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Crop Pages on Windows

You can easily crop your PDF pages without putting much effort into UPDF. The tool provides you with the ability to crop pages individually or entirely. With such control, it is quite easy to cover.

Below is the guide that you can use to crop the PDF pages on UPDF:

You must click the "Crop Pages" button on the left toolbar after opening the PDF file. Here, you can set the margins by using the purple box. After adjusting the area you want to crop, click the "Crop" button to make the changes.

tap crop pages option

If you dig deep into the cropping feature of UPDF, you will find out some more options in it:

Cropping Options

Find the "Options" button adjacent to the page view when you click the "Crop Pages" button. This will open the cropping options where you can adjust the attributes to crop the PDF document.

  • Margin Controls: Set all four margins of the PDF document by defining the dimensions in the available section.
  • Cropped Page Size: Define the width and height of the PDF document, which is equivalent to providing dimensions for cropping the PDF.
  • Constrain Proportions: You can also turn on this toggle if you wish to constrain the margins of the PDF document.
click the cropping options

Apply Changes

Once you have defined the cropping options, you can also set the restrictions on applying the changes within the document. If you simply go for the "Crop" button, it will crop the single page of your PDF document.

However, if you wish to apply these settings for more pages of the PDF, you must go for the "Apply Changes" button. Here, you can set the custom page range of the PDF document. You will find the option of defining the range in the "Page Range" manually. To make things simpler, you can use the "Odd or Even Pages" option.

If you select the "Crop the margins" option, this will help you define the margins of the pages, as the cropped size might differ for different PDF pages. On selecting the "Crop the page box" option, the defined measurement will apply as a rectangle on all pages.

apply page changes

Revert Changes

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can simply click the "Revert Changes" button that is present right above the "Options" button on the cropping window. This will undo all the changes made to the PDF document.

revert page changes
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