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Note: UPDF for Windows doesn't support the editing feature currently. The editing feature will be added in July.

How to Edit Text in PDF with UPDF

1. Edit Text in PDF

  • Click on the Edit button placed right at the top of the interface. You will enter into the editing mode.
edit text in pdf
  • Double-click on the text to enter into the editing mode. There will be a purple borderline to indicate that you have selected the paragraph, and then you can modify the text as per your requirements.
edit pdf text
  • Besides adding, deleting, or modifying the text, you can also change the font, font size, alignment, and other font styles on the top toolbar.

Note: If you're already in Markup or Page mode, you can click the Edit icon in the left navigation toolbar to change the mode.

edit text in pdf document

2. Add Text to PDF

The process of adding text can be done in two ways. One, you can add text to PDF as part of the document by using the Edit feature. Second, you can use the Markup feature to add text to your PDF as a comment.

2.1. Add Text to PDF as a Part of Your Document

  • Click the Edit menu.
  • In Edit mode, click the + Text icon in the top toolbar.
add text to pdf
  • Set the style of the text you are adding. You can select the preset style on the left of the pop-up window. You can also set the font, font size, color, and alignment of the text.
  • Click anywhere in the PDF file and start typing.
  • To exit editing mode, click outside the text box.

2.2. Add Text to PDF as a Comment

  • Click the Markup menu.
add text as markup
  • Click the Text Box icon. Choose the style for the text box, including the color of the box, the font, and the font size of your text.
  • Click anywhere in the PDF to add the text box and begin typing.

Note: the text box is a comment to the PDF document.