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Add, Edit, and Remove Background

Backgrounds can enhance the outlook of your PDF document if added. UPDF provides a complete tool to add proper backgrounds, which can be done as follows.

Add Background

To add a background, open the PDF and lead to the "Page Tools" tab from the left column. Next, you will have to select the "Background" option on the top bar.

enter into add background mode

Next, as you are looking forward to creating a background, you will have to tap on the "Add" button to open the editing panel on the left. Decide if you want to add a "Color," "Image," or a "PDF" background to your document. As you select it, you can set the ratio and opacity of the background that you are adding.

creat background

Set the page range where you want to add the background by clicking on the double-arrow icon on the top right.

set the page range of background

Once done, click "Save" to create the template and apply it to the specific range selected.

Edit Background

If you wish to edit the background, you must redirect to the "Background" tab and look for the specific template on the right column. Navigate to the specific template and find the "Edit Background" button. Select it to open the editing panel again. Make the changes and click "Save" to edit it successfully.

edit background option

Remove Background

If you want to remove the background, go across the right column and hover your cursor on the specific background. Select the "Remove Background" option and delete the background successfully.

remove background option

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