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How to Add Text to PDF with 3 Easy Ways

Have you ever wondered how to add text to a PDF but didn't know how to go about it? Most PDF readers will have an annotation tool that you can use to add a text box or a comment. However, a true PDF editor will also allow you to append the existing text in a PDF, which is actually even more useful.

Moreover, a good PDF editor will have automatic font detection so, for example, if you're adding words to title text in PDF or adding a sentence to a paragraph, you don't need to worry about font-matching - it's automatic. Let's look at an amazing new PDF editor - UPDF that will answer the question "how to insert text in PDF" in a couple of different ways.

The Best Tool to Insert Text in PDF

As a new product on the market, UPDF is already making waves as the best PDF editor. It currently comes with features such as reading and viewing PDFs, adding text to PDFs, editing PDF content, converting PDF files, protecting PDFs with passwords, and organizing PDF files and pages.

add text to pdf

Here's a quick view of the main features of this versatile PDF editor for Windows and Mac computers.

  • Full PDF Editing: Control your PDF documents by modifying existing content such as text blocks, images, links, objects, backgrounds, watermarks, etc.
  • Read and View PDF Files: Open any PDF file for viewing and reading. UPDF comes with modern PDF reading tools, multiple layout options, and various other features that transform reading a PDF file into a pleasurable reading experience - just like reading a hard copy of a book.
  • Organize PDFs: Manipulate the pages of a PDF any way you want with tools to crop, insert, remove, replace, split and rearrange PDF pages.
  • Print PDF Like a Pro: The virtual printer gives you full control over your printing jobs by making them highly customizable and flexible.
  • PDF Security: Protect confidential information with enterprise-grade password security and permission restrictions.
  • PDF Conversion: Convert PDF to other formats such as MS Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, web formats like HTML, and several other file types.
  • OCR Conversion: Accurately convert scanned PDF files and text-based PDF images to make them editable.
  • PDF Signing: Create and add handwritten signatures to PDF files.

WOW! So many advanced features in a PDF editor - what's not to love? That being said, it's not just the rich array of tools that are getting new users so excited: UPDF has a very modern and user-friendly interface, great processing speed, and won't hog up system resources like most other premium PDF editors on the market. That makes it both fun and efficient - a tough combination to beat.

Way 1. How to Add Text to PDF

The first method uses the PDF editing feature to add text to a PDF. This feature allows you to append existing text with new content, and the process is described below:

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

Launch UPDF and open a PDF file by clicking the "Open File" button.

Click the "Edit PDF" icon at the left to go into the text-editing mode. In this mode, you can easily insert text in PDF, edit the text in PDF, and change the style of the text.

Step 2. Add Text to PDF

Click the "Text" option on the top toolbar.

Then click where you want your new text to be added and then paste the content or type it in.

When you insert text in PDF, you can change the font, font size, alignment, color, and other styles of the text.

Way 2. How to Add Rich Text to PDF by Dragging

What is Rich Text?

The rich text means that the text has a style. For example, there is a link inserted in the text, there is a color on the text, etc.

This feature is a pro of UPDF, and other PDF editors like Acrobat don't have this feature.

Steps to Add Rich Text to PDF

The drag-and-drop feature of UPDF is very convenient when you want to create or edit a PDF file. You can open your browser or other applications, select the text you want, and then drag it into UPDF. The text will be inserted into your PDF document automatically.

  • Step 1. Open your PDF file in UPDF. Click the "Edit PDF" icon on the left toolbar to enter the editing mode.
  • Step 2. Open the applications where you want to insert the text.
  • Step 3. Select the text.
  • Step 4. Drag it into the PDF document.
  • Step 5. Now you can edit the text easily. You can add or remove text, and change the font, font size, or other styles.
add rich text to PDF

Way 3. How to Add a Text Box to PDF as a Comment

The second way to add text or insert text in PDF files is to use the comment tool. This method allows you to add a text box to a PDF as a comment.

Step 1. Click the "Comment" Menu

Click the "Comment" menu from the left toolbar to enter the annotation mode.

Step 2. Add Text to PDF

Click either of the "Text Comment" icons - you can add plain text (typewriter) or text box to PDF documents.

Go to where you want the text to appear and click the PDF file there.

You can add your text inside the box by typing it or copy-pasting text from an external source.

Both these methods can be used to add text to a PDF file on Windows and Mac. All features are unlocked from the time you download and install the product on your PC or macOS computer and log in to activate it.

Part 4. Useful Tips on How to Add Text to PDF

Tip #1: PDF Layout Changes

Always watch for any changes to the layout of the PDF when adding text - you may inadvertently misalign content on subsequent pages. The best way to avoid this is to extract the page in question, add your text to the PDF page, and then insert it back into the original document.

Tip #2: Modifying the Original PDF

Before modifying the original PDF file, remember to make a copy of it before you edit it. Create a copy and then add your text to the new version - you can always rename the new file the same as the original and replace it, if you're sure you won't need it later on for version referencing and other purposes.

Tip #3: Font-matching in PDFs

If you need to add a new text block with the exact same font attributes as any existing text in your PDF file, you can go into edit mode, copy a portion of the text that has the attributes you want, and then paste this into the text box and continue typing - the new text will automatically be detected and the font attributes will be consistent throughout your document. UPDF has an automatic font detection feature to help you match the original font easily.


As you can see, only 2 steps needed to add text to PDF with UPDF in terms of its user-friendly designed interface. Besides adding text, it also supports editing images and links, and has various advanced features like add eletronic signatures and OCR technology. There are still a lot fun in UPDF editor, download it today and experience it!