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Flatten a PDF on Mac

Flattening PDFs helps you to change the PDF file into a single layer, preventing other users from copying images, watermarks, signatures, and other important elements in a document.

To flatten a PDF file, open it on UPDF on your Mac and proceed to the right column to select the "Save as Other" button.

save as other icon

With the menu that opens, select "Save as Flatten" to start flattening the PDF document.

click on save as flatten

Flatten Annotations and Forms

A pop-up window opens on the screen showing different flattening options to select from. If you tend to select "Flatten Annotations and Forms," this will flatten the form fields and annotations to prevent others from editing the information and make document sharing easier.

Flatten Watermarks

Those who would like to flatten their watermarks can try the "Flatten Watermarks" option to prevent others from deleting the watermark from the PDF files.

Flatten Cropped Pages

If you have cropped your PDF pages and want to prevent others from accessing and recovering the cropped content, you should use the "Flatten Cropped Pages" option.

save as flatten

On selecting any appropriate option according to your condition, click "Save As" and set the name and location for the flattened PDF on the pop-up that appears next. Click "Save" to conclude the process.

Alternatively, you can go to "File > Save as Other > Save as Flatten" to open the flatten window. Check the video tutorial below: