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How to Write on a PDF? (7 Effective Methods)

Have you ever needed to write on a PDF file that cannot be edited? We can understand! Whether to fill out PDF forms, review documents, or add more information, writing on a PDF is essential for several reasons. However, it can be difficult if you don't know how to do it.

That said, this article guides you on how to write on a PDF for various scenarios. We'll use a versatile PDF editor called UPDF to make the process effortless. It can quickly adapt to all your PDF writing needs. Plus, it is packed with AI-driven tools to supercharge your productivity!

Download it now and prepare to write on your PDFs using the below methods!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 1. How to Write on PDF by Editing Existing Texts

Sometimes, you may need to make corrections and add or delete text from your PDF. It can be for various reasons, such as to update your financial document or fill out PDF forms. UPDF offers a handy solution for editing existing text in your documents for situations like these.

Let's see how to do it with the following steps.

Step 1: Open UPDF on your device and click "Open File." Choose the PDF you want to edit from the pop-up window.

Click Open File in UPDF

Step 2: Wait for your PDF to get uploaded. Then click "Edit PDF" to edit the existing text in your document.

Step 3: Click on the specific text you need to edit and start writing like you would in Word. Use the toolbar shown above the text to adjust the text size, font, style, color, and alignment.

write and customize the text in the UPDF

Step 4: Once you finish writing on your PDF document, go to the File tab from the top menu. Choose "Save" to store the edited PDF on your device.

Save the edited PDF with UPDF after writing on PDF

That was easy, right? Let's move forward now and explore another solution to write on PDF!

Part 2. How to Write on a PDF by Adding New Texts

Do you need to fill out static PDF forms or add new information to your academic PDF documents? You can use UPDF to write new text and customize it completely to your needs. It lets you change the text size, color, style, and alignment like in Word!

Here are the steps to use UPDF to add new text.

Step 1:  Click on the "Edit PDF". Select the "Text" icon from the visible toolbar at the top of your screen. This will let you add new text to your PDF file.

Select the Text icon in UPDF to add text to PDF

Step 2: Click the area on the PDF page where you want to add new text. Write your text and adjust its properties with the toolbar above it. You can change the text size, style, color, font, and alignment.

Write and customize the text in PDF with UPDF

Step 3: Once done, go to the "File" tab and click "Save As" to store the edited PDF on your device.

That's it. You're all done writing a new text on your PDF!

Part 3. How to Write on a PDF by Adding Text Comment

Do you ever need to collaborate on PDFs for feedback purposes? If so, UPDF offers a handy solution to write on PDFs by adding new text as comments. Click the below button to download UPDF and Let's see how it works with the stepwise guide below.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Open the PDF you need to edit with UPDF and select the "Comment " tool from the right panel.

select the Comment tool in UPDF

Step 2: A new toolbar with various annotating tools will be visible near the top of your screen. Select "Text Comment" from the available options.

Step 3: Click on the area on the PDF where you need to write text as a comment. Start typing your desired text and adjust its size, color, and style.

Add the Text Comment to PDF with UPDF

And that's how you can write new text as comments on PDF. Let's see what more ways you can write on PDF with UPDF.

Part 4. How to Write on a PDF by Adding Text Box

You can also write on PDF using a text box with colored background and adjustable border. This can be especially useful when you need to write important information and highlight it, separate the different sections, and add visual breaks within the content.

Here's how to add a text box for writing on a PDF.

Step 1: With your PDF opened in the UPDF, go to the "Comment" section on the right panel. Select the "Text Box" option from the toolbar at the top.

Step 2: Click the page area where you want to write on PDF and start typing within the text box.

Step 3: Use the adjustment options to change the background color, add a border, and adjust text properties.

Add the TextBox to PDF with UPDF

You can also write on PDF by adding text callouts! Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Part 5. How to Write on a PDF by Adding Text Callout

Do you need to emphasize essential details and explain different sections in your PDFs? Writing on PDF using text callouts can be your go-to! It lets you draw attention to important text and add feedback in an organized manner.

Here's how it works!

Step 1: Open your desired PDF with UPDF. Select the "Comment" tool from the right panel and click the "Text Callout" option from the top toolbar.

Step 2: Click on the text for which you want to add the text callout. Move the cursor around to adjust the distance for the callout box.

Step 3: Start typing your desired text and customize its border, background and text properties.

add the text callout with UPDF to write on PDF

Looking to add free-hand drawings and text to your PDFs? Keep reading to learn about it!

Part 6. How to Write on a PDF by Using a Pencil

Do you ever need to write on PDFs on a tablet or a touchscreen laptop? A pencil writing tool in a PDF editor can be handy for times like this. UPDF is widely compatible with all devices and lets you add handwritten text and signatures to PDF using a pencil tool.

Let's find out how to use UPDF's pencil tool to write on PDF.

Step 1: Open the PDF to edit it with UPDF and go to the "Comment" section on the right panel.

Step 2: Select the pencil tool labeled "Draw" from the top toolbar and adjust its color, opacity, and thickness.

select the pencil tool in UPDF

Step 3: Draw on your PDF using your mouse or keypad to write handwritten text.

add handwritten text to PDF with UPDF

Let's move ahead now and explore another solution to write on PDF!

Part 7. How to Write on a Scanned PDF by OCR and Edit/Add

Struggling to edit scanned PDFs and add new text to it? No worries! You can use UPDF's powerful OCR tool to convert scans and image-based documents into editable text and write on it however you need!

Here is the step-by-step guide for this.

Step 1: Open UPDF and click "Open Files" to import your scanned document. Then select the "Recognize Text Using OCR Tool" from the right panel.

Step 2: Choose "Searchable PDF" as the document type. Adjust the layout, document language, and other settings. Then click "Perform OCR."

perform OCR on scanned PDF with UPDF

Step 3: Wait for the OCR process to complete. Now, the editable PDF will open automatically in the UPDF. Then, choose "Edit PDF" from the left panel and start editing the text as needed!

edit the scanned PDF text with UPDF to write on PDF

And that wraps up how to write on a PDF! With UPDF, it's fast and easy. But it's not your average PDF editor and writer. Thanks to its advanced solutions, it offers various other features:

  • AI Assistant for UPDF: summarize, explain, translate, write, and chat with your PDFs.
  • Organize PDF: Add, remove, extract, crop, split, rotate and rearrange PDF pages.
  • Batch Process: Combine, convert, print, insert, and encrypt multiple PDFs at once.
  • Protect PDF: Redact and add passwords for editing, downloading, printing and more!

The list goes on. Watch the short video below to learn more about its advanced PDF solutions. Download it now and explore its powerful capabilities yourself!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 8. FAQS About Writing on PDF

Q1. How to Write on PDF Online?

You can use SmallPDF online PDF editor to write on PDF online. Here's how:

●Go to the SmallPDF website.

●Click "Choose Files" to import your PDF.

●Select the "Edit" tool and click on text to start writing.

Q2. How to Write on PDF Forms

You can write on PDF forms easily with UPDF. Here is how:

●Open the fillable PDF form with UPDF.

●Select the "Comment" mode.

●Click on the fillable form fields and start typing to fill them.

UPDF also lets you fill static PDF forms. Read more about how to write on PDF forms here.

Q3. How to Write on a PDF with Adobe?

Use the steps below to write on a PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

●Open your PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

●Select the "Edit PDF" tool from the right.

●Select the editing options from the drop-down list for "Format" to add or edit text and customize the fonts.

Q4. How do you write on a PDF with Preview?

You can write on a PDF with Mac Preview using the steps below.

●Open your PDF with Preview.

●Select the "Markup" tool from the top.

●Click the "Text" option to insert a text box to PDF.

●Write the text in the box and adjust its placement.


We've provided several ways to help you learn how to write on a PDF. With UPDF's versatile PDF solutions, you won't need to switch platforms for every PDF writing need.

Whether you need to edit existing text, add new information, or collaborate with comments and text callouts, UPDF makes it all possible under one roof!

So, why settle for less? Download UPDF now and experience a powerhouse of productive PDF tools right on your desktop!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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