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Top 5 Free PDF Reader for Android in 2023

PDFs are the most common with their advanced manageability, versatility, and compact nature making them ideal to have fortunately, there is certain software that is now made available to reinforce your experience in managing them or even editing PDFs.

While Android devices can already read PDF files, for the most part, that's about all they can do with them. If you want to do more with a PDF reader Android, you will almost probably need to install extra apps which cost more than you expect. So here is a list of apps that you can maximize the invaluable features you can have on the best PDF reader for Android.

5 Best Free PDF Readers for Android


Starting with the best PDF reader for Android list is one thing that is made to never disappoint you in your entire PDF experience even in the long run- the UPDF. The finest software that you can seamlessly read and manage PDF files as well and also other documents will be available on your Android devices so you can add the recipe for portability as you work. Just like in the desktop version of version, you can still have access to the versatile and feature-rich tools that will be made even simpler for your bare hands to do.

pdf reader for android updf

As mentioned with the UPDF, you are not only limited to viewing and reading your PDF files on your Android but it can also give you the easiest navigation and less confusing instructions to annotate the contents of your document as well as make changes to individual pages.

The better news is that you will still have more time to enjoy smarter features like shared documents, a smaller program size, built-in support, and other consumer requests since UPDF cherishes your feedback for better progress. Start downloading a PDF reader for Android with no regrets with the UPDF.



  • Free to use and easy to use
  • Best PDF app on Android

2. Adobe Reader Android

Next one of the best PDF viewers for Android you can have is the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Even the free edition has more than enough features for most scenarios, and great document compatibility means you should be able to see even the most complicated PDFs’ contents as they were intended to be seen.

adobe reader android

The app is also compatible with a variety of Adobe services and products via Adobe’s sync feature. Other things you can do with Adobe Reader Android are what you may need such as cloud storage when you sign up for an Adobe account and its very own OCR-powered Adobe Scan program, which allows you to scan receipts, business cards, whiteboards, and other documents into searchable, editable PDFs.

Commercial extensions aren't always worth the money. Other software frequently includes free functionality such as converting files to and from PDF, rearranging, and rotating pages. Unless you want to buy the premium version of this software for $19.99/month, the free app has all of the viewing features that most users would want.


  • Cloud integration enabled.
  • Can sync across other Adobe platforms.
  • Can access scanned documents.


  • You can not edit on the free version.
  • Subscription is costly to manage.

3. Google PDF Viewer Android

Another free software that best suits your Android is Google’s very own PDF viewer. All of the functions of the google PDF viewer Android app can usually be found on Google Drive, therefore the app's main goal is to provide an alternative when Google Drive is not available on your Android smartphone.

google pdf viewer android

Though, this PDF viewer from google is quite limited in terms of functionalities if you are looking for better tools rather than just viewing PDF documents. You may search within the document and zoom in on a specific section of the page. Although there is not much else to say, the good news is that it is a lightweight program that is really simple to use especially if you are only for reading PDFs

Google PDF Viewer is a useful software for opening and reading PDF files, with a focus on simplicity. Furthermore, Google PDF Viewer provides excellent viewing quality.


  • Very lightweight and does not take up quite resources on your phone.
  • Simple interface for viewing PDFs.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Only limited to viewing PDF files.
  • Some bugs are that the app might not be open when accessing the file manager.

4. Xodo PDF Reader Android

Next in line is another free PDF reader for Android you should try which is the Xodo PDF Reader. The variety and depth of this Xodo's feature set distinguish it from the crowd of common pdf readers. Despite its name, the app is not just for viewing PDFs: you can also use your camera to produce new PDFs from photographs or Office documents. You may fill out, save, and distribute PDF forms, or you can highlight text and add your own notes. Using Xodo's connect feature, you may even collaborate on your work with others (no registration required).

xodo android

Xodo Android also has its very own file manager which enables you to quickly retrieve the documents you need with thumbnail previews and a Recent Files list, and you can rename, copy, transfer, or delete any document. The basic PDF reading engine, on the other hand, is what matters, and Xodo's invention performs admirably. High zoom factors, page cropping, and a full-screen mode help you focus on the material; Night Mode makes reading in low-light conditions more pleasant; and sophisticated search features and table of contents support allow you to dive down to essential sections of the file.


  •  A versatile PDF reader
  • Annotate documents easily
  • Also has cloud integration


  • There is no OCR feature.
  • Crashing issues even on Android.

5. Foxit PDF Reader Android

Another PDF reader you can have that deserves a spot on this list is the Foxit Android. Originally created for desktop versions, the mobile version for Android also stays true to what a versatile tool for PDF reading does as it lets you do a lot of things. One can access standard or password-protected documents, annotate texts, and more using Foxit Mobile PDF ConnectedPDF is also integrated into this app for collaborative work, annotations, comments, and revisions on a team's document and also supports cloud storage as well, allowing you to download and upload PDFs from a variety of sources. Paper documents may also be scanned, captured, and converted to PDFs.

best pdf reader for android foxit

Although it is a great reader for tablets, it also works well on tiny displays like smartphones, due to the text's bespoke readjustment and redistribution. It also includes a premium version with extra features including text and picture editing in any PDF document.


  • Lightweight app size.
  • Editing and reading PDFs is ideal for beginners.
  • Built-in file manager.


  • Barely able to process heavy documents.


The top PDF reader applications for Android offer more than just open PDF files on your phone (though they excel at that). Instead, the applications include a lot of navigation, annotation, and cloud storage features, thereby turning them into a document management tool and everything you simply need just to enhance the user experience. Although this PDF viewer Android is rated the best you can have for your device which may give you another confusion about which to use, consider the UPDF as it is placed first in the list for an honest reason. It summarizes and integrates the features you look for on other software into one simple and easy-to-use application.