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How to View PDF with UPDF

1. Page Display Modes

UPDF offers different Page Display modes to view your PDFs.

To change the Page Display mode, you need to right-click the page select Page Display, and then choose from the following four modes:

  • Single Page: Single Page View lets you view a single page at a time.
  • Two Page View: Two Page View gives you side-by-side views.
  • Scrolling: Scroll your PDF in a continuous vertical column.
  • Two Page Scrolling: Scroll your PDF in a continuous vertical column side-by-side.
viewing modes

2. View Multiple PDFs

UPDF also supports the functionality of showing different PDFs at the same time. If you want to open multiple PDFs, click the + icon of the top quick access toolbar. Each PDF will open in a new tab, like opening tabs in a web browser.

view multiple pdfs

3. Navigating a PDF

As soon you open a PDF on UPDF, you'll see a navigation bar at the bottom of the PDF. The navigating toolbar offers the following features:

  • Zoom in and out of the particular page;
  • Shows the total page numbers and the present page number;
  • Go to the first page of the PDF;
  • Go to the last page of the PDF;
  • Or go to any specific page number.
navigate a pdf