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Nitro vs. UPDF - A Full Comparison to Help You Make a Better Decision

Being a professional in any corporate sector, you may encounter various PDF files in your daily routine. To edit and adjust PDF files properly and efficiently, you would need reliable PDF software. There are various options when it comes to choosing a PDF tool; however, not every tool in the market can meet your basic needs. That's why, in this article, we will draw a comparison between two famous PDF tools: Nitro PDF vs. UPDF.

Part 1: Nitro PDF Essentials vs. Nitro PDF Pro vs. UPDF

Nitro PDF Pro is a PDF solution developed by Nitro Software, Inc. which was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. Nitro only supports the Windows system for many years until the year 2021 when it purchased PDFpen, which supports Mac and iOS systems. It provides features to create, edit, and convert PDF documents.

UPDF is a relatively new product in the market, developed by Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd. It is new, but it was released at a high level as its team already has 10+ years of experience in the PDF industry. It provides features to help you edit, convert, OCR, and protect PDF documents, etc.

The biggest characteristic of Nitro PDF Pro is that its main targets are business and enterprise users, and the user experience is not so good for personal users. UPDF's key advantage is that it is very fast and pleasant to use. It opens and loads PDF documents faster and it attaches importance to every single user and provides very quick updates.

Compare the Features of Nitro and UPDF

Here are the detailed feature comparisons between Nitro and UPDF:

FeaturesNitro PDF EssentialsNitro PDF ProUPDF
Edit PDF files
Annotate PDFs
Convert PDFs to other file formats
Create PDFs
Fill PDF Forms
OCR Recognition
Save PDF as PDF/A
Create PDF Forms
Add open password to PDF
Add permissions password to PDF
Convert PDF to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
Create and edit bookmark
Combine Files
Add rich text by dragging and dropping
Slideshow with Presenter View

Part 2: How is UPDF Better than Nitro PDF?

Multiple factors make UPDF a powerful and more trustworthy tool than Nitro PDF. UPDF contains various functions that can assist you in creating and managing your PDF files proficiently. It's an all-rounder PDF tool that is capable of performing tons of efficient document tasks without any complications. To discover more about Nitro Pro vs. UPDF, continue reading the following section:

Nitro PDF EssentialsNitro PDF ProUPDF
PricingUS$129.99 (One-time License)US$179.99 (One-time License)US$39.99/Year
SystemsMac onlyWindows, Mac (You need to purchase separately for Windows and Mac devices)Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
(One purchase for all platforms)
Rating for UI Design3.8/53.8/54.8/5
Rating for Performance Speed3.5/53.5/54.8/5

1. Pricing

UPDF offers yearly plans and perpetual licenses for its users. The annual plan of UPDF costs US$39.99/year, whereas you can buy its perpetual license for US$59.99. In contrast, Nitro PDF only offers perpetual licenses for its dedicated users. You have to buy the perpetual licenses of Windows and Mac separately. Moreover, for Nitro PDF Pro Essentials, it costs US$129.99, and for Nitro PDF Pro, you have to pay US$179.99.

If we compare the pricing plans and costs for perpetual licenses for Nitro vs. UPDF, the latter is quite affordable. Hence, UPDF is extremely cost-effective as compared to Nitro PDF.

2. Licenses for Systems

UPDF offers maximum flexibility to users as you can buy its one-time license easily. Using its one-time license, you can easily use it on every platform, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. However, for Nitro PDF, you can use one license only for either Windows or Mac. Thus, you cannot use one license of Nitro PDF for every platform.

nitro vs. updf platform

3. Significant Features of UPDF That Nitro PDF Doesn't Consist

There are multiple reasons that would compel you to use UPDF for managing and enhancing your PDF files. As UPDF provides more ease in the pricing plans and license purchasing, we will now shed light on its other distinct features in this section. These key features are not available in Nitro PDF, which also puts emphasis on the importance of UPDF.

  • Annotation Tools: There is a wide range of annotation tools in UPDF that you won't be able to find in Nitro PDF. For instance, by using UPDF, you can easily use squiggly lines to highlight a specific text or sentence uniquely. By adding a squiggly line, you can easily highlight dates of events, definitions, quotations, or any important content in your PDF file.

Moreover, you can add stickers in UPDF that are not available in the Nitro PDF tool. By using stickers in your PDF file, you can easily attract viewers' attention. Also, it helps display a particular expression in your PDF document efficiently. Apart from adding stickers through UPDF, you can also add text comments to your documents to provide instant feedback. You can easily place the text comments in your PDF file by selecting the desired font, color, and style.

nitro vs. updf annotate
  • Add Rich Text by Dragging and Dropping: While conducting research for your academic paper, it can be time-consuming to copy and paste the text from a particular website to your PDF document. Fortunately, UPDF tries its best to provide comfort to users as you can use its rich text feature to insert any information in your PDF instantly.

Using this feature, you can easily drag and drop any text from a website to your PDF file without hassle. However, you cannot perform the same function using Nitro PDF.

nitro vs. updf add rich text
  • Diverse Conversion Options: Tools like Nitro PDF provides limited options for the conversion of PDF formats. However, with UPDF, you can easily convert PDF files to XML, HTML, and other formats with great ease. Thus, UPDF supports tons of formats for file conversion with no restrictions or limitations.
  • Better Collaboration Options: PDF sharing is a common task that can help increase your work efficiency and collaboration. In UPDF, you can get various sharing and collaboration options, such as through email attachments or a link. By sharing a PDF file using a link, you can easily share the document with your team members instantly.
  • Availability of Advanced OCR Feature: UPDF and Nitro both offer the advanced option of OCR through which you can convert scanned PDFs to editable and searchable. However, the availability of advanced OCR function in UPDF is available at a reasonable price. Thus, you can utilize the same advanced options of OCR in UPDF easily and cost-efficiently.
  • Slideshow Feature: Do you want to enhance your reading experience of PDF files? UPDF offers a slideshow feature that enables you to read and concentrate on PDF files comfortably. You won't find this exceptional feature in Nitro that can be a significant drawback. Hence, you can improve the readability of your PDF documents immensely by using the slideshow feature of UPDF.

Part 3: FAQs about Nitro PDF

1. Is Nitro Pro free?

Nitro Pro is not free software as it offers different pricing plans that you can consider according to your ease. We have mentioned the pricing of this tool above in detail.

2. Is Nitro Pro better than Adobe or UPDF?

Adobe offers more annotation options as compared to Nitro PDF, such as squiggly lines and text comments. However, UPDF is still the best option over Adobe due to the presence of unique features like rich text and stickers. So, if you want to choose the best and most well-recognized tool, UPDF comes at the top of the list.

3. Is Nitro Pro a one-time purchase?

Yes, Nitro Pro is a one-time purchase, as it does not offer yearly plans. You can see the pricing of its perpetual plans as described in the above part of the article.

4. How long is the Nitro Pro free trial?

The free trial of Nitro Pro lasts for only 14 days. On the other hand, you can use UPDF for free for a lifetime.


PDF tools are widely used as they are a basic need in organizations and corporate industries. If you are confused about which editor you should prefer, this article has shed light on Nitro vs. UPDF. Nitro and UPDF are both famous tools consisting of tons of significant features. However, if you draw the comparison of Nitro Pro 12 vs. UPDF, UPDF clearly wins.

UPDF is a simple and easy-to-use tool that comprises various functions that can assist you in the management of PDF files. It has rich annotation features that allow you to analyze and read PDF files effectively. You can also benefit from its collaborative options to lead your team in an enhanced and productive manner. Thus, UPDF is an advanced tool that you can utilize cost-effectively.