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How to Open Password Protected PDF in 2 Ways

Password protection and content security are of paramount importance in today's world where all content is shared primarily in the form of PDF documents. Therefore, it is obvious that we will be dealing with password-protected PDF files. Sometimes we may need to open password-protected PDF files. In such cases, it becomes important to pick the right PDF tool to open a password-protected PDF. This article highlights 3 ways to open locked PDF documents. The best way is to use UPDF to help you, you can download it through the below button.

Scenarios in Which You Need to Open a Password Protected PDF

There are many situations when you may need to open password-protected PDF documents. These could arise during your day-to-day work while reading through the documentation for your company. 

Below are a few situations that may require you to open an encrypted PDF -

  1. Often your employees may share a password-protected PDF document with you. This is great from a content security perspective, especially for confidential documents and paperwork. Password protection is also a must when sharing identity proofs and important personal information.
  2. If you are in the academic world of teaching and your students submit their assignments in the form of PDF documents, it is ideal that you ask students to apply password protection to their PDF assignments. This eliminates the possibility of other students copying the assignment and ensures that the students are rewarded fairly.
  3. When dealing with patent-related documentation, if a PDF document falls in the wrong hands, a company's intellectual property may be stolen. However, if the PDF file is protected with a password there is a very low possibility that anyone unauthorized can open the file and read the contents of the file.

In all the above situations, you need an easy way to open password-protected PDF documents. 

How to Open Password Protected PDF with UPDF

UPDF is the perfect tool for you if you are looking to open a locked PDF. UPDF is an industry-grade software that enables users to open a password-protected PDF. It also allows you to edit almost all aspects of a PDF document. The tool is completely free and user-friendly. It is extremely feature-rich and performant, which makes it ideal for heavy PDF workflows. If you are interested in UPDF, you can click the Download button below for trial.

UPDF is available on Mac and Windows. The software requires almost zero training. Users can edit the text and even images in the PDF documents with just a few clicks. The software also allows you to lock a PDF file with a password. 

It is extremely simple to open a password-protected PDF with UPDF. You may follow the below instructions.

Step 1. Click the "Open File" Button

First, download and install the UPDF software on your system.

Launch the UPDF tool to view the home screen that enables you to open PDF files. You may drag or drop a PDF file in the home console or simply click on the "Open File" button.

open pdf without password

Step 2. Open a Password Protected PDF

If you are attempting to open a password-protected PDF, UPDF will automatically detect the same and prompt you to enter the password. You may now enter the password to gain access to your PDF.

open pdf password

That's it! It is so simple to open a password-protected PDF with UPDF.

UPDF for Mac also allows you to protect PDF with passwords, including opening passwords and permission passwords. If you need to lock PDF, you can use it to protect your PDF file as well. Download UPDF throught the below button.

Steps 3. Check All Permissions of Protected PDF (Optional)

UPDF also allows you to check the permissions of Locked PDF. For this, you can tap on the "Security Properties" option.

Then you will see all permissions of this PDF file in the Security tab. You can also go to the permission option to change the security permissions.

Remove Password from the Protected PDF File (Optional)

If you think the password is unnecessary, you can choose to remove it when you know the password. To remove the password with UPDF, you can click the "Remove Security" option. If you have not downloaded UPDF, you can download it first from the below button.

Then in the pop-up window, clikc the "Remove" button and save the changed file.

How to Open PDF without Password 

Let us now explore how to open a PDF without a password. This involves two steps - 

  1. First, use a password removal tool (like aJoysoft PDF Password Remover) to remove password protection from the PDF file.
  2. Second, open the file using a high-quality PDF reader like UPDF
open locked pdf

Follow the below instructions to remove the password from the PDF file using aJoysoft - 

  1. Download and install aJoysoft PDF password remover. Launch the software on your system. 
  2. Click on "Add Files" to import your PDF document. You can import multiple PDF files as well. 
  3. If your PDF has an open password, click on remove password. This will remove all restrictions on the PDF file.
  4. You can now edit, copy, and print the PDF document's contents without the need to enter a password.
  5. Save the PDF file

You may now open this saved PDF file using UPDF. Launch the UPDF tool and open the PDF file by clicking on the 'Open File' button on the main interface of UPDF. 

In this way, it is possible to open a PDF without a password.


Many online and offline PDF editor tools can help you open protected PDF documents. However, it is important to choose the best PDF tool both from a security and affordability perspective. Online tools are generally not considered very secure because it involves uploading the PDF file to cloud storage. It is not always possible to track if the file is not being misused.

Other software tools come with expensive licenses. However, the UPDF fits both criteria. It is high-quality and secure software because the files remain only on your desktop. Moreover, the tool is completely free without any hidden charges. This makes it the go-to tool to open password-protected PDF files. Download UPDF today for trial.