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Reduce PDF File Size

PDF files, if large in size, cannot be easily sent across platforms and emails. If this happens, the best way to manage this issue is to compress the PDF and reduce the file size to an optimal level. For this, UPDF will help you out in compressing PDFs while maintaining the file quality.

As you launch UPDF and open the PDF file, look for the "Save as Other" button on the right panel.

save as other icon

This opens a menu offering multiple options, where you have to select "Reduce File Size…" to proceed.

reduce file size button

A new window opens showing multiple compression options for reducing file size. On selecting a respective document quality, it processes and displays the exact size of the document that will be obtained after file compression.

Select any document quality from "Maximum," "High," "Medium," or "Low." The lower the selected quality of the document, the higher the compression rate. For higher compression rates, the time for executing this task is more.

select document quality

Click on the "Save As" button to set the name and location of the compressed PDF document. As you set the parameters, click "Save" to successfully conclude the process.

save the compressed pdf document
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