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Hidden Tips on How to Zoom PDF In and Out for a Better Reading Experience

PDF documents are one of the most used formats in business and academia. These documents are easy to use and are the best way to transfer files from one computer to another without disrupting the format or page layouts. Though popularly used, what if we tell you that there are some aspects of PDF that many people aren't even aware of?

Yes! You heard us right. While many people love to use PDFs daily, they do not know the many hidden features through which you can operate PDFs. Today, we will talk about simple ways how you can zoom in PDF and zoom out PDF quickly - interested in finding out about it? Then what are you waiting for? Hop on below to learn about the many great ways through which you zoom your PDF in and out quickly.

4 Methods on How to Zoom In & Out PDF

In order to zoom in PDF and vice versa, users would require a high-quality tool or software to get this job done. If you are in search of such software, then look no further because we got this aspect covered for you.

UPDF is one of the best PDF reading and editing software in the market. This software has all the exceptional features you need to operate a PDF efficiently. Not only are its features impressive, but it has some hidden tricks up its sleeve to make the operations easier for you. Want to know some hidden tips and tricks to zoom in PDF and zoom out PDF with ease? Download UPDF and follow the instructions below:

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Method 1. Using the Zoom In & Out Toolbar

When you open your PDF document on UPDF, you'll see a navigation bar at the top of your screen. This toolbar has many options, one of which happens to be the ability to zoom in and out of your PDF page. Want to know how you can use this? Here is how:

· In the Reader Mode:

zoom in and out in reader mode

In the reader mode, the navigation toolbar appears on top. This toolbar would have an option to zoom in and out of your PDF document through a percentage column present.

· In Other Modes:

navigation toolbar zoom in and out

In another mode, the navigation toolbar will not be present at the top of the screen. However, you will be able to zoom in & out, too, through a floating toolbar at the bottom of the page with the same percentage column.

Method 2. Zoom PDF In and Our using Shortcuts

Another great way to PDF zoom in and out through UPDF is to use the CTRL/Command key. Instead of using or finding the Zoom button, UPDF software allows Windows users to use the CTRL button and MacBook users to operate the command key to zoom in and out of PDFs. Here is how you can do it:

· Windows: 

For those who have a Windows PC and want to zoom in and out of PDF, they have to press the Ctrl and then scroll upwards using the mouse. Another shortcut is to press the Ctrl + '+/-'.

zoom in and out pdf

· Mac: 

The steps to make PDF zoom out or in are the same for Mac users. However, instead of the Ctrl key, they can press the Command followed by the mouse scrolling upwards and downwards.

zoom in and out pdf on mac

Method 3. Zoom In & Out PDF using Trackpad

At times the text can be too small to read, and users would need to zoom in to read PDFs with more focus. In such cases, the Trackpad is another excellent method to zoom in and out your PDF document on UPDF. Here is how you can do it:

· Windows:

On your Windows PC, tap on your trackpad and slide your fingers upwards to zoom in. In order to zoom out, use the same trackpad and slide your fingers in the downward direction.

· Mac

In order to use the trackpad to zoom in and out of your PDF on UPDF, users would first need to press the command key. Once done, then they proceed to slide their fingers on the keypad in an upward and downward motion to enable zoom in and out, respectively.

Download UPDF now and zoom in and out PDF effortlessly within seconds.

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Method 4. Zoom In & Out PDF using a Right-click

Right-clicking on your PDF page would open up a column that offers you many features. One such feature would be the ability to zoom in and out of your PDF page. While the said feature would not be labeled directly under the section 'Zoom,' several other features would help you perform the same tasks. With options like Fit Page, Fit Height, Fit Width, and Actual Size, you can adjust your page and read the PDF more closely. Moreover, with this same method, you can right-click the page to adjust the page layout.

zoom in and out using right click

Part 2. How to Zoom in PDF and Save it That Way 

Zooming in your PDF to the right size to study through it is beneficial. However, have you wondered why when you close the document, your PDF will return to the size it previously was? If you want to keep your PDF zoomed in, save it in the same size. Here is how to save a zoomed-in PDF:

1. Download and install UPDF by clicking the "Free Download" button below.

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2. Go to the "File" tab and select "Print".

3. Select "Custom Scale", and enter the percentage if you want to zoom in on the PDF

4. Make sure in the printer section, you select "Microsoft Print to PDF."

5. Click "Print" and choose the folder to save the PDF. The PDF file will be saved as the size you set.

print pdf

Part 3. Benefits of Zooming In & Out

While many people do not follow through with it, zooming in and out can be helpful, especially on a PDF document. There are a bunch of reasons why we urge our users to zoom in and out, but a few of the most common ones are:

1. Better Visual of The Document

Sometimes some PDF documents do not have perfect visuals that are clearly visible to the naked eye. Considering many PDF documents are essential matters in the business or academic world, it is always advisable to zoom in on them. This way, it will be beneficial for users to read through the important document thoroughly and ensure they do leave behind any points.

2. It Helps you Make Sure all Alignments are Perfect

If your PDF document has to be submitted to the authorities higher up, it is always essential to ensure it is perfect, right? Zooming out of your PDF would help you get this job done. When you zoom out of a PDF, all your document pages will align side by side on one single screen. This way, you can check whether all subheadings are bold, the alignments are perfect, and no page looks different than the other one when presented.

3. Helps Focus on Any Mistakes

Zooming in on a document would help you check thoroughly and get rid of any mistakes. With a better Zoom PDF online, users can read through documents and check if any changes need to be made.

Moreover, with the zoom-out option, users can align all their pages on one screen and check whether the file has any mistakes, spelling errors, or overall outlook changes that need to be made for it to look better.

All these factors can make a big difference and are one major reason why we urge our users to zoom in and out of their documents through UPDF before they finalize them. Elevate your PDF game with UPDF Pro. It's everything you need and more. Upgrade today!

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Part 4. FAQs on Zooming PDF Files

Below, we have answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about zooming PDFs. Let's have a look at them!

Can you Zoom in a PDF?

You can zoom in on your PDF document using several third-party software. Among all the options, UPDF is the best choice as it offers you the fastest speed to load PDFs and the best reading experience.

What is the Maximum Zoom Size in PDF?

The maximum size that users can zoom in on their PDF document is 6400%. The document cannot be further zoomed in beyond this limit at any cost.

How Do I Zoom Full-Screen PDF?

To zoom in on full-screen PDF, click the "Slideshow" icon if you are using UPDF. This will help you enter the full screen. You can also use the shortcut: Windows shortcut for full screen: Ctrl + Enter. The Mac shortcut for full screen: Command + Enter.

play pdf as a slideshow


While not many people take it seriously, zooming in and out of your PDF documents can be significant in spotting errors and making changes. If you are someone who wants to read through a PDF file thoroughly and wants to know how to zoom PDF in and out quickly, then we hope this article was of help. UPDF is one of the best PDF readers you can use for any PDF-related task, and we hope that it helped you finish your task too. Download UPDF to let it help you. And please find UPDF's unbiased review on this site.

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