation features, Adobe Reader has many other features like filling PDF forms. And you can even print PDF documents with Adobe Reader; hence, it provides usability better than just viewing PDF documents.

1. Open PDF document in Adobe Reader

When you have downloaded and installed Adobe Reader on your PC, you can double-click the desktop icon for its app to run it. Once it runs, click the “Menu" button from the top left of the screen and click "Open“. Alternatively, hitting the control and O keys together will do the same. You can select any PDF document from the desktop using this browser window.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe open document in adobe

2. Click on the rotation button in the bottom right.

As you are in the view mode in Adobe Reader, look at the bottom right section of the screen, and there you will see multiple buttons, including a rotation button. Click it once, and the PDF page will rotate clockwise to 90 degrees. Clicking the button multiple times will give 90 degrees further rotation. Now, you have the document in the desired orientation.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe rotation button

Remember that by following these steps, you cannot permanently rotate a PDF document. It only rotates your pages for viewing purposes, and saving after making this change won't save the rotation in PDF. So, if you are looking for permanent rotation, follow one of the methods below.

Part 3. How to Permanently Rotate PDF in Adobe?

Adobe Acrobat is also a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite from Adobe Systems and is famous for its ability to manage PDF files. Although many people are familiar with the fundamental features of viewing PDFs, Acrobat offers a wide range of in-depth PDF editing and managing features that distinguish it from other programs, particularly Adobe Reader.

The capacity of Adobe Acrobat to change the structure and orientation of PDF documents is one of its most notable features. Users may easily rotate pages to the appropriate angle, getting the contents in the most understandable and well-presented manner possible.

This part will discuss how to permanently rotate a PDF document with Adobe Acrobat software on your PC. The process is simple, and it takes only a few steps as follows:

1. Open PDF in Acrobat

After you run the Adobe Acrobat software on your PC, open the PDF file. As your document opens, Acrobat will take you to view mode. Right now, your document will not be in the desired orientation.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe open file in adobe

2. Go to Tools and select Organize Pages.

Click the Tools tab on the home screen's top left side. Now, you will have access to multiple Acrobat Tools. Click Organize Pages here, and different page organizing tools appear in a new bar on top.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe tools

3. Click on a Page and rotate.

Now click any page in the PDF document to select it. You can use anti-clockwise or clockwise rotation options to rotate that page to 90 degrees in the desired direction. Instead of clicking one page, you may select multiple pages simultaneously, and all can be rotated together. Once done, you may save this PDF document to save the new rotation.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe click and rotate

With these steps, you can permanently rotate PDF document pages. However, selecting all or selective pages can be a hassle if you have a lengthy document. For that, a range method will be more efficient, which we will discuss in the next part.

Part 4. How to Rotate all Pages in PDF With Adobe?

Say that you want to rotate all pages in a PDF document or leave the starting or ending few pages. These use cases might differ, but the most efficient way to rotate your PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat is by using the range option. The process is almost similar, with a few differences as described in the steps below:

1. Open the PDF document in Acrobat

The first thing you will do after opening Adobe Acrobat is open the PDF document in it.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe open file in adobe

2. Right-click on the left tab and select Rotate pages

When you see the PDF document in view mode, a left tab will show a small overview of pages. It might be closed, and you can open this section by clicking the arrow mark in the middle of the screen on the left side. Right-click in this tab and click rotate pages.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe right click tab

3. Set the page rotation requirements and proceed.

Now you can select All or a page range. Also, set the degree of rotation, and when you are done with the requirements, click OK. This one click will rotate all the pages (under your selection) with the required direction. Save the PDF document and the new orientation will also be saved.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe rotation requirements

Part 5. How to Rotate PDF Without Adobe?

Going with Adobe for rotating PDF documents comes with certain difficulties. The first is that the free Adobe Reader does not permanently rotate PDF documents. Meanwhile, the Pro Acrobat is too expensive for most users. Additionally, the process of rotating is not that simple with Adobe. UPDF brings the solution to all these issues with a permanent, easy, and budget-friendly solution.

Using UPDF for rotating PDF documents takes only a few steps. So, you can download it and follow these steps for rotating your PDF documents:

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1. Open PDF in UPDF

Open UPDF, click Open File in UPDF, and select the PDF you want to open in UPDF.

2. Rotate a single page with a right click.

While in reader mode, right-click on the PDF page and select "Rotate Clockwise" or "Rotate Counterclockwise”. That page will rotate 90 degrees, and you can save the document if you only want to permanently rotate that page.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe right click to rotate

3. Rotate multiple pages in the Organize Pages option.

Go to the Organize Pages section from the left bar to rotate multiple pages. Now click and drag the cursor over multiple pages to selectively select them or hit Ctrl-A to select all pages. Once selected, you can click the rotation buttons from the top to rotate pages and then save the PDF document.

how to rotate a pdf in adobe rotate multiple pages in updf

Final Words

Going through a PDF document where the content is not in the right orientation can be stressful. PDF documents support rotating their orientation, which can fix your problem. With the methods and steps on how to rotate a PDF in Adobe, you can easily get the orientation you want. However, choosing the right Adobe tool per your requirements is important.

For example, Adobe Reader is good for temporary rotation, while Adobe Acrobat Pro helps you rotate and save your documents. If going for the Pro version is not feasible, you can try UPDF since it brings a polished interface, a better experience, and many features. So, download it and try the type of functionality it offers.

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