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1. Page Display Modes

UPDF offers different Page Display modes to view your PDFs.

To change the Page Display mode, you need to right-click the page select Page Display, and then choose from the following four modes:

  • Single Page View: Single Page View lets you view a single page at a time.
  • Two Page View: Two Page View gives you side-by-side views.
  • Single Page Scrolling: Scroll your PDF in a continuous vertical column.
  • Two Page Scrolling: Scroll your PDF in a continuous vertical column side-by-side.
viewing modes

2. View Multiple PDFs

UPDF also supports the functionality of showing different PDFs at the same time. If you want to open multiple PDFs, click the + icon of the top quick access toolbar. Each PDF will open in a new tab, like opening tabs in a web browser.

view multiple pdfs

3. Navigating a PDF

As soon you open a PDF on UPDF, you'll see a navigation bar at the top of the PDF. The navigating toolbar offers the following features:

  • Zoom in and out of the particular page;
  • Shows the total page numbers and the present page number;
  • Go to the first page of the PDF;
  • Go to the last page of the PDF;
  • Or go to any specific page number.
navigate a pdf

4. Slide Show PDF

For a better view of the PDF file, you can display it as a slideshow.

As you open a PDF document, ensure that you are in the "Reader" column. Click the "Slide Show" button on the top bar.

slide show icon

This will start the PDF slideshow from the start of the document in the "Presenter View."

You can find the "Edit" icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen, which provides you with the option of using "Eraser," "Pen," and "Laser Pointer." With the help of these tools, you can emphasize a specific point within the PDF while presenting.

silde show presenter view

UPDF allows you to shift to another view by using the top-right button on the screen.

In the Slide Show view, you can also keep track of time while presenting your PDF.

different silde show mode
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