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[Full Guide] How to Invert PDF Colors in 2024

Inverting PDF colors is useful for many purposes. It helps improve readability, reduce eye strain, and make PDFs look better. When you invert a PDF, it reverses the PDF's color scheme, such as black text and white background becomes white text and black background. In this guide, we will talk in detail about how to invert PDF colors on Windows/Mac and iPhone/Android for both editable and scanned PDFs.

Part 1. How to Invert PDF Colors on iPhone/iPad

There are two possible scenarios when it comes to inverting PDF colors on iPhone/iPad, i.e., inverting PDF colors only or inverting iPhone/iOS and PDF colors. Let's discuss how to invert colors for both scenarios:

Method 1. Invert PDF Colors

To invert PDF colors only, you need a dedicated PDF tool that offers a built-in feature to invert PDF colors effortlessly. This is exactly what you can get with UPDF.

UPDF for iOS is an AI-powered PDF reader and editor tool that allows you to customize PDF the way you want, including inverting PDF colors. Its click-based interface allows you to invert PDF colors easily without any complicated steps.

The key features of UPDF for iOS are as follows:

  • Invert PDF colors on iPhone and iPad with 3 simple clicks.
  • Invert colors for both editable and scanned PDFs.
  • Can also customize the PDF theme to different colors of your choice.
  • Compatible with both old and latest iPhone/iPad devices running iOS 14.0 and higher.
  • You can use one account on UPDF for Windows, Mac, and Android devices alike.

In short, UPDF is a full-fledged iOS app that inverts PDF colors effortlessly. Therefore, simply install UPDF and invert PDF colors right away.

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Follow the below steps to learn how to invert PDF colors with the UPDF iOS app:

Step 1. Install the UPDF for iOS app on your iPhone or iPad. Launch the app and open the PDF you want to invert.

invert pdf colors iphone updf

Step 2. Click the "drop-down" icon from the top and tap "Preferences".

invert pdf colors iphone updf

Step 3. Scroll down and change the theme to "Dark".

invert pdf colors iphone updf

Once done, you will notice that your PDF colors are inverted.

invert pdf colors iphone updf

This way, three simple clicks with UPDF make it easy and quick to invert PDF colors. The best thing is that UPDF has many other features to offer for further customizing PDFs. To learn more, read Part 4.

Method 2. Invert iPhone/iOS and PDF Colors

Sometimes, you may want to invert colors on iPhone/iOS along with the PDF colors. This will help you use the phone and read PDFs with enhanced view and reduced eye strain.

Follow the below steps to invert colors on iPhone/iOS and PDF:

Step 1. Open the iPhone/iPad Settings app and click Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Smart Invert. Once done, the entire iPhone/iPad interface will display in inverted colors.

invert pdf colors iphone

Step 2. Open the PDF that you want to invert with the UPDF app or any tool of your choice. You will notice that it displays inverted colors.

invert pdf colors iphone

This way, you can easily invert iPhone/iOS and PDF colors simultaneously. However, there is one major con/limit of this method, i.e., it only temporarily reverts the PDF colors and can only be seen on your device. So, if you share the PDF with others, the recipients will see the PDF in its original colors.

Part 2. How to Invert PDF Colors on Android Phone/Tablet

Just like iPhone/iPad, you can also invert PDF colors on your Android phone/tablet. There are online tools that can assist you in inverting PDF colors on Android.

Here are the steps on how to invert PDF colors on an Android phone/tablet:

Step 1. Go to the "i2PDF" website or any other of your choice and click "Choose Files". Afterward, select and upload the PDF you want to invert.

Step 2. Once uploaded, click "Invert PDF Colors". Wait for the tool to complete the color inversion.

invert pdf colors i2pdf

Step 3. Click the "Download" button to download the PDF.

This way, you can instantly invert PDF colors on your Android phone/tablet. However, this approach comes with a few cons/limits, as follows:


  • Requires stable network connection.
  • File size limit.
  • Increase the risk of online theft.

In short, if you have a small-sized PDF to invert, then you can use the above steps to invert PDF colors.

Part 3. How to Invert PDF Colors on Windows & Mac Computers

To invert PDF colors on Windows and Mac computers, you can use Adobe Acrobat. Follow the below steps to perform Adobe PDF invert colors on your PDF file:

Step 1. Open the PDF with Adobe and click File > Print.

Step 2. Choose "Adobe PDF" from the "Printer" dropdown and click the "Advanced" button.

Step 3. Go to the "Output" section from the left sidebar.

Step 4. Select "Composite Grey" under "Output: Color".

Step 5. Make sure the "Negative" box is checked (this inverts the colors).

Step 6. Click "OK" to apply the settings.

Initially, it may not seem like anything has changed. However, wait for a few seconds to see the changes. Alternatively, the changes may show up in the new file. Afterward, you can print/save the file.

Using Adobe PDF invert colors approach looks useful to invert PDF colors, but there are a few limits/cons you should be aware of:


  • Cannot fine-tune color adjustments beyond available options.
  • Changes may not immediately become visible.
  • Complex procedure for beginners.
  • No batch processing.
  • No undo option.

In short, the Adobe PDF invert approach may or may not work for you. Alternatively, you can use online tools to invert PDF colors instantly.

Part 4. Bonus Tip: Customize PDF Beyond Inverting PDF Colors

Inverting PDF colors is just one of the many customizations you can do with PDFs. However, you need a powerful and feature-rich PDF tool that can assist in PDF customizations. One such all-in-one tool is UPDF.

UPDF is a modernized and full-fledged PDF reader, editor, and converter tool that can handle almost all kinds of PDF-related activities. With UPDF, you can read, edit, annotate, compress, convert, and organize PDFs. On top of that, UPDF is available for all four major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Below is a quick overview of all the key features UPDF offers beyond inverting PDF colors:

  • View/Read PDF: Provides an enhanced PDF reading experience with customizable page layouts, scrolling options, and light/dark modes.
  • AI Chatbot: Its UPDF AI chatbot allows you to chat with PDFs and get explanations, summaries, translations, rewriting, and much more through human-like chats.
  • Edit PDF: Can edit PDF text, images, links, backgrounds, and header/footers.
  • Annotate PDF: Its various annotation options allow you to strikethrough, draw, underline, mark, highlight, and add sticky notes/stamps/stickers, etc.
  • Convert PDF: Turn PDF into other popular formats, such as Word, HTML, text, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, etc.
  • Protect/Redact PDF: Secure the PDF with a password or redact sensitive information.
  • Compress PDF: Compress PDF size for easy sharing.
  • Organize PDF: Add, delete, replace, split, crop, rotate, extract, and rearrange PDF pages.
  • Batch Process PDF: Simultaneously convert, combine, print, insert, and encrypt two or multiple PDFs.
  • Fill & Sign PDF: Lets you fill out PDF forms and sign PDFs digitally.
  • OCR PDF: The OCR feature can make scanned PDFs editable and searchable PDFs.
invert pdf colors updf ai

Overall, UPDF is a complete and advanced PDF editor tool you need for almost any PDF-related activities. Therefore, we highly recommend you download and purchase UPDF and keep it at your disposal during day-to-day activities.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


Inverting PDF colors is the best way to improve readability. From the above discussion, it is evident that you can easily invert PDF colors on all major platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. Therefore, simply follow the above steps depending on your device and OS and invert PDF colors right away.

No matter which method you use, it is recommended that you install UPDF on your computer and smartphone. It is because it provides a seamless way to invert PDF colors and also offers extensive PDF editing/annotating features.

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