How to Create a Fillable PDF from Word? (Best Ways)

PDF is one of the globally recognized file formats used by many different businesses and corporations for multiple scenarios. Many of these businesses try to create a fillable PDF from Word to record their client's information and business details. As a result, in this guide, we have discussed the best ways that you can follow to create the desired fillable PDFs from Word.

Part 1. How to Make a Fillable PDF from Word on Windows and Mac

UPDF is one of the best PDF form creator tools with multi-functionality, allowing users to create and edit PDFs accordingly. Once you get your hands on this tool, it becomes easy to create a fillable PDF from Word. Users can select from six different fields to insert into their PDFs accordingly. These fields are fillable and can be customized based on the user's needs.

These fields include a dropdown menu, checkbox option, button feature, and much more to help you make your PDF forms look more presentable. In addition, by double-clicking on the fillable section, you can also adjust its various properties like "Style "and "Action" as per your need. What's more, you can convert your Word to fillable PDF forms with one click via its "Form Recognition Field" option. You can click the "Free Download" button below to download UPDF and follow the below guide to convert Word to fillable PDF form.

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Step 1: Create PDF from Word After Launching UPDF

To create the fillable PDF, launch UPDF on your computer. From the main interface, tap on the "File" option at the top left corner, and from the dropdown list, hover the mouse on "Create" and select the "PDF from Word" option.

create fillable pdf from word

Step 2: Choose the Respective Fields to Make Fillable Form

Following this, import the Word document that you want to make fillable in PDF format. Once the file is open in the UPDF, click on the "Prepare Form" option from the left side toolbar section. This will give you access to various fields like "Text Field," "Radio Button," "Dropdown," and more. From these features, select the "Text Field" on the top toolbar section and paste it at the desired location.

Alternatively, if your Word file contains the form you need and want to convert them into fillable PDF form directly, you can click "Prepare Form" > "Tool" > "Form Field Recognition" to make them fillable at one click.

create fillable pdf from word form field recognition

Step 3: Adjust the Properties and Save The File for Later Use

Adjust its properties like "General," "Style," and "Action" from the section on the right side by double-clicking on the field. Now, hit the "Save As" option in the "File" tab to download the fillable PDF file on your system.

Other Productive Key Features of UPDF

Besides the fillable PDF form features, UPDF also has some more annotating features for its users, which are given below:

  • UPDF has AI-integrated features to help you summarize, explain, and translate documents.
  • With the help of OCR technology supported in 38+ languages, turn your scanned PDF editable.
  • You can highlight text, underline it, and do much more with annotation functions.
  • Converting documents in different formats like Word, PowerPoint, and more is easy with UPDF.
  • Users can insert background, watermark, header, and footer into their PDFs.

Video guide on How to Create Fillable PDF from Word on Windows

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Part 2. How to Create Fillable PDF from Word Online Free?

To create fillable PDF from Word online for free without any complication, you can use DocFly as your PDF form creator. It provides users with a lot of different form-fillable features like "Paragraph Field," "List Field," "Signature Field," and much more. When utilizing these fields, users can customize their color, font style, size, and even alignment. DocFly also has multiple sharing options, which makes it easy for businesses to share the fillable PDF forms with their clients and respective people. With that, let's look at the steps on how to use this tool to fulfill your needs:

Step 1: Access the official website of DocFly on your computer browser. Tap the "Click to Upload Your File" option on the main homepage. Following this, upload the Word file in DocFly, after which you will be taken to the main dashboard.

create fillable pdf from word upload word file to docfly

Step 2: Hit the "Edit" option from the top bar and choose the "Fill PDF Form" option. Ensure that you have selected the respective Word file from the "Filename" section, which you have just uploaded. Beforehand, tap on the "Three Dots" next to the file and choose the "Convert to PDF" option to convert this Word file into PDF.

create fillable pdf from word choose form filling feature docfly

Step 3: Tap on the "Form Creator" option to access the multiple features. From the list of features like "Arrange Fields," "Signature Field," and more, select the necessary option like "Text Field" and paste it at the specific point. Afterward, when all the required fields are added, tap on the "Save" button. Besides this, click the "Export" option to download the PDF on your device.

create fillable pdf from word insert form fields into pdf docfly

Part 3. Which Method is Better to Convert Word to Fillable PDF?

After discussing the above two ways to convert Word to fillable PDF free, we will now compare them both in detail to learn which of these tools offers the much better options. The table provided below will help you assess the form-filling features offered by both tools in a better way:

Form Field Recognition
Text Field
Check Box
Radio Box
Clear form
Import Data
Export Data
Customize styles and actions.
Duplicate Fields Across Pages
Create Multiple Field Copies
Highlight Existing Fields
See Preview
Set Fields Alignment
Insert Tooltip to Fields
Lock Form Fields

The table above clearly indicates that UPDF is the best fillable maker currently available. Having more advanced features than DocFly, this tool is sure to make your forms stand out. With UPDF, creating fillable PDF forms from Word has been easy, as this tool even recognizes form fields. Plus, it can even lock the particular fields or make you able to see the preview after creating the form.

With that, you must download UPDF on your devices and start using this tool. For that, click the "Free Download" button below and buy the UPDFs premium plan to access all the discussed features.

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Part 4. FAQs About Creating Fillable PDFs From Word

Q1. How do you create a fillable PDF from Word without Acrobat?

You can use UPDF to create a fillable PDF from Word without Acrobat. All you need to do is choose "File > Create > PDF from Word" and import the Word file. Choose the "Prepare Form" option and use the tools in the top bar to create fillable forms.

Q2. How to create a fillable PDF from Word with Adobe?

To create a fillable PDF form from Word with Acrobat, launch this tool. Head to "All Tools > Create a PDF > Create" and import the Word document. Afterward, choose "Prepare a Form" in the left-side panel and create fillable form in Adobe.

Q3. What is the easiest program to make a fillable PDF?

UPDF is an accessible program and has easy-to-create fillable PDF forms in a very short time. This tool offers a variety of form-creation fields. Even the pricing plan to use all of its features is quite affordable, and the features offered by this tool are highly advanced.

Final Words

With the advancement in technology, a lot of tools are made to help users create fillable PDFs from Word. However, many of them claim to have the best features, but in reality, they don't provide the necessary features, such as a variety of form fields.

That is why we recommend you use UPDF as the best PDF form creator tool to ensure that your PDF form has all the required fields. This PDF form creator has all types of features that professionals require to make their documents look attractive and valuable. Download UPDF via the below button to try it now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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