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Top 5 PDF Search Engines to Efficiently Find PDF eBooks

In recent times, almost everything has turned digital due to the advancement in technology. The same is the case with books. PDF, the widely used format for document handling, also helps you read books online. Users can download eBooks, also referred to as audiobooks or podcasts, and read them even when offline. The best thing about this is that these books are easily accessible.

Now, the question arises: where to find these books? For that, we have outlined five top-grade PDF searcher platforms for you. Also, find out the best tool to deal with eBooks and track PDF content accordingly in part 2. Keep reading please.

Part 1. Top 5 PDF Search Engines to Help You Find PDF Files Quickly

Now, you are familiar with how physical books have turned into eBooks and their benefits, such as easy accessibility. It is time to know about the most widely used PDF search engine and start finding books without a hitch. So, learn about these search engines and start exploring books right away.


This PDF searcher online offers users a variety of books to choose from. Users can even download the books to their devices and read them easily. In addition, it provides an option to select books from 20 popular genres or add a book of their choice. You also get to see the ratings for each book and choose the best eBook to read.

pdf searcher read any book pdf searcher

2. Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the most explored PDF file searcher platform to find and download eBooks online. It offers almost 70,000 books to choose from, and that too at no cost. Along with searching PDFs, users can also head to the bookshelf and find books listed alphabetically. Also, you get to track the books that have been frequently downloaded over different time ranges.

pdf searcher gutenberg pdf searcher

3. eBook Hunter

Another innovative search engine to find eBooks online is eBook Hunter. This offers you 25+ categories to choose from and download your eBooks. You can also search for the required books by entering their title or ISBNs. There is also a section for popular eBooks, so you can choose one if you do not have any book titles in mind.

pdf searcher ebook hunter pdf searcher


Using PDFDRIVE, quickly search for required eBooks in the form of PDF. This online PDF search engine lets you download over 84,754,501 eBooks. However, remember that the number of books you can download increases every minute. Also, you can subscribe via email and get the top books directly in your mail. It also provides a section for the best books based on different lifestyles.

pdf searcher pdf drive pdf searcher

5. PDFBooksWorld

PDFBooksWorld transforms the way you deal with PDFs. This vast eBook library platform allows you to search for books by title, subject, or author name. Moreover, you can even get books based on genre, authors, popularity, and news without searching for them. So, there are over 435 pages on this platform, with more than eight eBooks listed on each of these pages.

pdf searcher pdf books world pdf searcher

Part 2. Do You Want to Search Within a PDF Document?

Now, you might have downloaded eBooks using the 5 PDF book search engines that we explained above. But do you need to find specific information in those PDFs? Reading the book entirely can take up so much time, so here, the UPDF PDF editor is the best tool to use. Using this tool, users can upload their PDFs and search for words within PDFs using the built-in search feature.

Moreover, to search in a better way, you can also apply filters such as case sensitive and searching for whole words only. Now, let's head forward and learn how to use this tool and search for terms within PDF eBooks.

1. Search Words in PDF

Once you have downloaded the required eBook using any of the search engines discussed above, it is time to search for specific words. Head to the steps given below in detail to help you search terms:

First, download UPDF from the button below. If you have already installed it, access the UPDF tool on your system and double-click to launch it.

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  • After that, drag the PDF eBook downloaded on your device and drop it on UPDF's main interface.
  • Now, move the cursor to the top-right corner and press the "Search" icon. It will open an extended menu on the left side.
  • In the "Search" bar, type the required keyword and search for it by pressing the "Enter" key on your keyboard.
  • Here, you can also hit the "Filter" icon if needed. All the related words in the entire PDF eBook will be highlighted in yellow, along with the page number mentioned.
pdf searcher search pdf

2. Search Text in a Scanned PDF

Most of the time, you have eBooks downloaded on your device already, but they must be edited or searchable in PDF formats. For that, use the OCR feature in UPDF to quickly find words in the scanned PDFs. So, use the guided steps to perform OCR on your PDFs and search for words:

Step 1: Import PDF and Enter OCR Mode

After you launch the UPDF PDF editor, click on the "Open File" button on the main interface. Import the scanned or un-editable eBook. Next, head to the right-side panel and hit the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button to open the extended options.

Step 2: Choose the Customized Settings and Perform OCR

Then, from the "Document Type" options, ensure you have selected the "Searchable PDF" option. Afterward, set the "Layout," choose the required "Document Language," and set the "Image Resolution" for images in these eBooks.

Then, hit the "Perform OCR" button, save the file on the system, and wait a few seconds.

pdf searcher perform ocr

Step 3: Search Words in PDF and Head to Highlighted Part Directly

Following this, your scanned PDF eBook will be converted to editable and searchable form. Next, hit the "Search" icon, look for related keywords, and track the words as highlighted with the page number mentioned for each.

3. Read PDF Book with UPDF AI Quickly

Downloading PDF eBooks from PDF searchers is insufficient to read these books smoothly. So, here, UPDF also offers its built-in AI features to read PDFs and extract some valuable meanings quickly. Using the AI features, you can summarize lengthy PDFs and even get explanations for complex terms to make reading eBooks easier. Moreover, you can even translate the PDF eBooks if they are in some other language.

pdf searcher updf ai

4. Annotate on Your PDF Book

Apart from using the AI features of UPDF, you can also annotate your PDFs using this tool. This, however, helps with tracking the text in a much better way and making PDF eBooks more attractive. You can go through the content that you have read or highlight the major parts.

Moreover, you can even add shapes and sticky notes to your PDFs to track changes easily. You can also adjust the PDF layout to read them in an effortless manner based on your preferences. You can even zoom the PDF eBook page to 500% level or set its zoom level using four built-in options.

pdf searcher annotate pdf

5. Edit, Convert, Compress, and More

Along with annotation, search, organize, and zoom features, UPDF offers several other features that users can use to deal with PDF eBooks more professionally. You can choose to edit the text within PDF and some additional text. Or change the PDF font to make it easy to read. If you need to extract some information from these PDFs to other formats, use the conversion feature.

Moreover, if your PDF file is too large and beyond the required size, users can compress it to maximum, high, medium, and low levels. After compressing, share your PDFs via link, email, or even as a barcode.

Part 3. FAQs About PDF File Searcher

Q1. Can I search for a PDF file in Google Chrome?

Yes, you can search a PDF file in Google Chrome easily. Simply type the author's name or the PDF title to search for it. You can even write some famous phrases from the eBook and search for them to find the entire PDF.

Q2. Why can't I find a PDF in the Search Engine?

The PDF you are trying to search might not be indexed properly, which results in you being unable to find them. However, there can also be a case where the PDF you are trying to search for might not be visited by search engine crawlers. However, there can be technical glitches, too, such as the search engine being down temporarily.

Q3. Can I find all PDF eBooks in the Search Engine?

This, however, depends on the type of PDF eBook you are trying to search. If the eBooks are indexed and uploaded on any web page, then it will be easy to find them. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the desired PDF eBook. However, also make sure to enter the proper keywords and metadata to find the required PDF easily and smoothly.

Q4. Is there a PDF searcher online to help you find words in PDF?

Yes, there are many solutions available to search words within PDF eBooks. However, these online tools do not provide the same level of control compared to dedicated tools. Moreover, file size can also be a major issue, as most online tools don't support uploading lengthy PDFs. In place of that, using a UPDF PDF editor tool will be the best choice. This tool allows you to search PDF eBooks in more depth.

In The End

Searching for eBooks and downloading them has always been challenging. But, using the PDF searcher that we have outlined in this article, you can easily find books and download them from different genres and categories. However, looking for specific words in those PDF eBooks can be a major task, but UPDF has got you covered with that.

You can also use this tool to annotate your PDF eBooks for various needs and make them look even better. So, why use some online tools and put your data at risk? Download UPDF right away and use it to deal with PDF eBooks in an easier way.

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