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Header and Footer

Putting up headers and footers in your documents is considered a professional approach to enhancing the outlook of your document. UPDF also provides a system for adding customized headers and footers to your PDFs.

Open the PDF and navigate to the "Page Tools" section from the left column of the options. As you access the section, proceed to the "Header & Footer" option on the top.

enter header and footer mode

You will then have to select the "Add" button at the bottom of the right column. This will open a list of options that you have to customize according to the requirements of adding a header and footer to your PDF.

add header and footer

Select the "Layout" option out of any six options provided in the right column, whether you have to add a header or a footer on your document.

setting header and footer layout

Following this, write down the content of the header or the footer that is being added to the PDF. While writing down the content, you can also access the buttons of "Insert Date" and "Insert Page Number" adjacent to this section. Set the font style, color, or underlining with the available options.

set header and footer content

Next, you must select any particular "Page Number Format" from the available list of styles. Proceed to set the Font Size of your header or footer. Set the Margins of the content that you are adding to your PDF to define a proper place for your header and footer according to your professional requirements.

setting header and footer

Set the customized settings for a range of pages in the PDF document. Click on the "double-arrow" button on the top-right of the right column to open the settings.

setting header and footer page range

Define the page range settings and click the "Save" icon to save the header or footer to the PDF.

save header and footer