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UPDF User Guide

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Introduction of UPDF for Mac

UPDF is a "Universal, Productive, Delightful, Fast" PDF editor with AI integration. A stunning UI, whimsical design elements, and powerful functionality make it a serious contender for business, academic, and professional use. The resource-light nature of this attractive utility means you can process heavy workflows with ease, and the intuitive controls lend it a near-zero learning curve.

Top Features of UPDF for Mac

  • Powerful UPDF AI: summarize, translate, and explain PDF
  • Full-fledged PDF editing
  • A robust suite of PDF annotation tools
  • File conversion from PDF to other popular file formats
  • Eyes-friendly PDF reader
  • Easy PDF page management
  • Encrypt PDF with a password
  • OCR scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs. (The Mac with Apple Chip version from the official website has the OCR feature. However, the Mac with Intel Chip version and the Mac App Store version doesn't release the OCR feature yet.)
  • Flatten PDFs
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Batch Process: Batch combine, convert, insert, and encrypt multiple PDFs
  • Optimize and reduce the PDF file size
  • Save PDF as PDF/A
  • Presentation mode to display PDF as slideshow
  • Edit Hebrew and Arabic PDF document
  • Text to speech
  • Multilingual support and UPDF are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, and Korean.

To try all the above features, you can download it from the button below. If you are interested in using its premium version, you can upgrade now.

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UPDF for Mac interface

To enrich the user guide for UPDF software, an introductory PDF has been added below. This document provides a visual summary of UPDF's key features and functionalities, highlighting its ease of use, advanced capabilities, and multilingual support. This PDF allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with UPDF's powerful tools for PDF viewing, editing, conversion, OCR, and more on Mac devices.

UPDF Introduction

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