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How to Share a PDF as a Link Using UPDF and its Advantages

Sharing a PDF is useful in many ways, such as passing on information to colleagues or assigning some tasks to students. However, the older methods of sharing a PDF do not work anymore when dealing with lengthy PDFs. Here, sharing them as a link can resolve all the file size or unsupported format issues.

Now, you must be thinking about how to share a PDF as a link. For that, read this guide until the end and find the most suitable tool to help you complete the task.

Part 1. How to Share a PDF as a Link with Simplified Steps

To share PDFs via link is easy with the introduction of the UPDF PDF editor tool. This amazing tool quickly resolves your PDF-sharing needs with the built-in share feature. It provides you to share PDF links with customized settings. You can easily restrict users from copying, downloading, or printing your shared PDF in case it contains sensitive data.

share pdf as a link

Moreover, you can even set the expiration time to 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, or never as per needs. Furthermore, you can also edit, annotate, password-protect, compress, or perform OCR on scanned PDFs without any complex methods.

After learning what UPDF offers to its users, you must in thinking about how to send a PDF as a link. For that, we will now outline the steps on how to use this tool and share PDFs smoothly:

Step 1: Download UPDF and Explore it to Import PDF

Download UPDF from the button below and install it on your system. Now, access this tool, and as you are on the main interface, hit the "Open File" option to import the PDF that needs to be shared.

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share pdf link open file

Step 2: Enter the File Sharing Mode and Set Custom Options

When a PDF document is opened on UPDF's screen, move the cursor towards the right-side panel and click the "Share this file with others" button for further options.

how to send a pdf as a link

Stay on the "Share a Link" tab and choose if you want to disable the copy, download, or print option for this PDF file.

Afterward, set the "Expiration Time" from the four options. Once shared, you are allowed to unshare the file even before expiration. Finally, tap the "Create" button to get a link and copy it to share with others.

how to send pdf as a link

Moreover, you can share the PDF via the QR code to cater to different requirements, and others can scan it to view the PDF document

Apart from this, users can also share files via email by clicking the "Share with Others" option. In this mode, you can enter the receipts' email address and they will receive the link for your PDF file.

With these easy-to-follow steps, why not try this tool yourself? UPDF provides great value and the most budget-friendly options to deal with a variety of PDF needs. Upgrade this fantastic tool right away and start using it.

Video Guide on How to Share a PDF as a Link

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Part 2. Advantages of Sharing PDF as a Link

Shareable PDF links are necessary for transferring large files to friends and colleagues. All you need to do is upload your PDF documents on various platforms. Afterward, you can generate the link to share it with as many people as possible. Let's discuss some of the advantages you get when you share PDF link:

  • Easy Transfer of Files: It is easier to share a PDF as a link than upload it on different servers, depending on the social or work platform. With a shareable PDF link, you can relieve yourself from the trouble of uploading a large PDF file whenever needed.
  • Eliminate File Size Limitation: Most platforms restrict the sharing process by adding file size limitations. It is possible that you may face problems while uploading your resume or application on this platform; however, with shareable PDF links, you can forget all these worries.
  • Shares to Multiple Receivers: When you send the file to multiple personals, sharing it with each individual may consume a lot of time and internet data. Instead, you can generate one PDF link and send it to as many people as required.
  • Avoid Broken Files: While sending a PDF to anyone, due to internet connection or server problems, some transfer errors may arise. You can avoid all these broken file issues by generating a link and sharing your PDF via this link.
  • Set Sharing Permission on Links: Users can even tweak the link-sharing settings to allow specific people with the link to see the PDF documents. Moreover, you can also add emails of the person in link sharing settings to only allow those people to view your files.

These advantages are rarely found in tools that help to share PDF links to cater to users' lengthy PDF needs. However, UPDF is such a tool that offers all these advantages and keeps your files in the most secure manner. So, to get all these advantages, download the UPDF PDF editor right away and start sharing PDF links.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3. FAQs on Sharing PDF as a Link

Q1. How to share a PDF as a link with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat has been a useful tool for dealing with PDFs for many years. However, this also provides you with an option to share PDFs as links. Find out the steps below to start sharing PDFs as a link:

Instructions: On your system, launch the Adobe Acrobat tool, and on the main interface, tap on the "See All Tools" button. There, scroll down, and under the "Share and Review" section, hit the "Share" icon and import the PDF file that needs to be shared.

Now, move the cursor to the top-right corner and hit the "Link" icon. You can toggle the switch to allow comments and press the "Get Link" button. Continue to click "Copy Link" to share it with others.

Q2. How to share a PDF as a link using Google Drive?

Google Drive is an online platform that provides you with various options to save files, images, and even PDFs on the drive. Getting a link for a PDF to share with others is another great option in Google Drive. Now, let's learn how to get a link to share it with others:

Instructions: Once you have accessed Google Drive, right-click on any blank space and choose the "File Upload" option. There, select the PDF from file explorer and upload it to Google Drive. Then, double-click to access that PDF and hit the "Three Dots" at the upper right side of the document.

Afterward, select the "Share" option and maintain the restrictions as if you want to share it with the public by giving a link or adding an email to let a particular user access it. Then, click the "Copy Link" button and share that link with as many people as possible.

Q3. How to send a PDF as a link using FileZilla?

FileZilla is an open-source and cross-platform solution as an FTP application. This tool can easily handle your PDFs, too, and generate a link to them to help you share them with others. Try the following steps and see how to use this tool:

Instructions: Once you access this tool on your computer, head on to upload your PDF document through the FileZilla tool to the web. Whe2n uploaded, you can now convert the PDF into a link and share it as per needs.

Final Words

You must now have a clear idea regarding how to share PDF as a link and the advantages. However, the tool that we have discussed above in detail provides great value regarding sharing PDFs as links and handling PDFs in many other ways, such as editing and annotating.

So, why waste time searching for outdated tools when you have a UPDF PDF editor at your fingertips? Download this tool and get to use it for a variety of PDF editing, password protection, and performing OCR on scanned documents, along with sharing PDF links.

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