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How to Wrap Text in PDF Fillable Form? (The Detailed Guide)

Filling out PDF forms is a common task for many individuals, whether you are a professional, student, or customer.

However, you might run into the challenge of managing text input in a way that looks neat and organized, especially when you're dealing with lengthy entries.

This is where to know how to wrap text in PDF fillable forms becomes invaluable.

In this guide, we will explore two methods to accomplish this: using UPDF and Adobe Acrobat.

Whether you are preparing a document for business, personal use, or any scenario that requires polished and readable forms, this article has got you covered.

Part 1. How to Wrap Text in PDF Fillable Form With UPDF? (Cheap and Easy)

If you want an easy-to-use and cost-effective option, then UPDF should be your first choice.

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF editing tool that simplifies the process of wrapping text in PDF fillable forms.

Available for both Windows and Mac, UPDF allows you not only to wrap text effectively but also to create or convert non-fillable forms into fillable ones.

Its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing make it an excellent choice for individuals and professionals alike. And UPDF now has a big discount, you can click the below picture to upgrade now.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form UPDF

You can click the below button to follow the below guide about how to wrap text in PDF fillable forms on UPDF:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Open UPDF

Start by launching the UPDF application on your computer. In this example, if you're using a Mac, you can open Finder, navigate to the Applications folder, and then double-click on UPDF to open it.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form open UPDF

Step 2: Open Your Document

Click on "Open File" to select and open the PDF document you wish to edit.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form open file

Once you click "Open File," a small window will pop up. Select the PDF you wish to edit. We're going to click on "Sample Form" for our example. Click "Open" for the PDF to open in the UPDF application.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form open file

Step 3: Switch to Prepare Form Mode

When you open a PDF with UPDF, the default setting places you in "Comment" mode. To adjust fillable text to be wrapable, you must switch to "Prepare Form" mode. To do this, locate and click on the "Prepare Form" icon found within the left-hand toolbar.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Comment

Step 4: Go to Text Box Properties

Right-click on the text box that you want to make wrapable. A menu will appear; click on "Properties."

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Properties

Step 5: Enable Text Wrapping

In the "Properties" menu, find and check the "Multi-line" option. This action will make the text within your selected text box wrapable.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Properties

Step 6: Verify Text Wrapping

To verify that text wrapping has been enabled, return to Comment Mode by clicking on the Comment Mode icon located in the left-hand toolbar. Once back in Comment Mode, you can type into the text box to ensure that text wrapping is functioning as expected.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form verify text wrapping

UPDF makes the process of wrapping text on a PDF fillable form very easy to navigate.

UPDF offers features many other features such as:

  • AI Assistant to help you with tasks like summarization and content creation.
  • Editing text and images within PDFs.
  • Adding or editing links.
  • Converting PDFs to various formats like Word, Excel, and more, with OCR for text recognition.
  • Annotating PDFs with tools like highlights, stamps, and drawings.
  • Organizing pages by deleting, rearranging, or rotating.
  • Protecting PDFs with passwords.
  • Sharing PDFs via link or email.
  • Viewing PDFs on any device with a dark mode for easier reading.

If you want to know more about the awesome features of UPDF, you can download UPDF to test by clicking the below button or watching the below video!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Wrap Text in a PDF Fillable Form With Adobe Acrobat? (Expensive and Difficult to Use)

You might recognize the program Adobe Acrobat. It's known for its comprehensive PDF management capabilities, including support for fillable forms.

Despite its popularity, the software is very expensive, and the high cost can be a deterrent for some users.

But if you already have Adobe Acrobat, you can use it to wrap text in PDF fillable forms. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat

If you have a subscription to Adobe Acrobat, launch the program and open the PDF document you wish to edit. For this example, we'll be using a document named "Volunteer Form."

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Launch Adobe

Step 2: Access "Prepare Form" Tool

To begin making your document fillable, go to the toolbar on the left side of the Adobe Acrobat interface. There, you'll see a list of tools; type "Prepare" into the search box or scroll until you see "Prepare Form." Click on it to keep going.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Prepare Form

Step 3: Choose Your File

Once the "Prepare Form" tool is active, you'll be prompted to select the file you want to convert into a fillable form. For our purposes, we'll continue with the "Volunteer Form." After selecting it, click "Start" to begin the process.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form select file

Step 4: Add a Text Box

After entering the form editing mode, you'll notice a toolbar at the top of your screen. Look for the "Add a Text Box" icon (usually represented by a T inside a box) and click on it.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Add a Text Box

Then, click on the specific area within your PDF where you'd like to place the text box. In our "Volunteer Form," we'll add it next to the "First Name" field.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Add a Text Box

Step 5: Enter Text

After placing the text box, a window will appear where you can enter the text you want to include in the form. Type in your desired text here.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Enter Text

Step 6: Indicate Text Wrapping

To make your text wrap within the text box, stay in the same window where you entered your text. Look for the "Options" tab at the top of this window and select it. Within the options, find and check the "Multi-line" box. This action activates text wrapping so that your text fits within the text box.

how to wrap text in pdf fillable form Indicate Text Wrapping

While Adobe Acrobat does offer useful features, its price is a bit hard to swallow. And also, the learning curve to understand how to do simple tasks like wrapping text is pretty steep.

In the end, Adobe Acrobat really isn't worth it compared to cheaper, easier alternatives like UPDF.

Part 3. Which Method is Better to Wrap Text in PDF Fillable Form?

We've previously mentioned that UPDF is a lot more convenient and cheaper to use than Adobe Acrobat for simple tasks like wrapping text.

To give you a comprehensive understanding, let's compare both PDF management tools across several key features.

We'll aim to highlight the distinct advantages and capabilities of each PDF management tool:

FeatureUPDFAdobe Acrobat
PriceUS$35.99/yearUS$239.88/year for Pro version
Wrap TextAvailableAvailable
Platform CompatibilityAvailable on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS with a single-user licenseLimited to Windows for Adobe Acrobat Standard DC
StickersOffers a wide range of stickers to enhance documentsDoes not offer stickers
Rich Text Addition by DraggingAllows dragging rich text directly onto PDF documentsLacks the feature to add rich text by dragging
Conversion OptionsSupports conversion to a variety of formats, including CSV, BMP, GIFLimited conversion options; does not support CSV, BMP, GIF formats
PDFs as SlideshowFeature available for enhanced reading experienceNo slideshow feature
OCR ToolOffers an affordable OCR tool for editable PDFsOffers OCR tool
AI AssistantProvides AI assistant for summarizing, explaining, translating, and rewriting PDFsBeta version of AI tools available
User InterfaceUser-friendly interfacePotentially more complex interface
Overall ValueHigh value with affordable pricing and extensive featuresHigher cost with a comprehensive but costly feature set

Also Read: Adobe Acrobat Vs UPDF: Discovering Advantages And Choosing Wisely

In the end, while both UPDF and Adobe Acrobat have similar PDF management capabilities, UPDF is hands-down the better option.

UPDF stands out as a more accessible and budget-friendly PDF management tool. It offers a broad range of features without the complexity associated with Acrobat.

This makes UPDF the recommended choice for most users seeking efficiency and simplicity.

Part 3. FAQS Related to How to Wrap Text in PDF Fillable Form

Q1. How to Wrap Text in Drop-Down List in PDF?

Currently, it's not possible to wrap text within a drop-down list in PDF forms. Drop-down lists are designed to display options in a straightforward, unwrapped format.

Q2. How Do You Autofit Text in a Fillable PDF?

To autofit text in a fillable PDF using Adobe Acrobat, follow these steps:

  1. Open your PDF form in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select the form field where you want the text to autofit.
  3. Right-click on the field and choose "Properties."
  4. Go to the "Options" tab.
  5. Under the "Field Options," find and select "Auto" for the font size. This setting allows the text to automatically adjust to fit the field.

Q3. How to Make Text Shrink to Fit in PDF Form?

To make text shrink to fit within a form field in UPDF, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch UPDF and open your PDF form.
  2. Go to Prepare Form Mode (left-hand toolbar).
  3. Select the text box you wish to edit. Right-click to access the "Properties."
  4. Click on "Style" in the top menu.
  5. In the drop-down menu to change the size of the font, select "Auto" to shrink the text to fit within a form field in UPDF.

Final Words

There you have it – we've shown you the straightforward steps for how to wrap text in PDF fillable form.  

Though there are a couple of options, UPDF is definitely the most effective tool for the job.

UPDF simplifies PDF form editing, making it accessible and efficient for everyone. Its easy-to-use features make sure that your PDF forms are perfectly customized to meet your needs.

Download UPDF for a hassle-free PDF editing experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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