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How to Fill in a PDF Form in 3 Methods

Every university student needs a PDF form to complete their research work. People in business also require PDF forms to get reviews and comments from their clients. A fillable PDF form is needed in such cases because it'll be hectic if they have to do the same manually. If you are looking for an answer to how to fill in a PDF form, you can find it in this article.

Extra bonus: If you don't know which method to choose, we also made a full comparison chart to compare the three tools at the end of the article.

Method 1: How do I Fill in a Non-Interactive PDF Form?

If you want to fill in a non-interactive PDF form using tools, you should go for the finest one. UPDF for Windows and Mac is one of the best PDF editing tools to help you fill out these forms. It can improve the professional outlook of the forms with its assisting features. Anyone can edit their fillable PDF forms to make them more interactive and engaging by using this tool. It also allows you to add questions and scenarios to your document and get answers from the users in no time.

how to fill in a pdf form with updf

Key Features of Using UPDF

The list of features of UPDF is vast, and all of them are very reliable and support the cause of editing PDFs. Some of the prevalent features of this PDF editor are listed below:

1. Edit PDF Fillable Forms

To get good reviews on your forms, you can use a tool like UPDF, by which you can edit your PDF files as you wish. It can make every figure in your file editable so you can customize it according to your needs. You can edit every part of your PDF file, from text to links, without any problem. This tool allows you to edit the size, style, and color of the text in the file. With this, you can also add an image and rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise.

If you've added the wrong images, you can also replace them conveniently. Moreover, you can also add links in that PDF file to maximize the authenticity of fillable PDF forms or add a reference to them. After inserting the links, you can personalize them according to your file.

2. Protect Filled Forms with Password

When you share the fillable PDF forms with another person and get reviews from them, the next step is to lock that document. Once you've locked the document, no one can make changes to them without your permission. The password protection feature of UPDF is very helpful in a situation like this. With the help of this tool, you can manage access to your document by adding a password.

By adding the open password, anyone who knows the password can only open your fillable PDF forms. As for the permission password, they can only be edited or printed with a password set by you.

3. OCR Scanned PDF Forms

You can make paper documents into digitally scanned documents for saving papers and adopting a paperless system. You can use the OCR feature that can make these scanned PDF files editable and searchable. There is no PDF version or file size restriction that you have to keep in mind.

If you wish to perform OCR on some of the specific pages, you can select those pages by managing the page range. This tool also offers you to select pages in an even and odd manner. Furthermore, image resolutions can also be customized with this tool.

4. Organize the Pages of PDF Forms

By using this tool, you can organize the fillable PDF forms in multiple ways on different devices. The pages can be added or deleted anywhere in the document swiftly with this tool. This tool allows you to rotate the PDF pages left and right to make PDF files tidier and more well-structured.

To make navigation smoother than ever, one can reorganize and reorder the pages by dragging them into new positions. If you want to convert large files into smaller ones, do this by splitting them according to their page numbers.

Procedure To Fill PDF Forms

Here are the detailed steps which you can follow to learn how to fill up the PDF form by using UPDF robust PDF tools:

Step 1: Add the non-interactive PDF file

To initiate the process, download UPDF on your PC or MacBook and launch it once downloaded. Hit the "Open File" button and import the non-interactive PDF form which you want to fill out.  

Step 2: How can I fill in a PDF form using the text boxes?

Once the file is opened, you can now fill in the form information. Start writing your name and address first. To fill in the yes or no questions of the PDF form, tap it, and then it will choose yes automatically. If your fill needs to need to be signed, you can use the signature function in the "Comment".

Step 3: Cross-Check and Save Forms

Afterward, you can then save this form into the folder of your choice by accessing the "Save" or "Save As" tab on the "Save as others" icon of UPDF. 

Method 2: How Do I Fill Out an Interactive PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is a known PDF editing tool that can create, share, or edit PDF files efficiently. With this tool, you can make PDF files and convert them into fillable PDF forms for getting reviews and answers from other users. The files created or edited with Adobe Acrobat can be shared on several platforms. You can share these files via email or links.

Steps To Fill Out a PDF Form with Adobe Acrobat

If you are wondering how to fill out a PDF form with Adobe Acrobat, feel free to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: To get started, download Adobe Acrobat on your computer and launch it. Once launched, import the fillable PDF file from your device.

Step 2: Once the file is opened, click on the "Fill & Sign" option from the right panel. Select "Text Field" and write your answer or response or choose the text from content suggestions, hit "Auto-Fill the Field", and save data. Then, to add a checkmark, go to the correct location and click once. Afterward, Adobe Acrobat will automatically add and resize that checkmark. You can also add your signatures by clicking on the "Add Signature" option from the sub-menu.

Step 3: Once the fillable PDF form is finalized, you can now share this form with other people. From the upper right domain, click on the "Send a Copy" button. This will open a pop-up on your screen to save your filled PDF form. Select the "Save" button from this window and then hit "Create Link". When the link is created, click on the "Copy Link" option, and now you can share this link with people via email or other platforms.

how to fill in a pdf with adobe

Challenges of Using This Tool to Fill Out PDF Forms

  • Every Feature is Paid: No matter if you wish to add a comment or create a fillable PDF form with Adobe Acrobat, you cannot do it without money. Every feature of this tool is paid, which is its major drawback. It costs $239/88 per year.
  • Disorganized Interface: If the tool's interface is not good, how can you expect good results from that tool? The user interface of this tool is not organized well, making it difficult to use.

Method 3: Can I Fill Out a PDF Form Online with Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most admired and trustworthy browser all over the world. People love to search for things by using google as every type of information is accessible on Google. Google is used not only for searching purposes but can also help improve productivity. Google offers many types of tools to its users, including Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Google Meet, and many more. It is also used to view and fill out PDF forms.

Steps to Fill Out PDF Form Online with Google Chrome

If you want to know how to fill out a PDF form online by using Google Chrome, jump to the steps listed here:

Step 1: Open the file manager on your PC and locate the fillable PDF form. Once the file is located, right-click on it. From the menu, place your cursor on the "Open With" option and then select "Google Chrome."

Step 2: Once the PDF file is opened in Google, fill in the questions in the form. You can write your answer if required or tick marks the options. Once done with the form filling, proofread it again to eliminate mistakes.

Step 3: When the PDF fillable form is finalized, click the "Save" button from the top panel, and select the path to save it. Once the form is saved, you can now share it successfully.

how to fill up pdf form with google chrome

Cons of Using This Tool to Fill out PDF Forms

  • You Cannot Sign the PDF File: Signing is an important part of PDF forms, but it is impossible to sign the PDF file using the Google Chrome web browser.
  • File Cannot Be Shared Through Chrome: If you are working on a PDF file with Google, you cannot share it directly. It can only be shared once it is downloaded into the device.
  • You Cannot Edit The PDF: PDF files require editing, and sometimes one must also add comments. But with Google Chrome, you cannot edit PDF text, add comments, or add annotations to PDF files.

Compare the Three Methods to Fill in a PDF

No person likes to test tools before using them, as they wish to use a reliable one to save time and effort. For this reason, here is the comparison table of the tools mentioned above. This table will tell you UPDF is the best and why you can rely on this tool.

ToolsUPDFAdobe AcrobatGoogle Chrome
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, OnlineWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Interface QualityExcellentGoodSatisfactory
PriceAnnual Plan: US$39.99
Perpetual Plan: US$59.99
Monthly: US$29.99/Month
Annual: US$239.88/Year
Fill out PDF forms
Sign PDF forms
Create PDF forms
Edit PDF Text
Squiggly line text and add stickers
Add rich text by dragging and dropping
Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, XML, and Text
Convert PDF to GIF, CSV, BMP

What are the Benefits of Filling out PDF Forms?

Fillable PDF forms are very common on both educational and professional platforms. There are many reasons why people like PDF fillable forms, and there are also many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

1. PDF Fillable Forms are Secure

When companies work with digital documents, they are mostly concerned about their security and accessibility. PDF files shared on digital platforms can be secure because the owner can manage their access.

When someone fills out the PDF forms, their information becomes flattened automatically, and no one can copy it. Moreover, you can also add your signatures to PDF forms to make them more authoritative. As for the confidentiality of PDF files, you can also encrypt them by adding a password.

2. Compatible with Several Platforms

One of the most assistive things about fillable PDF forms is they can be opened and operated on multiple platforms. There is no device and browser restriction to manage these forms on many devices. The functionality of PDF files remains the same on different devices, and there won't be any change in the file until you make one on your own.

3. Constant Formatting

Students mainly face difficulty working with document formats like Word because the formatting changes on its own. However, in the case of PDF forms, no matter how many times a user shares or downloads them, there won't be any changes. It is a great deal for students, especially because there is no risk of an answer swap in a PDF file.

3. Cost-Friendly

Imagine you have to get reviews from 500 clients, and the cost of one-color print paper is half a dollar. If your file is larger, you have to spend a lot of money on printing. To save that much money, you can use fillable PDF forms to create and share them for free.

You can get your answers swiftly, securely, and without losing money. Also, you don't have to meet every single person to share your documents, so in simple words, your taxi fare is also saved.


Concludingly, fillable PDF forms are widely used by many people to get their work done. It is very beneficial to use these digital forms because you can save time, money, and effort by using them. There are many tools by which you can create these fillable PDF forms, three of which are mentioned above. You can rely on UPDF without a second thought about these two tools.

This tool comprises many prevailing features that can help you solve PDF problems in a blink. Whether you want to create a fillable PDF form or fill a PDF form, this tool can help you with everything. Moreover, if you use fillable PDF forms, you can share them on many platforms without worrying about changes in formats. If you wish to fill out a PDF form, follow the detailed steps mentioned above.