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Search For Word In PDF: Find Text In Windows, Mac & Google Chrome

Searching words across a PDF is quite important for students or professionals who have to assess a complete PDF document with a task at hand. Usually, the need to find a word in a PDF comes with an urge to locate something important from the document. Thus, the articles turn up in discussing a comprehensive guide on how to search for a word in a PDF using multiple existing methods.

Part 1: How to Search for a Word in a PDF on Windows

For this part, we shall assess two different methods that can be applied to search for a word in PDF. With these methods applied, you will be able to look across any word without any complications.

Method 1: Search for Word in PDF with UPDF

There may be many PDF editors that you can find for your Windows PC. However, with the aim to get the best, you should always seek UPDF as your first choice. This exceptional PDF editor embeds some unique annotation tools under its belt, which makes it a kind tool in the market. Combining different annotation tools such as highlighting documents, adding shapes of different kinds, and using stamps to ratify documents, UPDF surely offers a lot.

how to search for a word in a pdf with updf

If you are looking forward to searching for something from a PDF document, UPDF makes it quite easy for you to execute. Go through the steps to learn more about this procedure:

Step 1: Open PDF File

Launch UPDF after downloading it successfully for free with the below button. Once opened, click on "Open File" to import the PDF document that you intend to work on.

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Step 2: Use Shortcut Key to Find

Once the document is opened, use the shortcut keys of "Ctrl + F" to protrude to the "Search" window on the screen. Or you can tap the "Search" icon on the top right to search the word in the PDF.

search for word in pdf using updf

Step 3: Search a Word in PDF

After you tap the "Search" icon, it will have a window to let you type the word. Type in any word that you wish to find across the PDF document. The results shall be essentially highlighted across the document. Below the window will appear the results of the search.

type the word and how to search a word in pdf

Step 4: Select the Search Type

UPDF can also make the search more accurate. Tap the small icon beside the search box. It has "Case Sensitive" and "Whole Words Only" two options for you to choose from.

search for text in pdf more accurate

Video Tutorial on How to Search for Text in PDF

Method 2: Find Word in PDF with Adobe Reader

Being one of the oldest PDF editors in the market, Adobe Reader can be an alternative for users when they are searching for an appropriate PDF editor to search for text in PDF. Adobe Reader provides users with a different experience in finding words across a document, which is based on the simple finding procedure to an advanced process with several functions to perform.

Regardless, if you seek an alternative to searching for a word across a PDF, you can surely try out the steps featured as follows:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Reader on your Windows PC and access "My Computer" from the left-hand column of the homepage. Click on "Browse" to import the document into the editor.

find text in pdf with adobe

Step 2: As the document opens up, use the shortcut keys of "Ctrl + F" to open the simple "Find" window on the screen. You can simply search for a word and use the buttons "Next" and "Previous" to navigate across the document.

how to search words in a pdf using adobe

Step 3: Following this, you can also perform an advanced search by using the shortcut keys of "Shift + Ctrl + F". This feature of Adobe allows you to search for a certain word across a single PDF or multiple PDFs across your computer. You can also use different filters accordingly to make your search comprehensive.

search for text in pdf with adobe

Part 2: How to Search Words in a PDF on Mac

Mac users can have a similar experience with finding words on a PDF. However, for this, they need a proper tool providing such comprehensive features. This part recognizes a couple of best platforms that can be considered to search for a word in PDF.

Method 1: Search Words in a PDF with UPDF for Mac

UPDF for Mac provides an advanced experience to its users in managing PDF documents. Its annotation tools are quite accurate in providing users the services of controlling the outlook of a PDF file. With the right highlighting tools and other markup tools, users can surely cover the complete document with the control in their hands.

Providing other annotation features such as stamps, UPDF makes it quite basic for users to annotate PDF files. If you are looking forward to searching for a word across the PDF on the Mac, you should try using UPDF with the following steps:

Step 1: Import PDF Document

Download and launch UPDF on your Mac, and proceed by clicking on "Open File" to import it to the platform.

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Step 2: Use the Command to Find

After importing the PDF, use the shortcut keys of "Command + F" to search for the word by opening a small window.

Step 3: Search the keywords in PDF

You can also find the "Find" option on the top right that can be used to locate words across a PDF document.

UPDF can allow you to select two different types of searching words. You can select "Case Sensitive" and "Whole Words Only". These two options will make your search more accurate.

That's all the steps of using UPDF to search words in PDF. Elevate your PDF game with UPDF Pro. It's everything you need and more. Upgrade today!

find word in pdf on mac

Method 2: How to Search For a Word on a PDF Mac Preview

Rather than downloading any third-party platform, you can surely look towards the option of using the built-in tools on your Mac. Preview for Mac offers a cognitive experience to its users in managing their PDF files. Embedded with many impressive tools, users can find a comprehensive list of annotation tools within the platform with an interface that helps many people in highlighting and locating parts of the PDF they like.

Look through the steps of searching for a word across a PDF document by looking into the details provided as follows:

Step 1: You need to launch your PDF document with Preview. You will see the "Search Bar" option on the top right side of the Preview window.

Step 2: Type in the word that you wish to search for. You will also find the results displayed on the left-hand pane of the screen. Toggle through the results to find the appropriate position of the PDF that you seek.

how to search words in a pdf on mac

Part 3: How to Search for a Word in a PDF on Chrome

Instead of going for PDF editors, you can surely try the direct method of searching words in a PDF file using Google Chrome. Such browsers provide users with the ability to do appropriate searches across the PDF files that are opened across them. To understand more about the process, you can follow the steps explained below:

Step 1: Lead to the PDF document across your device that you want to open. Right-click on the document and lead to the "Open With" section to select "Google Chrome" in the available options.

how to search for a pdf on google

Step 2: Once the document is open on Chrome, use the shortcut keys of "Ctrl + F" to find the word on Windows. Conversely, you can use "Command + F" if you are using a Mac.

Step 3: As you see the search bar on the top of the window, type in the word that you want to search for and observe the results.

search word in pdf online

Part 4: FAQs about Searching for Word in PDF

1. How to Search for a Word in a PDF on iPhone?

You need to open a PDF document on your iPhone. As you have it opened, you will find a "Search" icon on the top of the screen. Tap on it and write down the word that you want to find across the PDF document.

2. Why Can't I Find Words in a PDF?

The reason it may you are unable to find words in a PDF is they are nonexistent in the file. You may be typing in the wrong word; that is why you may be unable to find the word in the PDF. The other reason is your PDF file is not a searchable PDF. You can make PDF searchable with the OCR feature in UPDF first, and then it can search the word.

3. How Do I Search for Text in a PDF Image?

There is no certain way to search for text in a PDF image until and unless you change the image into a PDF file with the help of the OCR function available across PDF editors. Use the feature to convert the image into a document that can then be used to search for text.

4. How to Search Words in PDF Android?

If you have a PDF file that you want to assess on your Android, you need to have a PDF editor downloaded on the device. Once it is on your device, you can launch it and use its search feature to find the word in PDF.


This article has clearly presented some appropriate methods that can be used to search for words in PDF. With the help of these methods, users can essentially find the words that they want across the PDF document without putting them in a mess. UPDF have different type of search and supports Windows and Mac platform. Try to use it to search for the words now.

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