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The User Guide for UPDF Enterprise Plan

Have you come to have an enterprise where the team requires cooperation for authorization management? UPDF comes with a comprehensive Enterprise Plan with a solution to all operational problems.

With a complete Enterprise Management Dashboard at the disposal of the teams, SMBs, and cooperations, they can efficiently manage their licenses and authorization of their members. This can effectively help protect the virtual assets of the company and help them improve the team's document productivity. Moreover, being a complete PDF editor toolkit, UPDF can help you manage all your enterprise document-related tasks efficiently. It can edit, annotate, organize, convert, OCR, compress, flatten, or watermark PDFs, etc. To test all features before deciding to choose an individual or enterprise plan, you can click the below button to get the free trial version now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

1. Differences between the Individual Plan and Enterprise Plan

There are some significant differences between the Individual Plan and Enterprise Plan. If you are among those confusing their statuses, the discussion of their benefits will make things much easier and more transparent:

For Individual Plan

  • Personal Use: If you are using an Individual Plan on UPDF, this exclusively stands appropriate in conditions where you require the tool for personal use.
  • User Limit: Individual accounts only allow a single user to utilize the services of UPDF.
  • Device Limit: Furthermore, you can log into UPDF with the same account on 4 different devices simultaneously, which includes 2 desktops and 2 mobiles.

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For Enterprise Plan

  • Enterprise Management Dashboard: A comprehensive Enterprise Management Dashboard is available for the company that manages all the licenses, members, and the company's virtual assets, etc.
  • Flexible License Management: With flexible management of licenses available, controlling the authorization and assigning duties gets much more straightforward.
  • User Limit: There are no member limits for inviting to join a company. The package bought from UPDF generally covers the number of authorized and online users. For instance, if you bought 10 licenses, you are allowed to have 10 users online simultaneously. People who turnover from the company can damage your license count. For such cases, turning off their license and authorizing it to a new user is the right way to keep your licenses proficiently.
  • Device Limit: Furthermore, users using the Enterprise Plan can use the service on three devices simultaneously, including 1 desktop and 2 mobiles. It clarifies that if the user wishes to activate their enterprise account on Mac, they will have to sign themselves out of the Windows account.
  • Avatar: If you are using an enterprise account of UPDF, you will see an enterprise logo on the bottom right side of your logo. This will help you distinguish between a personal and an enterprise account.

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updf enterprise vs. personal account

2. Purchase, Create a Company, and Redeem

For perfect cooperation between the management and staff, UPDF Enterprise comes with an optimized format for initiating the process. It offers two different situations of indulging with the Enterprise system, where the first situation involves the purchase of the Enterprise in the initial phase, followed by the creation of the company in the later stages. For the second situation, the user creates the company first and purchases the Enterprise Plan later. We would assert our focus on the procedural execution of these situations:

2.1 Situation One: Purchasing the Enterprise Plan First

Step 1: Finish the Purchase Process

While you are present on the Enterprise Plan purchasing page, you have to define the "Number of Users" against the option available on the page.

Continuing next, click the "Sign In To Checkout" to sign in with your existing account or create a new account. Ensure that you sign in with a valid email address. (Note: It is important to be aware of the email, as a confirmation mail is received against the address provided for buying the Enterprise Plan, which contains the order information and redemption code.)

purchase updf enterprise plan

Step 2: Click "Redeem Now" on the Successful Purchase Page

As you have completed all purchases, you will be led to a successful purchase page. On this page, you can copy the redemption code and see the redemption instructions. The best way is to click the "Redeem Now" button to start the "Create a Company" process and this will help you open the auto-redemption prompt in the Enterprise Management Dashboard. With this method, you don't need to copy the code manually.

updf enterprise redemption instructions

Step 3. Create a Company

By clicking the "Redeem Now" button, you will be redirected to the "Create a Company" process. Provide the "Company Name" in the first spot. Follow through to select the "Industry Type," and continue to choose the "Number of Employees" signing up for the spot in the Enterprise Plan.

Click "Continue" to lead to the next set of pages.

create a company

Step 4. Create the Administrator Account

On the next page, provide the email account that would act as the administrator with the exclusive management rights for the Enterprise management system.

Select the "Continue" button after providing the email address. Verify with the code sent to your email and confirm the creation of the company enterprise account at UPDF.

Set up the name and password of the account under creation. Proceed according to the on-screen instructions and conclude the creation of your account successfully.

sign up updf enterprise account

After finishing creating the company and administrator account, you will be provided with two different options to go with. If you try clicking the "Open UPDF" button, it will launch UPDF and log in with your administrator account automatically.

go to enterprise dashboard

Step 5. Auto-Redemption on the Dashboard

On clicking the "Enterprise Management Dashboard," you will be directed to the Dashboard for the enterprise account. A prompt will appear as soon as you enter the Dashboard. Showing the prompt as "Auto-redemption," click "OK" to automatically redeem the plan.

updf auto-redemption

As you continue next, the Dashboard shows that one license is already in use, which is of the administrator. Since this authorization is automatically provided to the admin, it can be manually turned off.


Note: For those users who do not receive the "Auto-redemption" prompt, they can copy the redemption code from the purchase page or email address attached to the process. After pasting the code, click the "Redeem" button present on the Dashboard.

redeem updf enterprise

2.2. Situation Two. Creating a Company First

Step 1. Create a Company

Follow through the link to initiate the process of creating a company.

Enter the company information to create a company, and then enter your email to create an administrator account for the company. This administrator account can manage team members and control all the authorization.

create a company

Step 2. Enter the Enterprise Management Dashboard

As the company is created, you can enter the Enterprise Management Dashboard.

go to enterprise dashboard

Step 3. Buy License

The next thing that needs to be done is to purchase an Enterprise Plan by clicking the "Buy Licenses" option in the Company Overview Dashboard. This will lead you to the enterprise checkout page with your admin account logged in automatically.

buy updf enterprise

Select the number of users that would be part of the Enterprise Plan the company is purchasing and process the payment.

purchase updf enterprise

You will have to pay for the Enterprise Plan, after which you will be directed to the "Successfully Purchased" page. The page displays that the Enterprise Plan has been automatically redeemed to the account.

On clicking the "Enterprise Management Dashboard" button in the center of the page, you will find that the account has been redeemed automatically. This is essential because since you have already created a company and an admin account, the license automatically redeems if bought using the admin account.

redeem automatically

Note: For better knowledge of the process, the plan can be bought directly from the website within the range of 10 users. However, with more than 10 users, contact the sales to purchase the Enterprise Plan with a volume license discount.

3. What's in the Dashboard

After you enter the Dashboard, you will find there are three main menus on the left:

3.1 Company Overview

As you find yourselves in the Enterprise Dashboard, you can observe the complete overview of the company in the "Company Overview" tab. Observe the list of licenses and members against the "License View" and "Member View" options. You can also utilize the available options in the "Quick Entry" section for managing your enterprise account with ease.

company overview of updf enterprise dashboard

3.2 Member Management

Continue to the "Member Management" section from the left panel. You can search through the available database by searching for the respective member in the search section provided at the top. If you seek to "Reset" your search settings, click the button available just beneath the search section. You can also add members, remove members, authorize, and deauthorize members.

updf enterprise member management

3.3 Company Settings

Lead into the "Company Settings" tab from the left panel to open the details of the company provided for the enterprise account.

You can change the name, industry type, and number of employees at any instant.

If you are to delete the business information or data, click the "Dissolve Company" button to clear out the enterprise account on UPDF.

updf enterprise company settings

4. Invite Members to Join Your Company

UPDF Enterprise Dashboard allows you to add members in three ways: Share Invitation, Add Manually, and Batch Import. To add a member, press the "Add Member" button and choose the desired option from the drop-down menu.

  1. Share Invitation: You can add members by copying the link and sharing it with them through communication apps. Moreover, you can add emails of your team members separated by commas and send them an invitation by pressing the "Send Invitation" button.
  2. Add Manually: To add the team members, fill in the details like Account, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone. You can also give authorization by enabling the "Authorization" toggle. Next, press the "OK" button to add them successfully.
  3. Batch Import: You can add hundreds of employees simultaneously by importing the Excel file. UPDF also provides the Employee Table Template that you can download and modify according to your enterprise.
add members updf enterprise

5. How to Accept Invitation

Those who receive an invite to join their company's Enterprise Management System in UPDF will receive an email invitation. As you open the email, click "View Details" to observe the details of the invite.

join updf enterprise company

As you continue to the next screen, you can select the "Click to Accept" button to accept the invitation, after which you are going to sign up for UPDF. Then sign up for your enterprise account following the instructions.

click to accept invitation

If I have a personal account on UPDF, can I still join the company?

Yes, it is entirely possible to join an enterprise account; however, the individual account is entirely separate from the enterprise account. The benefits of these accounts are not mutually shared, as you can log in to any of the accounts to work with UPDF.

6. Member Management and License Authorization

  • Add Member

By clicking the "Add Member" button, you can initiate the process to invite or add your employees by three methods (Share Invitation, Add Manually, and Batch Import) as we explained in the "Invite Members to Join Your Company" section above.

  • Remove Member

You can also remove a member by selecting and clicking the "Remove Member" button.

  • Authorize and Deauthorize Licenses

Authorize and deauthorize a respective member according to the available options in the Member Management Dashboard.

  • You can simply switch to turn on or off the authorization for your members.
  • Alternatively, you can select the member and then click the "Authorize" or "Deauthorize" buttons to achieve the same function.
Authorize and Deauthorize Licenses

Tip: Considering a user turns over, deauthorizing their license is a single click away. Furthermore, authorizing new users is also a button's work, which turns out to be highly proficient for an enterprise.

7. Download and Use UPDF with Your Enterprise Account

If you are an authorized user of a company having an Enterprise Plan on UPDF, you can have an exclusive experience of all the benefits of this plan. You need to download UPDF on your device and log in with the authorized enterprise account.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

As you download UPDF successfully, launch and continue to select the "Login" button on the top-right corner of the screen. Continue with the on-screen instructions to log in successfully with the authorized enterprise account.

log in updf enterprise account

If the administrator has granted authorization for your account, you can find the plan displayed under the "Authorized" label at the same point where you logged into UPDF. You can easily log in to your enterprise account on multiple devices and proceed to enjoy all the benefits associated with the service.

If you still need some help, please feel free to contact your sales manager or send an email to our customer service at [email protected].

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