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Top 5 Swift PDF Opener Tools with Pros and Cons

Whether you're a student or a professional, you have to deal with many PDFs to get on with the routine study and work operations. Nowadays, even books are available in PDF format, showing that people are widely exposed to PDF file usage. Keeping in view all the use cases of PDFs in routine life, there is a need for a feature-packed PDF opener to handle various documents at a time.

An ideal PDF file opener should provide a perfect viewing experience along with PDF editing and sharing tools at affordable rates. Even though web browsers can do a good enough job to open a PDF file, they have some limitations due to which users mostly prefer different PDF viewers to view these documents.

Part 1. Top 5 PDF Opener Tools to Load and View PDFs in Seconds

If you have to go through multiple documents simultaneously for revision purposes, you must choose the best PDF openers to ensure the maximum functionality. In this article, we'll list down some of the top PDF openers to make the choice easier for you.


UPDF is a rapid PDF opener that provides users with multiple features to edit PDF after opening the file. With the help of its fast-processing speed, users can open large PDF documents in a matter of seconds. In addition to that, this tool also allows you to open PDF files from starred or recent files tabs. You can also open and sync PDFs from the cloud storage with the help of the UPDF Cloud feature. So, if you're a student looking to revise a plethora of PDFs on exam night or a professional who wants to view PDFs quickly, download UPDF now to assist in doing so. 

pdf opener updf

Moreover, you also have the ability to open multiple PDF files at a time with this efficient PDF file opener. Another good thing about this PDF file opener is that it can open large-size CAD files in PDF format without wasting time.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


  • This best PDF file opener has a blazing-fast processing speed to allow users to open multiple documents within a matter of seconds. You can zoom in & out PDF easily, customize the page display layout, jump to pages quickly, and even display your PDF as a slideshow.
  • With its user-friendly interface, it lets the general public navigate through the file after opening the PDF on this tool.  
  • You can take advantage of this multi-featured tool at the cheapest rates available on the market. Most PDF software requires users to purchase the Windows and Mac licenses separately. However, with only 1/4 price of Adobe Acrobat, UPDF grand users have the ability to use one account on 4 devices at the same time. Upgrade it now to enjoy the benefits.
  • It also delivers cross-platform support to facilitate collaboration and accessibility while working with team members.

Other Main Features of UPDF PDF Opener

  • PDF Editing: Users can edit the PDF documents' text, images, and other aspects after opening them on UPDF.
  • PDF Annotation: You can effortlessly open the PDF and then highlight the content, add sticky notes, and perform other annotation functions with the help of this tool.
  • PDF Conversion: After opening and editing PDF documents on this tool, users can also convert the documents into other various file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on.  
  • OCR Conversion: This AI-powered tool also has the ability to recognize and edit the content present in the scanned PDF documents and images.
  • AI-Integration: UPDF is even integrated with Artificial Intelligence technology to help users understand and analyze the content of the opened PDF file. Users can translate the PDF into any language, explain terms, and summarize the PDF in seconds with UPDF AI!

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is another one of the most productive tools for opening PDFs and making the necessary changes. However, this tool also lets you add a transition between your PDF pages. Also, enable the read mode to read your opened PDFs more easily. It also allows you to send your opened documents for review to eliminate the mistakes. Moreover, users can even upload PDFs to cloud storage and access them anytime.

pdf opener adobe


  • Choose to encrypt and protect your PDFs by adding certificates or passwords.
  • Add rich media to your opened PDFs, including video, audio, links, and background.


  • Adding comments sometimes takes up so much time due to lag.
  • It isn't easy to switch between tools, and it leads to closing tabs accidentally.
  • The user interface is not friendly to beginners.
  • The subscription plan is too expensive, which cost $239.88 per year.

3. Foxit PDF Opener

Moving on, Foxit is another tool that assists you in opening PDF files easily, whether single or multiple files at a time. This PDF opener allows you to edit your PDF text images and add links. You can even scan the opened files and manage presets for it. Moreover, you can merge the PDF files in interleaving order. However, to protect the opened files, you can add watermarks or background to them.

pdf opener foxit


  • Zoom in your PDFs to an amazing 6400% zoom level and track even an almost invisible dot.
  • Use the share feature to email the current tab or all the opened tabs collectively.


  • It lags a lot when using the OCR feature to make PDFs editable.
  • The forms created in Foxit sometimes lose their format and originality when opened on other devices.

4. Nitro PDF Opener

Nitro PDF is a reliable PDF file opener that lets you edit and make various changes to your PDFs. Once you open the PDFs using this tool, you even insert blank pages to it and write the text accordingly. Also, use the feature to request signs online and legally bind your opened PDFs in real-time. In addition, extract useful information from the opened PDFs and use them for various purposes.

pdf opener nitro pdf


  • Easily add call-out text boxes with reference arrows for directing users to specific content.
  • Get to compare the open PDFs and track differences between them more easily.


  • Customer service is not very impressive as users' needs are not catered to in a timely manner.
  • There are no regular updates, and in case of any bugs, users have to wait longer for updates.

5. Soda PDF

Users can smoothly open their PDFs in the Soda PDF tool. This tool is a PDF opener due to its wide range of features. To save a particular area or content of your opened PDF, use the snapshot feature and save information as a static image. If you are busy doing work but need to read PDF, use the read-aloud features, and Soda PDF will provide the PDF content for you in crystal-clear voice.

pdf opener soda


  • Create PDFs from URLs if you find it difficult to read content on websites.
  • In case you have accidentally cropped PDFs, you can use the remove crop feature to undo changes.


  • Sometimes, the renewal of subscribed plans is done automatically, and charges double.
  • Most of the features are only offered with paid versions and are not free to use.

Part 2. Comparison Chart of the 5 PDF Opener Tools

Now that you have good know-how of all the PDF opening features of the above-mentioned tool, you can easily choose a perfect PDF opener that suits your requirements. If you still have any bit of doubt left, go through this detailed comparison chart to analyze all the features for a better-informed decision.

MetricsUPDFAdobe AcrobatFoitNitro ProSoda PDF
Pricing$29.99/year$49.99/perpetualPro: $239.88/yearStandard:$155.88/year$139.99/year$179.99(one-time)Standard: $6.75/month Pro: $8.25/month
Compatible SystemsWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, macOSWindows, Web
Presentation Mode
100+ Stickers
UI Design Rating4.9/54.7/54.6/54.4/54.2/5
Opening Speed4.85/54.6/54.5/54.3/54.1/5

Considering all the tools discussed in this comparison chart, we can easily say that UPDF is the best PDF opener in the industry. With multi-platform support and affordable costs, this PDF file opener has won a special place in the hearts of users.

Part 3. FAQs about Choosing the Best PDF File Opener

1. Is there a better PDF opener than Adobe?

Yes, UPDF is an all-in-one PDF opener providing even better PDF-related solutions than Adobe Acrobat. In addition to that, users prefer UPDF to open and view PDFs because of its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans,

2. What is the best PDF opener?

Keeping in view all the features, processing speed, user experience, and affordability, we can easily say that UPDF is the best PDF opener available in the market. This multi-dimensional tool fulfills all the parameters a user wants in the best PDF viewer and editor.

3. What is a PDF lock opener?

Some private files may come with password protection to save personal data from unwanted people. However, you can easily open these files with the help of PDF password removers. UPDF allows the users to open password-protected files only if they know the password. However, you can first use aJoysoft to remove the unknown passwords and then open the PDF file with the help of UPDF.  


As we know, there are diverse options of tools available in the market to open and read PDF documents. However, as a student or a professional dealing with multiple PDFs at a time, you cannot just pick any PDF opener to access the documents. For this purpose, you've to choose the one tool that ticks all the boxes while opening the PDFs.

UPDF should be at the top of your list when picking the best PDF opener to revise multiple files side-by-side. Download UPDF now to add this efficient tool to your workflow for boosting the PDF reading experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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